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Programs for WMYD-DT on Sunday, July 31, 2016
12:00 AM
Anger Management Primary A Charlie Pledges a Sorority Sister (TV-14) Charlie finds himself falling into Jordan's trap after he agrees to go out on a date with a woman who typically breaks the hearts of the people she dates.
12:30 AM
Anger Management B Charlie and the Case of the Curious Hottie (TV-14) Charlie learns that the new woman he is dating is a private investigator, which leads him to experience intense feelings of paranoia.
1:00 AM
Rookie Blue In Plain View (TV-14) An informant's murder points to the involvement of a dangerous street gang; Andy's relationship is put in jeopardy after a surprise revelation from Rosati.
2:00 AM
Ring of Honor Wrestling (TV-PG) The hottest young stars in the sport compete in the hardest-hitting pro-wrestling action on the planet.
3:00 AM
Comedy.TV (Repeat, TV-PG) Comics featured include: Marianne Seirk; Al Lubel; Matt Fulchiron; Leo Flowers; Steve Trevino; Lisa Landry; Kivi Rogers; Chris Porter.
4:00 AM
Paid Programming (HD, Repeat)
4:30 AM
Paid Programming
5:00 AM
Paid Programming
5:30 AM
Comics Continuum The world of comics is thoroughly examined as an eccentric host delves into the intricately complex and entertaining world of illustrated literature.
6:00 AM
On The Battlefield Ministries
6:30 AM
Paid Programming
7:00 AM
Paid Programming
7:30 AM
Peter's Principles A world renowned, former bodybuilder provides valuable information on health, nutrition and fitness in order to guide, motivate and educate viewers.
8:00 AM
Paid Programming
8:30 AM
Catholic Mass Sunday Mass on TV brought to you by Heart of the Nation and offers a connection with the Lord Jesus and the wider community of faith.
9:00 AM
In Touch with Dr. Charles Stanley (New, TV-G) Pastor Dr. Charles Stanley uses his ministry to help spread the Gospel to the people of the world by inviting followers of Christ to rejoice in the word of God.
10:00 AM
10:30 AM
Paid Programming
11:00 AM
Law & Reality with Ken Gross
11:30 AM
Paid Programming
12:00 PM
MI Healthy Mind
12:30 PM
Paid Programming
1:00 PM
1:30 PM
MyDestination.TV (Repeat, TV-PG) Viewers are given a tour of Charlotte, North Carolina's Ballantyne Hotel and Lodge; the Viceroy in Santa Monica; the Cameo Bar in Santa Monica.
2:00 PM
Beautiful Homes Viewers are provided with fascinating perspectives for renowned living spaces and homes that feature impressive designs and features inside and out.
2:30 PM
Paid Programming
3:00 PM
Paid Programming
3:30 PM
Paid Programming
4:00 PM
Paid Programming
4:30 PM
Community A Competitive Wine Tasting (TV-14) Spring electives begin, and as Troy and Britta explore acting, Pierce and Jeff take a wine tasting class where a mysterious woman woos Pierce.
5:00 PM
Community B Paradigms of Human Memory (TV-14) The study group gathers together for their final project and reminisces about some of their favorite times together; Chang embarks on a mission.
5:30 PM
Right This Minute The interactive news program presents video from eyewitnesses around the world, revealing the latest in dramatic, thought-provoking, social and popular events.
6:00 PM
Right This Minute The interactive news program presents video from eyewitnesses around the world, revealing the latest in dramatic, thought-provoking, social and popular events.
6:30 PM
Cougar Town A Ain't Love Strange (TV-PG) Jules is annoyed when she is called "predictable"; Ellie is worried that little Stan is becoming a bad kid; Bobby tries to convince Travis to take dog Travis.
7:00 PM
Anger Management Secondary A Charlie and the Revenge of the Hot Nerd (TV-14) Charlie's life takes a turn in a direction he wasn't expecting when a technologically minded woman decides to take control of the anger management therapist.
7:30 PM
Anger Management Secondary B Charlie and the Curse of the Flying Fist (TV-14) Charlie strives to help Nolan unleash the angry feelings he is holding inside, and he soon realizes that his plan may have worked too well.
8:00 PM
The Closer Controlled Burn (TV-14) Brenda and the PHD are called in to assist with crowd control at Griffith Park, but when a woman's body is discovered, they head up the investigation.
9:00 PM
Scandal Spies Like Us (HD, TV-14) Olivia gets an anonymous letter with a coded warning which could expose Huck's shady past; another secret has been exposed and Harrison steps up to handle it.
10:00 PM
7 Action News at 10 on TV 20 Detroit
11:00 PM
Elementary Dead Man's Switch (TV-14) Sherlock and Joan try to track down the accomplice of a murdered blackmailer who targets families of rape victims; Sherlock's first year of sobriety.
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