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Hawaii Five-0 Ina Paha (HD, Repeat, TV-14) After he is abducted by Wo Fat, McGarrett comes face-to-face with what could have become of the Five-0 team if they were to have deviated from the chosen path.
Blue Bloods Love Stories (HD, Repeat, TV-14) Danny and Baez look into the murder of a hired killer who is shot by a homeowner while on the job; Erin has doubts about herself after an old case is reopened.
CBS 19 News at 10 (HD, New) The CBS 19 Nightly News Team presents the latest look at the top news events of the day, late-breaking news stories, local weather and tomorrow's forecast.
The Late Show with Stephen Colbert (HD, Repeat, TV-14) Actor Daniel Craig from "Spectre"; author Elizabeth Gilbert talks about her book; mathematician and pianist Dr. Eugenia Cheng.

Kung Fu Panda Holiday Special (HD, TV-G) Po learns that as Dragon Warrior, it is his duty to host the formal celebration of Winter Feast, and he is caught between formality and family tradition.
Merry Madagascar (HD, TV-G) Santa crash-lands on Madagascar and suffers from amnesia, leaving it up to the Central Park Zoo animals to deliver the presents and attempt a return home.
Seinfeld The Big Salad (HD, TV-PG) George gets upset when his girlfriend is thanked for a dinner he bought; Jerry becomes obsessed when he finds that his current girlfriend once dated Newman.
Seinfeld The Barber (HD, TV-PG) Jerry is reluctant to dump his old barber even when he is given a really bad haircut; Newman is charged by Jerry's barber to get a sample of Jerry's hair.
Cougar Town All the Wrong Reasons (HD, TV-PG) Ellie and Jules turn competitive over a hot tennis instructor; Laurie wants Travis to be her conscience; Andy and Grayson comfort Bobby.
Cougar Town Square One (HD, TV-PG) Jules and Grayson begin to worry that they are going to make the same mistakes they have made in their past; Ellie and Laurie fight over who is sexier.

The Commish No Greater Gift (TV-PG) As the holiday season comes closer, Tony must investigate the murder of an elderly woman who has been allegedly killed in her home during a burglary.
Hogan's Heroes Klink's Old Flame (TV-G) Klink gets a surprise visit from an old friend of his while on his honeymoon with Klinks ex-girlfriend, and Hogan hitches along to bring some radios to allies.
Hogan's Heroes Up in Klink's Room (TV-G) Hogan gets himself sent to the hospital to gain some valuable information from his wounded contact in the underground.
Carol Burnett and Friends Mrs. Wiggins; Harry's Mirage and Grill (TV-G) Mr. Tudball conducts a fire drill to keep the insurance company happy; Harvey and Tim believe they discover a desert oasis with a beautiful woman.
Perry Mason The Case of the Waylaid Wolf (TV-PG) After a woman refuses a man's advances, she leaves his home in a hurry, but when his body is found brutally murdered afterwards, she is charged with the crime.

« Thanksgiving Campmeeting Service Jimmy Swaggart (New)
FWC Music (TV-G) Music produced by Family Worship Center is showcased, featuring music by Reverend Jimmy Swaggart, as well as other religious singers, music groups and choirs.
Frances and Friends (TV-G) Host Frances Swaggart leads a panel of ministers, scholars, Bible teachers and advisers in discussions that revolve around religion.
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