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Highway Patrol Car Theft (TV-PG) A group of car thieves purchase wrecked vehicles and transfer the VIN plates to stolen ones in order to prevent from getting caught.
The Hawaiians (TV-PG, PG, **) An adventurous seafarer is forced to make his own good fortune alongside a crew of benevolent workers, after he is written out of his family's inheritance.

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9th Period (TV-G) After school is let out, students use the skills they recently learned in the classroom to solve the mysteries and crimes that take place in their town.

« One Last Ride (R, *+) A man obsessed with gambling has a life-changing experience which encourages him to end his bad habits, but he discovers that quitting will be difficult.
Charade (TV-PG, NR, ***+) A widow seeks help from a mysterious stranger when she learns that her husband's partners in a theft during WWII will stop at nothing to get the money.
Highway to Heaven The Inner Limits (TV-PG) Paul believes his brother George is "brain dead" since he is completely paralyzed, even though his mother still thinks her son is fine.

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Highway to Heaven Jonathan Smith Goes to Washington (TV-PG) A senator refuses to restore funds needed for the production of drugs to treat rare diseases because he is trying to ramrod a bill through Congress.
The Lone Ranger The Too-Perfect Signature (TV-PG) The Lone Ranger and Tonto are faced with opposition from an attorney and his assistant, who claim their documents make them the owners of ranch.
Roy Rogers Show The Train Robbery (TV-PG) When the local postmaster, who's also the general store owner, needs to obtain a valuable bank shipment from a train, he hires two gunmen for a robbery.
The Virginian Eileen (TV-PG) A young woman is forced to spend time Shiloh at her father's request when her involvement with a young man becomes too serious.

« Buckskin Frontier (NR, **+) A railroad scout and his local rival are forced to suspend their enmity and join forces against an outlaw.
Happy Go Lovely (NR, **+) A struggling actress receives a series of gifts and promotions after she is mistaken as the girlfriend of a wealthy manager of a greeting card company.
Jack Hanna's Animal Adventures (TV-G) Animal expert Jack Hanna travels the world to observe some of nature's most exotic and highly dangerous animals while exploring their natural habitats.
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