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Family Guy A Lot Going on Upstairs (HD, TV-14) Peter decides to sleep in the attic instead of his bed after Stewie refuses to sleep in his own bedroom due to the nightmares he's been having.
American Dad! Rough Trade (HD, TV-14) Stan and Roger are initially excited when they switch bodies with each other, but soon find that they both had a more difficult time than they knew.
The Cleveland Show (HD, TV-14) A man travels to be with his highschool sweetheart in Virginia, and he finds a rebellious teenage daughter and a young son also awaiting him.
King of the Hill Sug Night (TV-14) After a strange dream, Peggy is convinced that Hank is bored with their marriage and suggests that they travel to a nude beach to spice things up.
Mike & Molly Opening Day (HD, TV-14) Mike and Carl's annual tradition of making the pilgrimage to the Chicago Cubs' opening day is interrupted when he invites Molly to come along to the game.
The King of Queens Kirbed Enthusiasm (HD, TV-PG) Doug is asked to help coach Deacon's son's football teaml; While coaching, Deacon's son expresses to Doug that he should try out for a semi-pro team.
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