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Arthur Francine's Pilfered Paper; Buster gets Real (HD, Repeat, TV-Y) Francine completes her homework by copying and pasting information she's found on the Internet; Arthur learns Buster likes a television show that he doesn't.
Odd Squad Trials and Tubulations (HD, Repeat, TV-Y) Agents Olive and Otto must find a way to navigate to safety when a malfunction of the tube system leaves them in forest full of dangers.
Wild Kratts Stuck on Sharks (HD, Repeat, TV-Y) Martin and Chris use a rocket sub to follow a Great White Shark around, and during their adventure, they find Gourmand trying to capture her for his soup.
Ready Jet Go! A Visit From Uncle Zucchini; Mindy's Weather Report (HD, Repeat, TV-Y) Celery's brother Zucchini and his pet Moonbeam visit the Propulsion but get lost in doing so; Mindy and Sunspot learn of a massive storm system on Saturn.
Nature Cat The Great Grasshopper Race; Fall for Hal (HD, Repeat, TV-Y) Hal's grasshopper friend Dustin Hopman jumps into the woods before a big race; Hal is sick for the first scavenger hunt of the fall season and cannot go.
Curious George George-O-Matic; Curious George, Sheep Herder (HD, Repeat, TV-Y) After becoming fascinated with a fancy vending machine, George decides to invent his own vending machine to dispense desserts for a dinner party.
Global 3000 (Repeat) Deutsche Welle profiles efforts being taken across the Earth to conquer global issues by breaking down boundaries between cultures, technology and financing.
Focus on Europe (Repeat, TV-G) Journalists, photographers and producers join together as they search for the political, economic and cultural landscape of Europe, including touching stories.
Newsroom Tokyo Presenting news stories that shine a spotlight on Japan and the rest of Asia, including major news, the latest developments and expert analysis.
The Contenders - 16 for '16 The Technocrats (HD, TV-PG) Michael Dukakis's campaign crumples under George H.W. Bush's negative ads; Mitt Romney fends off the idea that he's too rich to empathize with ordinary people.
It's Sew Easy Sewing for People with All Abilities (HD, TV-G) Fitter Peggy Sagers shares some of her simple techniques that she uses to create comfortable and contemporary fashion that's functional to anyone.
The Best of the Joy of Painting Indian Summer (TV-G) Host and Painter Bob Ross paints a peaceful autumn scene with exotic orange and gold colors and plenty of autumn trees on the canvas.
New Scandinavian Cooking Norwegian Versions of Classic Recipes (TV-G) Andreas prepares food that is strikingly similar to classic Mexican, Italian and American dishes with recipes that include tacos, gnocchi and pancakes.
Joanne Weir's Cooking Confidence Simply Elegant (HD, TV-G) Joanne teaches an Apple product specialist how to create a bruschetta salad, prosciutto di San Daniele and clams with chorizo and orange.
Dining with the Chef (HD, TV-G) Host Yu Hayami introduces Americans to the techniques, ingredients and harmony of preparing Japanese cuisine, cooking alongside masters and guests.
Jacques P├ępin: More Fast Food My Way Fast Proof (TV-G) Viewers learn how to mix and bake a loaf of bread in one pot; cocotte eggs are combined with creamed mushrooms; cookie dough features raspberry tarts.
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