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The Lone Ranger Rustler's Hideout (TV-PG) A man and a woman decide to settle in the country and have trouble with the neighbors until they help capture a gang of outlaws.
Lassie The Search (TV-PG) When a six-year-old girl tumbles into a concrete irrigation ditch, Lassie must come to the rescue after finding her doll by leading Ruth and Timmy to her.
Lassie Boy's Day (TV-PG) Gramps arranges for a pretend bank robbery to happen on boys' day so Jeff's passion about him and Porky being the constable and deputy will return.
Lassie The Snob (TV-PG) After visiting the luxurious summer estate of a friend's family, Jeff begins to look down on his own family and their belongings, until he becomes gravely ill.
Lassie Haunted House (TV-PG) On a dare, Jeff and Porky enter a house that is supposed to be haunted, and they are shocked when they see what appears to be an actual ghost.
The Voyager with Josh Garcia Jamaican Me Happy (HD, TV-G) Josh visits Ocho Rio, Jamaica, where he travels down the Martha Brae River and gains knowledge about Jamaica's High Mountain coffee at a plantation.
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