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Curious George Monkey Goes Batty; Curious George and the Balloon Hound (HD, Repeat, TV-Y) George's frequent trips to the kitchen during the night cause trouble; Hundley's toy plane flies out of reach, but his dream may help him retrieve the toy.
Curious George Night of the Weiner Dog; Animal Trackers (HD, Repeat, TV-Y) George looks after Hundley, who is spending time away from the Doorman for the first time; George hopes to find something unique for the Nature Exhibit.
Arthur The Friend Who Wasn't There; Surprise! (HD, Repeat, TV-Y) Muffy is determined to find her long-lost imaginary companion; when Francine vows to get revenge when she isn't invited to her sister's party.
Odd Squad Dance Like Nobody is Watching; Recipe for Disaster (HD, New, TV-Y) An alarm is trigged, and the agents and Ms. O must avoid booby traps to shut it off; Olive and Otto tell Ms. O how their case went wrong.
Wild Kratts To Touch a Hummingbird (HD, Repeat, TV-Y) Chris and Martin think hummingbirds are astonishing, but as they try to find one, they learn Gaston Gourmand has put hummingbird eggs on his menu.
Homework Hotline (TV-G) Teachers and faculty provide after-school support to students who are having difficulty completing their homework assignments.
Sousa on the Rez: Marching to the Beat of a Different Drum (HD, Repeat, TV-G) The Iroquois Indian Band, Fort Mojave Tribal Band, Zuni Pueblo Band and the Navajo Nation Band are profiled, revealing little-known facts and more.
Visa Dream (Repeat, TV-G) A couple's dream of seeing their children after 16 years apart depends on their being granted a visitors' visa, a long process filled with paperwork.
Global Voices Oil & Water (HD, Repeat, TV-PG) Eclectic documentaries created by independent filmmakers around the globe portray everyday life in the little-known corners of the world.
Newsline (Repeat) A timely presentation of the daily news in Japan and abroad, featuring up-to-the-minute national and international events that have shaped the day's events.
Journal (New, TV-G) A daily broadcast of news narratives from the heart of Europe provides viewers with the attest in international developments from both sides of the Atlantic.
Islands Without Cars The Channel Island of Sark (HD, TV-G) Kira visits the Island of Sark, where she interviews the feudal lord and the judge, enjoys tea with a founding descendent, and gets a few demonstrations.
Travel With Kids Cape Town: Mandela History & Great White Sharks (HD, TV-G) The family sees baboons, penguins and mountains, as well as learns about a sustainable farming project, on the Atlantic coast of Cape Peninsula in South Africa.
Rick Steves' Europe Italy's Amalfi Coast (TV-14) South of Naples, Rick Steves visits the Amalfi Coast, the popular resort of Positano, and Sorrento, with a tour of Greek temples and Capri's Blue Grotto.
American Woodshop Wall Clocks (HD, TV-G) Host and renowned master carpenter Scott Phillips demonstrates how turned finials and posts can give a wall clock its own unique design.
Garden Smart (TV-G) The importance of history as a teacher for gardeners is explored as a landscape that was unremarkable in and of itself is transformed by a botanical genius.
Katie Brown Workshop Best of Summer (TV-G) Katie reviews the best summer dishes she has created in the past, such as cucumber salad and poached salmon with dill; Katie makes custom candleholders.
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