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Programs for WMYD-DT on Saturday, October 22, 2016
12:00 AM
Friends A The One Where Phoebe Runs (TV-14) Rachel and Phoebe decide to start running together, but Rachel is thrown off by the fact that Phoebe runs like a four-year-old; Joey finds a sexy new roommate.
12:30 AM
Friends B The One Where Joey Moves Out (TV-14) After having a fight with Chandler, Joey decides to move out; Rachel and Phoebe decide to get tattoos; Monica's father disapproves of her dating Richard.
1:00 AM
Entertainment Tonight (HD, Repeat, TV-PG) The hosts feature the red carpet premiere of "Doctor Strange"; a look at Camille Grammer's home.
1:30 AM
Just for Laughs Gags The Gift of Gag (HD, Repeat, TV-PG) "Hare Brained, We're No Angels and The Prankmobile."
2:00 AM
The Steve Wilkos Show B Do You Have a Gay Double Life? (Repeat, TV-14) A woman demands her boyfriend take a lie-detector test to prove he isn't bi-sexual; a gay man accused of getting a woman pregnant.
3:00 AM
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3:30 AM
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4:00 AM
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4:30 AM
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5:00 AM
Celebrate Michigan The greatness of Michigan is highlighted as outstanding citizens, events and artists are featured and examined by an outstanding team of reporters.
5:30 AM
Open House (New, TV-PG) A coast-to-coast look at the real estate market includes some of the best properties and home improvement tips from various experts in design.
6:00 AM
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6:30 AM
The American Athlete (New, TV-G) Byron Allen interviews top athletes about their professional achievements and struggles as well as their personal lives.
7:00 AM
Ocean Mysteries with Jeff Corwin Reef Madness Host Jeff Corwin visits a home to countless marine animal species and delicate ecosystems, showing why coral reefs are so important to the Earths environment.
7:30 AM
Expedition Wild Inside a Grizzly Attack (TV-PG) Casey Anderson dispels prevalent stories concerning attacks from grizzly bears in Yellowstone before relating bears to popular culture.
8:00 AM
Brain Games: Family Edition Experts perform experiments that illustrate the science of illusion, showing how one's brain fills in gaps in perception to create a flawed image of reality.
8:30 AM
Dog Town, USA Tough Stuff (TV-G) Dogtown veterinarians help out with Scruffy, an anxious Chow mix who is afraid of new locations, and Jasmine, a hyperactive Beagle that has a spinal injury.
9:00 AM
Recipe Rehab Mexican Style Pancakes (TV-G) Chef Candice and Chef Tana work to see who can trim the most fat from the Nickell family's recipe for Mexican style pancakes.
9:30 AM
Hatched ReBloom (HD, New, TV-G) Young American entrepreneurs pitch business ideas and distinct inventions to a panel of successful executives who help them get their ideas off the ground.
10:00 AM
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10:30 AM
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11:00 AM
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11:30 AM
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12:00 PM
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12:30 PM
The Outdoorsman with Buck McNeely Brazil Peacock Bass Fishing (HD, Repeat, TV-PG) Buck sets out on a fishing adventure in the jungles of Brazil in search of the huge and colorful peacock bass; a rain forest exploration is presented.
1:00 PM
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1:30 PM
MyDestination.TV (New, TV-PG) The world's most stunning and exotic destinations are highlighted, and viewers get a look at exclusive retreats, tips for getting the VIP treatment, and more.
2:00 PM
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2:30 PM
Cars.TV (Repeat, TV-PG) A glimpse into the world of automobile technology featuring interviews with people who design, create and collect hot cars.
3:00 PM
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3:30 PM
Beautiful Homes Viewers are provided with fascinating perspectives for renowned living spaces and homes that feature impressive designs and features inside and out.
4:00 PM
The Middle A Year of the Hecks (TV-PG) Knowing that no one keeps their New Year's resolutions, Frankie proposes a contest to see who can abide by the resolution assigned to them for a week.
4:30 PM
The Middle B The Map (TV-PG) Frankie worries that the family is missing out on milestones and vows to celebrate them; Axl eats Brick's school map project and must make a new one.
5:00 PM
Friends A The One with Monica and Chandler's Wedding, Part 1 (TV-14) Chandler is up to his old antics during the rehearsal dinner for his wedding; Joey deals with a prodigious actor's spitting problem on set.
5:30 PM
Friends B The One with Monica and Chandler's Wedding, Part 2 (TV-14) Ross desperately searches for Chandler after he goes missing; the girls are shocked when a positive pregnancy test turns out to be Rachel's.
6:00 PM
Entertainment Tonight (HD, New, TV-PG) The hosts share details from actor Brad Pitt's supervised visit with his children; musician Cher reflects on her career; Christie Brinkley presents a home tour.
7:00 PM
Major Crimes Under the Influence (HD, TV-14) A writer for television asks to accompany Sanchez and Tao on a ride-along so that he can gain a better understanding of the Los Angeles Police Department.
8:00 PM
Elementary The One Percent Solution (HD, TV-14) A bombing investigation leads to heavy tensions as Holmes and Watson are forced to partner with Sherlock's former colleague from Scotland Yard.
9:00 PM
Bones The Science in the Physicist (HD, TV-14) Pulverized remains turn out to be those of a scientist who received death threats based on her work; Angela's father comes to town seeking revenge.
10:00 PM
7 Action News at 10 on TV 20 Detroit The most up-to-date local, regional and national news events of the day are explored by the 7 Action News Team, as well as detailed reports on sports events.
11:00 PM
Rookie Blue The Kids Are Not Alright (HD, TV-14) Andy is getting ready to enjoy a long weekend when she and Gail run across a teenage boy in the trunk of a car and try to stop him from making a mistake.
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