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Singing River Services
Pascalgoula 1st Baptist
The Addams Family Uncle Fester, Tycoon (TV-G) Fester proposes to one of his pen pals and Morticia, disguised as his pen pal's mother convinces him he couldn't support her and he goes out to get a job.
The Addams Family Christmas with the Addams Family (TV-G) Uncle Fester gets stuck in the chimney while trying to prove to Wednesday and Pugsley that Santa Claus is real and all of the adults come to the rescue.
The Greatest Story Ever Told (TV-G, G, ***) A liberal adaptation of the life of Jesus Christ follows from his birth in Bethlehem to his eventual persecution and crucifixion atop Golgotha.

« Tarzan: The Epic Adventures Tarzan's Return, Part 2 Tarzan is trapped inside an enormous snake that managed to swallow him whole; the lord of the jungle must traverse the strange landscape of the Earth's core.
The Adventures of Robin Hood Pepper (TV-G) When Robin learns that a Byzantine princess is being held hostage within England, he is reluctantly thrown in the middle of the situation.
The Adventures of Robin Hood A Change of Heart (TV-G) At the request of Friar Tuck, Robin decides to intervene when a lord is about to evict a group of Celts from the forest they have called home for centuries.
The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet Late Christmas Gift (TV-G) Ozzie grows concerned when the catcher's mitt he ordered for Rick fails to arrive, so he decides to search for the gift at the home of another Nelson family.
The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet Art Studies (TV-G) After Harriet begins to complain that the two are not spending enough time together, Ozzie suggests that the two of them go golfing.
Zorro They Call Her Annie (TV-G) When bandits attempt to kidnap a child, the school teacher show her shooting skills, and when the alcalde finds out, he tries to hire her to hunt down Zorro.

Raceline (HD, TV-PG) Host Joe Moore provides detailed coverage of the Sprint Cup Series, Nationwide Series and the Camping World Truck Series, including statistics and interviews.
Classic Car Garage Classic automobiles are transformed from "junkers" into beautiful road-machines as professionals take viewers step-by-step through the restoration process.
Rolling Art Television Paying tribute to some of the most unique and radical designs in the automotive scene, allowing viewers to rediscover classics and antiques.
Whacked Out Videos (TV-14) A compilation of hilarious and often completely bizarre events caught on tape from all over the world are presented with clever voice-over narration.
Whacked-Out Sports (TV-14) Narrator Tom Gottlieb presents user-submitted and professional videos of failed stunts, bloopers and classic backfires on amateur and experienced athletes.
Elf Sparkle Meets Christmas the Horse (NR, **+) While delivering presents, Santa's sleigh gets caught in a mud puddle during a rainstorm, but a gallant and tender-hearted horse saves the night.

A Christmas Carol (NR, ***) A miserly businessman learns a valuable lesson about the negative treatment of his fellow human beings when three ghosts visit him on Christmas Eve.
Holiday Inn (TV-G, NR, ***) A broken-hearted song-and-dance man decides to leave the big city, and opens a New England inn which only takes in guests during the holidays.

Players Parking Only Professional athletes from football, basketball, baseball and other sports showcase their personal vehicles, revealing their automotive styles and more.
Chop Cut Rebuild (TV-G) Self-proclaimed gear-head Dan Woods invites various automotive experts to compete against each other to custom renovate classic cars.
Paid Program (TV-G) Sponsored television programming.
Steel Dreams (Repeat, TV-G) The team visits a 1936 Aerocar Fifth Wheel in Detroit as well as a 1938 International Harvester D15 Tow Vehicle; General Motors presents a 1929 Oakland.
Sled Head 24/7 The latest advancements and designs in snowmobiles are examined, as well as the best accessories for a day on the snow; snowmobile races visited.
Paid Program (TV-G) Sponsored television programming.
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