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« Breaking In (TV-14, R, **+) A retiring thief who is content with living a quiet life on the outskirts of town takes a clumsy protégé under his wing, and tries to teach him the business.
Buster (TV-PG, R, **+) A small-time crook commits the crime of the century tries to flee to Mexico with his wife and child.

The Campbells Bringing Up Thomas While Charlotte takes off for a 4-day trip to Dundas, Emma and John are left with watching both the Inn and Thomas Logan, but events take a turn.
The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet The Table and the Painting (TV-G) Joe decides to give a handmade table to his good friend as a gift, but Ozzie immediately feels obligated to give him something in return.
The Cisco Kid Battle Of Red Rock Pass (TV-G) An old artilleryman decides to wage a war against the Apache Indians on his own in order to exact the brand of justice that he sees fit.
The Cisco Kid The Joker (TV-PG) Cisco and Poncho attempt to track down a real-estate swindler who has made a huge fortune by selling ranches that do not belong to him.
Tarzán Tarzan and the Missile of Doom (TV-G) Tarzan comes across a military official who has entered the jungle in the hopes of disarming a nuclear warhead that could potentially lay waste to the area.
Zorro Test of Faith (TV-G) Alejandro and Diego discover a fisherman from Japan who has been stranded; Felipe and Diego try using magnesium powder; de Soto supports the war.

« Smokin' Stogies (NR, *) When a ruthless New York mob boss dispatches his trusted capo to Miami to trace $1 Million worth of missing Cuban cigars, everything start to heat up.
Zoo Diaries As one of the biggest zoos in the world, the Toronto Zoo has an abundance of endangered species, and the staff there explores the lives of these creatures.
Laura McKenzie's Traveler (HD, TV-G) Award-winning travel enthusiast and host Laura McKenzie traverses around the globe while using her unique knowledge to offer up tips to viewers at home.
Edgemont A Simple Plan (TV-PG) Anika's interference ruins Craig and Shannon plans for Gil; Mark talks to Paige about going back to school; Jen and Chris are at a crossroads about the baby.
Insider Exclusive Host Steve Murphy interviews national and local newsmakers, entertainers, lawyers, entrepreneurs, celebrities, and authors.

Murder, She Wrote Deadline for Murder (TV-PG) Jessica unearths the shady past of a veteran newspaper publisher.
Murder, She Wrote Magnum on Ice (TV-PG) A Hawaiian private eye is mistakenly blamed for a murder.
The Dick Van Dyke Show The Night the Roof Fell In (TV-G) Rob comes home mad because the script needed a rewrite so after leaving mad he goes for a walk.
The Dick Van Dyke Show Like a Sister (TV-G) Rob thinks Rick Vallone isn't right for Sally so he tries to get Rick drunk because Sally hates drunks.

Mr. Boggs Steps Out (NR, **+) When a mundane office employee with no desirable future wins $1,500 by chance in a guessing contest, he moves to a small town and soon falls in love.
Jack Hanna's Animal Adventures Costa Rica: World of Reptiles (TV-G) Jack travels to Costa Rica and encounters a eye lash viper; Jack meets an American couple who run a sloth rehabilitation center on the Caribbean coast.
Paid Program (TV-G) Sponsored television programming.
Paid Program (TV-G) Sponsored television programming.
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