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Shopper's Showcase
World News Now (HD, New) The latest in the top current events stories from around the globe are reported, including updates on politics, economic issues, sports and entertainment.
America This Morning (TV-G) In live reports from ABC News headquarters in Washington D.C. early morning news events and the top headlines of the day are examined and reported.
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King of the Hill The Year of Washing Dangerously (TV-14) Kahn nearly runs his new carwash business into the ground, so Mr. Strickland enters into a partnership with him and orders Hank to help out his neighbor.
American Dad! Daesong Heavy Industries II: Return to Innocence (TV-14) After the explosion, Stan and Francine get amnesia and live on an island, Hayley and Jeff start a life in the Navy, and Steve and Roger float in a lifeboat.
The Cleveland Show Pins, Spins, & Fins! (Shark Story Cut for Time) (TV-14) Rallo's ego is damaged when Donna reveals a harsh truth to him; Cleveland, Lester, Holt and Terry decide to go on a road trip to spice up their friendship.
Shopper's Showcase
Shopper's Showcase
Shopper's Showcase

Coach Dresswreckers (TV-PG) Hayden agrees to pick up Christine's wedding dress in an effort to help with the chaotic plans, but she erupts in anger when she discovers he ruined the dress.
Becker Sue You, Part 2 (TV-PG) John can't decide whether to settle Vinny's lawsuit against him until he realizes how many people depend on him, but then has second thoughts.
Johnny Carson (TV-PG) Actress Amy Irving; ventriloquist Jay Johnson; journalist Calvin Trillin.
Small Wonder Victor/Vicki-toria (TV-G) Jamies little league team just can't shake their losing streak, and he decides to disguise Vicki as a boy and reprogram her to use her robotic abilities.
Sabrina, the Teenage Witch Romance Looming (TV-G) Three women, who introduce themselves as the Fates, visit Sabrina for revenge when she saves Morgan from falling to her death; Aaron tells Sabrina how he feels.

« Rolling Thunder (TV-14, R, **+) When the family members of a traumatized Vietnam veteran are murdered by a gang of thieves, he and a friend head to Mexico for revenge.
The Rat Patrol The Gun Runner Raid (TV-G) The Patrol gets captured by Arab mercenaries working for an American soldier turned arms dealer and traitor, who tells them to join him or die.
Highway Patrol Lie Detector (TV-PG) Dan Matthews uses a polygraph machine to identify the individuals responsible for the violent robbery of an elderly motel owner.
Sea Hunt Water Nymphs (TV-G) Mike is hired by a swimsuit designer to do an underwater fashion shoot, but the job becomes complicated when Mike is accused of espionage.
Flipper Flipper, the Detective (TV-G) When Ranger Porter Ricks is falsely accused and taken to jail, Flipper, Sandy and Bud must find a cache of stolen jewels to prove his innocence.
H & I

Hercules: The Legendary Journeys Let the Games Begin (TV-PG) Upon arriving to Propontus, Hercules finds the place war-torn and divided; Hercules decides to host a series of athletic games between the enemy warriors.
Xena: Warrior Princess The Prodigal (TV-14) Gabrielle's homecoming to Potidaea is marred by the presence of a warrior who is paid to protect the town from a warlord.
The Cisco Kid Double Deal (TV-G) An actor commits various crimes throughout the town while impersonating Cisco, so the original Cisco hurries to catch the dastardly criminal and clear his name.
Trackdown Like Father (TV-G) Hoby tires to give a reckless child insight to who his father was in hopes of him discovering something deeper about himself.

Cannon Murder by Proxy (TV-PG) A woman, who works at a journalist, is drugged at a bar and, by the time she wakes up the next day, she finds that she is framed for murder.
77 Sunset Strip The Disappearance (TV-PG) A private eye who works out of an office at 77 Sunset Strip in Hollywood as his cases lead him all over the world.
Peter Gunn Murder on the Midway (TV-PG) When Gunn is hired to protect the roommate of murdered woman, he is forced to contend with protective boyfriend's wrathful jealousy.
Night Gallery The Sins of the Fathers (TV-PG) At a dead man's funeral a young boy is forced to cleanse the man of his sins by feasting in the presence of the departed's corpse.
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