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Programs for WMYD-DT on Tuesday, May 31, 2016
12:00 AM
Community A Paradigms of Human Memory (TV-14) The study group gathers together for their final project and reminisces about some of their favorite times together; Chang embarks on a mission.
12:30 AM
Community B Basic Human Anatomy (TV-14) After Annie and Shirley discover that Leonard is currently holding the spot for class valedictorian, they join forces and begin forming a plot against him.
1:00 AM
Friends A The One with the Stoned Guy (TV-14) Monica's gourmet meal is wasted on a stoned food critic that will eat anything; Ross has a date with a beautiful colleague who is interested in his monkey.
1:30 AM
Friends B The One Where Rosita Dies (TV-PG) Phoebe takes up a job as an office supply telemarketer; while attempting to re-arrange furniture, Rachel breaks Joey's favorite chair, Rosita.
2:00 AM
Cougar Town Mystery of Love (TV-14) Jules tries to prove she and Grayson are the perfect couple; Andy tries to look like a cool dad; Ellie may finish a teen novel she began working on years ago.
2:30 AM
Entertainment Tonight (TV-PG) The hosts give a behind-the-scenes look at the summer's biggest blockbuster movies and discuss the season's most popular couples.
3:00 AM
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3:30 AM
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4:00 AM
The Office A Drug Testing (TV-14) Dwight launches an investigation after finding a joint in the Dunder parking lot; Jim tries to follow through with a challenge Pam has issued him.
4:30 AM
The Office B Lotto (TV-14) The warehouse guys win the lotto and quit; Andy and Darryl search for new warehouse employees while Jim, Erin, Dwight and Kevin get a taste of warehouse life.
5:00 AM
Shepherd's Chapel (TV-G) From his nondenominational church in Gravette, Ark., Pastor Arnold Murray gives an in-depth analysis of the Bible, covering the entire book verse by verse.
6:00 AM
Anger Management A Charlie Dates Kate's Patient (HD, TV-14) A remark from Kate drives Charlie into the arms of a frisky woman whom he quickly realizes has a unique obsession with public affection.
6:30 AM
Are We There Yet? The Compatibility Test Episode (TV-PG) Suzanne comes to believe that her relationship with Nick is suffering from a lack of communication, but he believes she is over-thinking things.
7:00 AM
7 Action News This Morning on TV20 Detroit The latest national, regional and local news events of the morning are examined by the 7 Action News Team, as well as detailed reports on sports events.
9:00 AM
The 700 Club (New, TV-G) Former Israeli ambassador Yoram Ettinger discusses U.S. investments in Israel and how they have yielded one of the highest return rates.
10:00 AM
Jerry Springer B Smashed Up Weddings (TV-14) A woman wants the father of her children back in her life, despite him leaving every time and the fact that he is now engaged to another woman.
11:00 AM
Lauren Lake's Paternity Court Young v. Terrell/Patton (HD, TV-14) Two Detroit women were raised thinking that they had the same father, who has now passed away, bring their mothers to court to prove that they are related.
11:30 AM
Lauren Lake's Paternity Court Johnson v. Milford/Jones (HD, TV-14) A woman from Richmond, Va., brings a man, who also had a child with her cousin, to court to prove that he is the biological father of her grown child.
12:00 PM
Maury B DNA Will Prove My 16 Year Old Son Is Not the Father! (TV-14) A woman suspects that her son is not the father of his girlfriend's child, but he disagrees and wants to be involved in his child's life.
1:00 PM
Steve Wilkos A (TV-14)
2:00 PM
Jerry Springer A Sideline Chicks Smackdown (Repeat, TV-14) A woman wants to know whether or not her boyfriend is being unfaithful; a man hopes that by coming clean to his girlfriend that he cheated, he will be forgiven.
3:00 PM
Maury A Our Neighbor Saw You Cheating... Is That My Baby? (Repeat, TV-14) A woman who is accused of cheating claims that her neighbor is spreading lies; a woman suspects that her boyfriend and best friend are sleeping together.
4:00 PM
Crime Watch Daily (HD, New, TV-PG) A well known Hollywood acting coach allegedly assaulted at teenage student sexually; after falling victim to a romance scam, a woman becomes a scammer.
5:00 PM
The Steve Wilkos Show I Faked My Pregnancy To Hurt Him (Repeat, TV-14) A woman confronts her boyfriend of 15 years regarding a message she got from another woman who claims that she is pregnant with his baby.
6:00 PM
Justice for All with Judge Cristina Perez Satanic Ritual; Dog Hotel Hell (TV-PG) A man brings his neighbor to court over a Halloween decoration; a woman sues a vet over negligent behavior.
6:30 PM
Anger Management B Charlie Tries to Proves Therapy is Legit (HD, TV-14) Charlie is drawn towards Jen's new business partner, but his feelings for her are ruined when she shares with him her belief that therapy is a scam.
7:00 PM
Just for Laughs Gags High Octane Gags (TV-PG) "Lotto Laughs, Getting an Earful and Wheel Funny."
7:30 PM
Entertainment Tonight (TV-PG) Actress Emelia Clarke discusses how she gets ready for her scenes in "Game of Thrones;" actor Vin Diesel talks about the film "Fast 8."
8:00 PM
The Walking Dead A (TV-14) Factions near an inevitable collision that brings Rick face to face with a shocking form of brutality that threatens the lives of everyone in the group.
9:00 PM
The Walking Dead No Sanctuary (TV-14) The real motivations behind the actions of the Terminians begin to reveal themselves as Rick and his group begins to realize how vulnerable they are.
10:00 PM
7 Action News at 10 on TV 20 Detroit The 7 Action News team explores the latest local, regional and national news events of the day, as well as detailed and timely reports on sports events.
11:00 PM
The Middle The Concert (TV-PG) Frankie does anything she can in order to get an overly passionate Sue tickets to a Justin Bieber concert; Brick is motivated to win the school's spelling bee.
11:30 PM
Hot in Cleveland The Gateway Friend (TV-PG) After a friend from Los Angeles breaks up with her dermatologist boyfriend, the ladies decide to help the couple repair their relationship.
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