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« The Italian Job (TV-PG, G, **+) An Englishman gathers a team of experts to steal $4 million in gold by using a collection of vehicles to create a traffic jam and shut down the city of Torino.
Family Business (TV-PG, R, **+) The son of a career criminal tries to keep his own son from emulating his grandfather, but when the kid grows up he approaches Grandpa for help with a heist.
« Lost in Space Rocket to Earth (TV-G) Dr. Smith and Will discover a magician's lair and use his spaceship to fly back home to earth, but those on earth mistake them for aliens and launch an attack.
That Girl Gone With The Breeze (TV-G) Donald gives his novel manuscript to Ann in hopes of gauging her reaction, but when she cannot find it again, she feels compelled to tell him that she lost it.
Petticoat Junction His Highness the Dog (TV-G) Wanting to make some extra money in a hurry, Uncle Joe becomes a dog-sitter at the Shady Rest Hotel, but he takes on more than he can handle.
Through the Decades Through the Decades: September 3 (HD, New, TV-PG) Stories of crime and punishment, including the notorious cases of convicted killers Henry Lee Lucas, Richard Speck and Charles Manson.
Drifter: Henry Lee Lucas (TV-14, R) A boy who was beaten often by his alcoholic mother claimed to have committed his first murder at 15; he eventually confessed to more than 600 killings.
One Day at a Time Bob's New Girl (TV-PG) Ann encourages Bob to date other women after Barbara rejects his advances due to her blossoming courtship with Cliff, but Barbara is upset by Bob's latest date.
Three's Company Furley vs. Furley (TV-PG) Ralph moves in with the trio when Jack accidentally gets him fired from his job as a building manager by complaining to the building's owner.
Three's Company In Like Larry (TV-PG) After another fight with Cindy and Janet, Jack becomes fed up, so he and Larry agree to switch apartments to get an insight into each other's lives.
Newhart Dick and Tim (TV-PG) Dick is triumphant after successfully wheedling his way into a weekly poker game with Tim Conway, but he accidentally insults Tim by raising a bet.
Newhart Father Goose (TV-PG) Michael schedules a children's program as a lead-in for "Vermont Today," but when he casts the lead role, he makes a discovery about his own past.
Doogie Howser, M.D. Truth and Consequences (TV-PG) After learning that a homely librarian is scheduled for plastic surgery, Doogie takes a liking to her; a youth counselor's lies become like a prison.
« NYPD Blue You're Buggin' Me Sipowicz draws fire while driving Clark home from a bar, and when searching for the perpetrator, he finds that a bug was placed in his car.
NYPD Blue The Vision Thing (HD, TV-14) Medavoy takes a part-time job as a security guard for a bar; a man is stabbed while riding a bus with his family; A video store clerk is stabbed by a robber.
Combat! The Farmer (TV-PG) Noah plants crops and his love of farming take priority in his mind over being a soldier and he puts the squad in danger when he disobeys orders on a calf.
Combat! Evasion (TV-PG) Hanley disguises himself as an Albanian officer to escape from a Nazi prison camp but gets trapped again and is handed over to another disguised American.
Forensic Files (TV-14) Investigators solve puzzling crimes through the close examination of evidence using the most recent advances in state-of-the-art forensic technology.
Flashdance (R, **+) A woman who works as a welder at a steel mill dreams of becoming a dancer with a prominent ballet company, but fear of failure keeps her from auditioning.
Dog the Bounty Hunter (HD, TV-PG) A look at the tumultuous professional and personal life of bounty hunter Duane "Dog" Chapman, a tough ex-con vowing to redeem himself before the law.
« JBTV Helping expose new, up-and-coming bands and artists, host Jerry Bryant introduces the new kids in music to their first television exposure experience.
PWAW Wrestling A "best of" series featuring matches from the past, as competitors demonstrate various fighting styles that provide an inside look at the indy wrestling scene.
IWWA Wrestling The Independent World Wrestling Alliance takes the professional wrestling industry back to its founding, as viewers witness small-time interviews.
Day Zero (TV-14) Following the mass destruction of Earth as a result of World War IV, a band of survivors in Utah fight for their lives against the infected "Hybrids."
Midtown An improv comedy starring former New York cop Scott Baker and comedic actor Tom Malloy, as they present funny banter that represents how cops truly talk.
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