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« Gunman's Walk (TV-PG, NR, **+) A tough rancher who settles disputes with his gun lets his violent and headstrong older son go too far while his younger son tries to abide by the law.
Two Rode Together (TV-PG, NR, **+) Under pressure from desperate families, a marshal and a cavalry officer are hired to rescue settlers captured by the Comanches years earlier.

« Acorn TV Presents A featured presentation of British mystery, drama and comedy films and television shows.
Acorn TV Presents A featured presentation of British mystery, drama and comedy films and television shows.
Sherlock Holmes The Case of the Pennsylvania Gun (TV-PG) Sherlock Holmes and John Watson investigate the murder of a squire who was killed in a secured castle, with two only suspects at hand.
Sherlock Holmes The Case of the Texas Cowgirl (TV-PG) When a cowgirl rides into town and seeks Holmes' assistance after finding a man dead in her hotel room, Holmes and Dr. Watson help her remove the body.
One Step Beyond The Bride Possessed (TV-G) A recently married man finds his doe-eyed Southern wife has not only become undaunted and forceful, but has lost her Louisiana drawl while on their honeymoon.

The Monkees One Man Shy (TV-G) Peter has fallen for an upper-class young woman who has a boyfriend, so he recruits the band into trying to impress and woo her away from her suitor.
The Flying Nun A Bell for San Tanco (TV-G) The bell at the convent is starting to show its age and Sister Bertrille can't seem to fix the bell; she suggests looking for the original bell.
The Flying Nun Fatal Hibiscus (TV-G) Reverend Mother believes that the high winds of San Juan are creating an unsuitable environment for Sister Bertrille after she flies through a window.
Gidget In and Out with the In-Laws (TV-G) When Moondoggie goes to the trouble of introducing Gidget to his parents, she naturally assumes he's about to propose to her.
Gidget We Got Each Other (TV-G) When Gidget starts to become jealous of her father's dates, he decides she's getting a little too involved in his life.
The Addams Family The Addams Family Meets the Undercover Man (TV-G) An investigator believes the Addams family are spies and begins staking out their house, but the Addams become convinced that he is a spy and capture him.

Jimmy Houston Outdoors (TV-G) Renowned fishing champion Jimmy Houston travels around the world fishing for largemouth bass, crappie and other fish; hunting techniques.
Fish'n 4 Fun The host guides viewers throughout various lakes across the country, providing professional tips and insights into the sport of fishing from Pro Bass anglers.
Small Town Big Deal (HD, TV-G) Host Rodney Miller, Georgia farmer and antique tractor enthusiast, travels across America to showcase the culture and traditions of small towns.
Reflections Hall of Fame DJ Keith Bilbrey interviews some of the most iconic artists in country music history, using a one-on-one format and his own unique insight.
Country Classics (TV-G)
Cheyenne Country (TV-PG)

« Fireball 500 (NR, *) A stock car racer agrees to take part in a cross-country road race for some whiskey runners and he and an assistant compete for a woman.
The Importance of Being Earnest (NR, ***) A young man seeking excitement in London uses the name Ernest to hide his true identity, but things go badly for him when his roguish friend usurps the name.
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