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Mormon Tabernacle Choir (TV-G) Sponsored by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the 360-member Mormon Tabernacle Choir performs a collection of songs, hymns and anthems.
Singing River Services
Pascalgoula 1st Baptist
The Addams Family Fester Goes on a Diet (TV-G) Fester decides to follow Pugsley and start exercising to get ready for a visit from his French pen pal, but Morticia is convinced he wants to be an astronaut.
The Addams Family The Great Treasure Hunt (TV-G) The family goes on a search for hidden treasure when they find a map in the attic that once belonged to their great-grandfather.

Dog Tales (Repeat, TV-G) A family introduces their dog and talks about its breed and characteristics; viewers find out about jail inmates who belong to a dog grooming program.
BizKid$ Cash and Credit (TV-G) The kids learn about the power and pitfalls of credit, which is using someone else's money temporarily; two young entrepreneurs share their stories.
Animal Rescue (Repeat, TV-G) Host Alex Paen visits an organization that rescues bunnies; a trip to a bird sanctuary located in the South Pacific; a puppy got caught in a pipe; rescue animal
Think Big Jordan vs. Joseph (Repeat, TV-G) A teen boy shows his mirror reflector that helps solar panels function better; a boy presents his forklift machine that is remote operated from a safe distance.
The Lucy Show Lucy Meets the Berles (TV-G) When Lucy eavesdrops on funny man Milton Berle running lines for a love scene with an actress, she believes he is planning an adulterous rendezvous.
The Jerry Lewis Show Host Jerry Lewis combines a chat-show interview format with top notch celebrity guest stars with comedy sketches and musical specialties.

I Dream of Jeannie I'll Never Forget What's Her Name (TV-G) A nasty bump on the head causes Tony to forget everything about Jeannie and when he falls in love with a woman he believes is a stranger he proposes marriage.
I Dream of Jeannie Happy Anniversary (TV-G) Jeannie causes Tony to return to the island where he found her bottle, but when he finds another bottle they're in for an ugly surprise that could be deadly.
Bewitched I Remember You...Sometimes (TV-G) After Samantha states concern over Darrin's increasing forgetfulness, Endora casts a spell on Darrin's wristwatch that gives him a photographic memory.
Bewitched Art for Sam's Sake (TV-G) Samantha volunteers to paint a picture for an upcoming charity art exhibit, but Endora decides to improve on it by switching it out with a genuine Monet.
Green Acres The Thing (TV-G) Oliver gets fed up with paying storage for something that he and Lisa cannot recall paying for and they have it shipped over their home.
Green Acres Das Lumpen (TV-G) Lisa recalls another version of the story of how she and Oliver met, in which the couple meets during World War II when she was in the Hungarian Underground.

Rise Up Country with John Ritter Host John Ritter provides viewers with a weekly inspirational and hopeful message along with some of the biggest names in country music.
The Music City Show (TV-G) In a celebration of Southern and country gospel music, featuring special guest hosts, a live house band, heartfelt interviews and comedic entertainment.
Gaither Gospel Hour (HD, TV-G) Famous southern gospel musicians will come together in fellowship, worship and song to perform in various venues all around the world.
Country Music Today

Killer Instinct Australian wildlife expert "Barefoot Bushman" Rob Bredl provides his unique insight towards the raw nature of animals thriving in the wild.
Here Come the Tigers (PG) A small town cop and his partner take over a little league team and recruit some unlikely new players to bring in some talent to take them to the playoffs.
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