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Hanover Street (PG, **) During the Second World War, an American pilot is assigned to ferry a British agent into France, and he learns the spy is married to the nurse he loves.
In Country (R, **+) A teenage girl who never knew her father, as he died in Vietnam, wants to know as much as her father as she can from her traumatized uncle.

Pet Friends The Misbehaving Pet An exclusive, in-depth exploration into the understanding of multiple aspects of having a pet and how they react and feel in certain situations.
The Adventures of Dudley the Dragon Mama Crabby Tree (TV-Y) Dudley and Julia try to persuade Mr. Crabby Tree to learn about genealogy and the history of the country's native people.
The Droogles
The Mooh Brothers (TV-G) Two cows run a picturesque farm together along with their animal friends and try to teach family values as well as environmentally-conscious themes.
Fishtronaut The Case Of The Disappearing Logs; The Case Of The Heavy Rain (TV-Y) With the help of his friends, a secret agent, water-suit wearing fish travels on land to help solve various mysteries involving protecting the environment.
The Houndcats The Who's Who That's Who Mission (TV-G) The Houndcats were five agents who go on missions received by exploding tape-recordings and used their specialties to foil evil.

Father Knows Best A Medal For Margaret (TV-G) When Jim decides to build a new display case for all the children's different trophies, Margaret decides that she needs a trophy for herself.
Animal Atlas The Benefits of Being Wet (HD, TV-G) A comprehensive study of the underwater world as videographers discover how creatures survive in the deep depths of the ocean throughout the world.
Safari Tracks Wildlife Parks (TV-G) Animal expert Ushaka takes viewers on an African tour showing an up close look at exotic wildlife, and gives lessons on the importance of conservation.
The Coolest Places on Earth Coolest Central Europe Road Trip: Switzerland, France, and Belgium (HD, TV-G) A roadtrip tour of Central Europe, including the ski slopes of the Swiss Alps, mountain biking and hiking, a ride on the world's steepest cog railway and more.
State to State Road Trip Through Michigan (TV-G) The team visits Michigan to take a tour through Detroit, to learn the ins and outs of the southern farmlands and explore in the northern wilderness
On the Spot Globetrotting, Origins, On The Menu (HD, TV-G) Participants are quizzed about exotic locations for bungee jumping, the first kind of public transportation, how submarines were invented, and a dirt meal.

Mustard Pancakes (TV-Y) A woman joins forces with her pet cat and three pet dogs to sing, laugh and learn while addressing everyday problems and life lessons.
Real Life 101 (TV-G) Teen hosts explore different professions throughout the world and their footage profiles real people performing real jobs in order to inform viewers.
Mouse in the House (TV-G) A way to educate children on scientific concepts, introducing them to science by exploring fundamental principles such as gravity, pressure, kinetics and more.
Think Big Comfort Counts (Repeat, TV-G) A young inventor introduces a new back warmer, hard hat attachments, and a new pooper scooper; a pair of young inventors show off their fashionable invention.
America's Heartland (HD, TV-G) A magazine-format show about American farming features stories of the hard-working farmers and ranchers who produce food, fuel and fiber for the world.
Dog Tales (Repeat, TV-G) Host Alex Paen discusses a training facility that teaches unruly dogs how to behave; tips on how to walk a dog; Corgis are profiled.

Paid Program (TV-G) Sponsored television programming.
Paid Program (TV-G) Sponsored television programming.
10 Ways to Help Arthritis Pain Arthri-D improves joint health using all natural ingredients! Stop the pain today!
Boomerang (TV-G) The youthful hosts explore a series of travel destinations and learn about featured natural geographic marvels, native cultures and local wildlife.
Get Wild at the San Diego Zoo (TV-G) A variety of animals housed at the San Diego Zoo are featured, allowing viewers to learn about each creature's living habits, nuanced behaviors.
Wild World at the San Diego Zoo (TV-G) Viewers are invited into the lives of dedicated zookeepers at the San Diego Zoo and the special animals they care for; key facts are presented on each animal.
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