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Programs for FCSA on Saturday, June 6, 2020
11:30 PM
Women's College Hockey
2:00 AM
College Basketball FiOS1 Sports.
4:00 AM
College Basketball FiOS1 Sports.
6:00 AM
College Basketball FiOS1 Sports.
8:00 AM
College Softball
10:00 AM
USTA Tennis
10:30 AM
Big Blue Nation
11:00 AM
Inside Marquette Basketball (TV-PG) Inside Marquette Basketball gives fans an inside look into the men's basketball program, and the bi-weekly show includes behind-the-scenes features.
11:30 AM
GatorZone Students, athletes and coaches from the University of Florida discuss the latest reports surrounding Gator sports, including profiles of the top athletes.
12:00 PM
College Football
3:00 PM
College Football
6:00 PM
Sports Stars of Tomorrow 2020 The host gives viewers an inside and off the field look at young, up-and-coming high school and college athletes from around the country.
6:30 PM
College Basketball FiOS1 Sports.
8:30 PM
Magnify The cultural importance of sports is examined through the exploration of the challenges, change and unity that sports are able to bring to communities.
10:00 PM
College Basketball FiOS1 Sports.
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