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Programs for KUBE-ME on Tuesday, October 24, 2017
12:00 AM
Alfred Hitchcock Presents Coming, Mama (TV-PG) A young woman desperately wants to marry her boyfriend, but her domineering mother refuses to let her, so she devises a wicked plan to murder her.
12:30 AM
Alfred Hitchcock Presents Deathmate (TV-PG) A con artist devises a plan to murder his secret lover's wealthy husband, but after performing the crime, he finds out that he was the person being tricked.
1:00 AM
Mannix Deadfall: Part 1 (TV-PG) A security chief has been apparently killed in an auto-related incident, and an explosion at Intertect kills a technician and destroys a new laser device.
2:00 AM
Cannon The Prisoners (TV-PG) A young man is persuaded to extort his own father for $50,000 but his father is found to be bankrupt; Frank Cannon is called upon to investigate.
3:00 AM
77 Sunset Strip The Well-Selected Frame (TV-PG) A private eye who works out of an office at 77 Sunset Strip in Hollywood as his cases lead him all over the world.
4:00 AM
Highway Patrol Taxi (TV-PG) A botched attempt at a gas station robbery results in the murder of a highway patrol officer and the abduction of a farmer and his wife.
4:30 AM
The Donna Reed Show The First Child (TV-G) After helping a couple bring their first baby into the world, Alex is kept awake and busy by their constant cries for help with their child.
5:00 AM
The Facts of Life The Oldest Living Graduate (TV-PG) Eastland's oldest living graduate, a wealthy screwball, decides to leave her money to Eastland until Jo changes her mind by mistake.
5:30 AM
The Brady Bunch Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore (TV-G) Alice feels like she is no longer wanted around at the Brady household and comes up with a lie about visiting a sick relative in Seattle so she may leave.
6:00 AM
The Beverly Hillbillies Sonny Drysdale Returns (TV-G) Granny spreads the word that Elly will soon be getting married when she hears that Sonny Drysdale will be returning, and Drysdale finds his son a job.
6:30 AM
My Three Sons Chip, the Trapper (TV-G) An episode of "Davy Crockett" gives Chip the idea to start his own trapping business, and he convinces friend to help him out with it.
7:00 AM
Leave It to Beaver Tennis, Anyone? (TV-G) Wally discovers he is in the middle of a love triangle with a girl who is trying to make her ex-boyfriend jealous by playing tennis with Wally.
7:30 AM
Leave It to Beaver One of the Boys (TV-G) An exclusive group asks Eddie and Wally to join, but their impression of the group changes after spending the evening with them.
8:00 AM
Perry Mason The Case of the Poison Pen Pal (TV-PG) As two parties write each other, one informs the other of confidential issues regarding a corporation's ownership, which leads to someone being murdered.
9:00 AM
Matlock The Court Martial, Part 2 (TV-PG) Matlock discovers that the lieutenant and four of his fellow officers might have been involved in illegal activities; Charlene works undercover.
10:00 AM
Diagnosis Murder Standing Eight Count (TV-PG) Shortly following a match, a boxing champion is found murdered, leaving Jack and Amanda to investigate the facts surrounding the death.
11:00 AM
The Big Valley Hell Hath No Fury (TV-G) Heath meets a female outlaw during a game of poker and she quickly falls in love with him and wants to marry him and give up her career.
12:00 PM
Gunsmoke Shooting Stopover (TV-PG) Marshal Matt Dillon and his trusted deputy use their six-gun skills and wits to maintain law and order in the rough and tumble Old West town of Dodge City.
12:30 PM
Gunsmoke The Peace Officer (TV-PG) Marshal Matt Dillon and his trusted deputy use their six-gun skills and wits to maintain law and order in the rough and tumble Old West town of Dodge City.
1:00 PM
Bonanza The Tall Stranger (TV-G) Hoss tries to get on with his life after his true love marries another man, but he learns that she is about to have a baby and her husband deserted her.
2:00 PM
The Rifleman The Debt (TV-G) Micah has trouble deciding where his loyalty lies as he learns that the prisoner he is to escort to the gallows saved his life at one point in time.
2:30 PM
The Rifleman Tinhorn (TV-G) Mark grew up believing his father is the most upstanding man in the world, which is why he is so shocked to find out that Lucas is a poker player.
3:00 PM
Wagon Train The Sally Potter Story (TV-G) When a beautiful, young woman is invited to join the wagon train, she ends up sparking a rivalry between a man and his young nephew.
4:00 PM
T.J. Hooker Deadlock (TV-PG) Hooker and Romano unwittingly stumble into a department store gun robbery and find themselves without back up in a dangerous shootout.
5:00 PM
Hawaii Five-0 Three Dead Cows at Makapuu, Part 1 (TV-PG) A scientist regrets his work with a strain of bacteria developed for germ warfare and decides to protest by using the bacteria to kill thousands of people.
6:00 PM
M*A*S*H Lt. Radar O'Reilly (TV-PG) When an officer loses during a poker game, he offers to pay his debt by offering Radar with a forged promotion, so Hawkeye steps in to assist.
6:30 PM
M*A*S*H The Nurses (TV-PG) Hot Lips confines a nurse to her quarters so Hawkeye and B.J. contrive a way to allow the nurse and her husband to be together for the night.
7:00 PM
The Andy Griffith Show Cousin Virgil (TV-G) Barney sticks his neck out for his visiting dim-witted cousin, but becomes enraged with his cousin continues to make stupid mistakes.
7:30 PM
The Andy Griffith Show Deputy Otis (TV-G) Otis using the courthouse stationery to write letters to his brother and sister-in-law, and they automatically assume he has become a deputy.
8:00 PM
Mama's Family Ladies Choice (TV-PG) Mama seeks reelection as president of the Church Ladies League, but when another candidate is nominated for the position, Mama gets into a political battle.
8:30 PM
ALF Baby, You Can Drive My Car (TV-G) In an attempt to purchase a brand new Ferrari sports car for the young Lynn, ALF decides to sell some parts from his wrecked spaceship.
9:00 PM
Hogan's Heroes No Names Please (TV-G) An American journalist is saved by Hogan and is sworn to keep his operation a secret before he is sent back to the United States; the writer breaks his promise.
9:30 PM
Hogan's Heroes Bad Day in Berlin (TV-G) An American agent enters Germany and offers his services to help Hogan and his men to get a German Gestapo officer out of Berlin; the officer wishes to defect.
10:00 PM
Carol Burnett and Friends The Movie Fan; Rebecky (TV-G) Carol plays a woman obsessed with movie culture, which disturbs her husband; the crew parodies the film "Rebecca" with Carol playing Joan Fontaine.
10:30 PM
Perry Mason The Case of the Calender Girl (TV-PG) A swimsuit model becomes the main emphasis of a case because she was last seen with an accused murderer at the time of his car accident.
11:30 PM
The Twilight Zone Elegy (TV-PG) Three astronauts land their ship on an asteroid, and although the place looks a lot like the planet Earth, everyone appears to be frozen in suspended animation.
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