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Daily | 14 Day
LX.TV: 1st Look South Florida (HD, Repeat, TV-PG) The host travels across the world searching for the top destinations to indulge in inventive cuisine, local traditions, art, fashion, technology and adventure.
How I Met Your Mother Right Place Right Time (HD, TV-PG) A chance encounter with an old flame prompts Ted to discuss the importance of being in the right place at the right time; Barney celebrates his 200th conquest.
How I Met Your Mother Best Prom Ever (HD, TV-14) The date of Lily and Marshall's coming wedding ceremony is suddenly moved up, and the gang crashes a high school prom in order to scout a potential band. (New)
Forensic Files Grave Evidence (HD, TV-14) Over thirty years ago, a man was alleged accidentally shot and killed in a skeet shooting incident, but doubts remained about his friend's accounting of events
Forensic Files Without a Trace (HD, TV-14) A baby and a trucker die while displaying identical unique symptoms on the same night in the same hospital, causing concern of a new epidemic outbreak.

Daily | 14 Day
Make Room for Daddy The P.T.A. Bash (TV-G) Kathy knows Danny has an important performance the night of a PTA meeting, but she tries to get him to perform when the first act falls through.
Make Room for Daddy A Nose By Any Other Name (TV-G) After Danny picks up on Kathy's sensitivity to his jokes about his nose, he thinks that his family is ashamed of his nose and considers getting a nose job.
The Dick Van Dyke Show Body and Sol (TV-G) Rob recalls his old Army boxing days, including a time when he faced so much peer pressure at the base that he enters a match against the middleweight champ.
The Dick Van Dyke Show See Rob Write -- Write, Rob, Write (TV-G) Rob and Laura get in a disagreement over which of the two could write a better story aimed at children and decide to write competing versions of the same story.
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