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Programs for Wednesday, October 1, 2014
12:00 AM
Community B Celebrity Pharmacology 212 (TV-14) Annie stages an anti-drug production at a local middle school, but Pierce's antics to acquire a bigger role threaten the entire play.
12:30 AM
The Office A Paper Airplane (TV-14) Dwight and Angela compete in an office-wide paper airplane contest; Andy begins receiving help for his first role in an upcoming film.
1:00 AM
The Office B Secretary's Day (TV-14) Andy wants Erin to have a memorable Secretary's Day, but her lunch with Michael threatens it; Oscar circulates a viral video mocking Kevin.
1:30 AM
Friends A The One with the Evil Orthodontist (TV-14) Rachel and Barry start dating again, despite the fact that he's now engaged to Mindy; Chandler goes nuts when a woman he likes won't return his phone calls.
2:00 AM
Friends B The One Where They All Turn Thirty (TV-PG) When Rachel turns 30, the gang reminisces about their 30th birthdays; Rachel breaks up with Tag because she is looking for commitment.
2:30 AM
Cougar Town Something Big (HD, TV-14) As Jules is trying to work through Grayson's past, an encounter with an ex ends with him finding out that he is the father of a baby he never knew about.
3:00 AM
Steve Wilkos B (TV-14)
4:00 AM
Entertainment Tonight B (TV-PG) The hosts will speak with E.J. Johnson, and then whey will visit the set of "The Longest Ride" and speak with Scott Eastwood.
4:30 AM
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5:00 AM
Shepherd's Chapel (TV-G) From his nondenominational church in Gravette, Ark., Pastor Arnold Murray gives an in-depth analysis of the Bible, covering the entire book verse by verse.
6:00 AM
Anger ManagementA Charlie and Jen Together Again (HD, TV-14) Charlie finds himself living with his ex-wife once again and the situation leaves Kate growing increasingly jealous with every passing night.
6:30 AM
Are We There Yet? The V.I.P Tickets Episode (TV-PG) Nick gets tickets to a restricted sporting event and decides to invite Martin, and his decision to invite his friend before his wife upsets Suzanne.
7:00 AM
7 Action News This Morning on TV20 Detroit The latest national, regional and local news events of the morning are examined by the 7 Action News Team, as well as detailed reports on sports events.
9:00 AM
The 700 Club (TV-G) Founder of Dayspring International, John Gilman discusses his mission to job train, educate and empower communities across India, connecting them with Christ.
10:00 AM
Jerry Springer B I'm Sorry I Slept with Your Man (TV-14) A woman confronts her roommate to find out if she cheated with her man; a man cheats on his nagging fiance with a friend of his.
11:00 AM
Paternity Court Court Show
11:30 AM
Paternity Court Court Show
12:00 PM
Maury B The Sex Texts and Test Will Prove You're a Cheater! (TV-14) A woman who has found panties, bras and jewelry in her boyfriends car wants him to prove that he's not cheating by taking a lie detector test.
1:00 PM
Steve Wilkos A (TV-14)
2:00 PM
Jerry Springer A Girlfriend Grudge Match (New, TV-14) A woman confesses to her co-worker that she slept with her man; a woman wants her baby's dad to stop cheating, but he says he can sleep with anyone he wants.
3:00 PM
Maury A Pregnant at 15... How Could You Deny My Baby! (New, TV-14) A woman wants her son's fiancee to take a paternity test, due to her suspicions that she has been cheating, leaving him stuck in the middle.
4:00 PM
The Doctors Controversial Ad Shaming Overweight People? Home Invasion Takes Turn (New, TV-PG) The Doctors discuss a new ad from PETA promoting plant based diets, and then they discuss a break in where the victim saves the intruder's life.
5:00 PM
The Middle A The Cheerleader (TV-PG) Frankie organizes an event with a car and jellybeans; Sue learns she needs glasses; Brick starts reading his mother's romance novels.
5:30 PM
Community A Interpretive Dance (TV-PG) The gang finds out about Jeff's new girlfriend despite his attempts to keep the secret; Troy and Britta decide to come clean about their own secrets.
6:00 PM
Anger Management Charlie and Deception Therapy (HD, TV-14) In an attempt to help one of his patients with their anger, Charlie decides to utilize the calming effects of a placebo pill after basic therapy fails.
6:30 PM
Cougar Town Here Comes My Girl (TV-PG) Travis invites his girlfriend to dinner to meet everyone for the first time, and Jules gets excited; Bobby and Grayson have something in common.
7:00 PM
Let's Ask America (HD, New, TV-G) Contestants Emily Hammes, Daven Witt, Andrea Hottovy and Marlin Griffin compete against one another for a prize of $25,000 through a Q&A session.
7:30 PM
Entertainment Tonight (TV-PG) The hosts will interview the stars of the movie "Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day," Steve Carell, Bella Thorne, and Jennifer Garner.
8:00 PM
The Walking Dead Days Gone Bye (HD, TV-14) A sheriff awakes from a coma in a desolate hospital to find that the world has been ravaged by a zombie epidemic, and he searches for his family and survivors.
9:00 PM
The Walking Dead Guts (HD, TV-14) When Rick inadvertently causes a group of survivors to get trapped by walkers, tensions are heightened within the group, and accusations escalate into violence.
10:00 PM
7 Action News at 10 on TV 20 Detroit The 7 Action News team explores the latest local, regional and national news events of the day, as well as detailed and timely reports on sports events.
11:00 PM
Hot in Cleveland Love Thy Neighbor (HD, TV-PG) Melanie suspects that Joy is using drugs; Victoria needs to act like an elderly woman for an upcoming musical, so she asks Elka for help.
11:30 PM
The Middle B Major Changes (TV-PG) Frankie breaks down and threatens to leave the family behind after a gross incident gets on her last nerve, and some motherly guidance is needed.
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