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The Lone Ranger The Bait: Gold (TV-PG) When outlaws discover they are losing their gold mine due to a lack of payments, they steal the gold shipments of another mine owner and his daughter.
Lassie Father (TV-PG) The church holds a father-son event, but Jeff doesn't want to Gramps to fill in for his father, and he is even more embarrassed when Ellen comes along.
Lassie The Fawn (TV-PG) Gramps allows Jeff to keep an orphaned fawn until the animal is old enough to survive on its own, but he insists that Lassie must be kept away from the fawn.
Little House on the Prairie Crossed Connections (TV-PG) Harriet Oleson jumps at the chance to be Walnut Grove's first telephone operator, and soon she is eavesdropping and spreading secrets all over town.
Murder, She Wrote The Bottom Line Is Murder (TV-PG) Each person that a television consumer advocate, who was taking bribes on the side, talked negatively about is under suspicion when he is murdered.

Half & Half The Big My Life and Kids Episode (TV-14) Dee Dee believes she has found the perfect man but starts having doubts when she finds he's divorced with two kids.
Class Act (TV-14, PG-13, **+) A straight-laced nerd and a street-wise delinquent decide to go with the flow when they transfer to a new school and discover their records have been switched.
Trippin' (TV-14, R, **) A chronic daydreamer takes his life into his own hands and heads to the senior prom determined to win over his dream girl, no matter what it takes.

Zane Grey Theater The Accuser (TV-PG) A man discovers the body of a murdered rancher neighbor and attempts to provide comfort for the grieving widow; her son doesn't trust the man and resents him.
Zane Grey Theater Legacy of a Legend (TV-PG) A man comes to a town claiming to be a legendary gunfighter, except he has stolen the identity of a man who had been dead for twenty years.
Zane Grey Theater The Vaunted (TV-PG) A wanted man wishes to visit his wife and his son, but is being actively pursued by the law and have been for over a year; he plans a surprise ambush.
Laramie The Sunday Shoot (TV-PG) Shooters from all around come to Laramie for the annual Sunday Shoot, in which shooters compete for a $1000 prize; a boy from the mountain comes to town.
Laramie The Road to Helena (TV-PG) Slim is in Cody where he meets a bar maid and her father, who ask Slim for him in guiding them to Helene, Montana; the father wants to return money he stole.

« Wounded (TV-14, R, **+) A wildlife officer encounters resistance from the FBI when she tries to investigate her fiancĂ©'s death at the hands of a wild game poacher.
The FBI Files Death Pact (HD, TV-14) A string of bank robberies in the Chicago area led the FBI to surmise that the robber might be a law enforcement officer.
American Greed: Scams, Scoundrels and Scandals Jersey Car Stealer Dealer; Facebook Face-Off (HD) A New Jersey car salesman who is accused of selling cars that aren't his becomes a fugitive; convicted felon Paul Ceglia claims he owns 84% of Facebook.

Empty Nest Pardon My Flashback (TV-PG) The Westons welcome over Laverne and Charley to watch the Super Bowl, but they end up reminiscing on some of the memorable experiences they've shared.
Empty Nest Dog Day Afternoon (TV-PG) Laverne's small investment in a new mall development causes her to act demanding; Dreyfuss refuses to acknowledge commands after Carol yells at him.
Empty Nest More to Love (TV-PG) Emily starts dating an old friend of Carol's, who has an interesting compulsion to constantly reference his weight; Laverne is upset about gossip.
Empty Nest My Dad, My Doctor (TV-PG) Emily tears a ligament in her knee, but chooses a recovery recommendation from another doctor instead of her father; Patrick goes camping.
Empty Nest Love and Marriage (TV-PG) Carol is shocked and jealous over the announcement of her little cousin's marriage plans; Charley is sentenced to do community service at the hospital.
Empty Nest The All-American Boy - Not! (TV-PG) Harry takes in a wayward young shoplifter in the hopes of rehabilitating him, but the challenge proves tougher than he imagined it would be.

To Tell the Truth
What's My Line? (TV-G)
I've Got a Secret (TV-G)
Match Game (TV-G)
Match Game (TV-G)
Match Game (TV-G)

The Baby Boomer Retirement Crisis (NR)
The Jesse Lee Peterson Show
JD Hayworth on Newsmax TV
JD Hayworth on Newsmax TV

The Outdoorsman with Buck McNeely (TV-PG) Experienced outdoorsman Buck McNeely travels to remote locations across the globe, often with celebrity guests, to hunt and study local issues in conservation.
Daily Flash
Live From Studio 6B

Xploration Animal Science (HD, TV-PG) Scientific experts use a variety animations and graphics to show how and why animals are able to survive and thrive in their given environments.
Financial Issues with Dan Celia Host Dan Celia discusses current financial issues from a Christian standpoint with topics that include both government and personal spending and investments.
Paid Program (TV-G) Sponsored television programming.

Animal Rescue Squad
Natural Born Dealers
Avventura: Journeys in Italian Cuisine Pozzuoli (TV-PG) A look at the city of Pozzuoli in Naples, Italy; mozzarella cheese; types of pasta.
The New Inventors
The Best in Australia
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