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« CBS 19 This Morning (HD, New) Overnight and early morning news events affecting the region and the nation, as well as weather and traffic conditions are presented by the CBS 19 News Team.
CBS This Morning (HD, New, TV-G) From the drama "Gone Girl," actor Ben Affleck; from CBS Sports Network's "We Need to Talk," co-host Amy Trask; NFL Network chief correspondent Andrea Kremer.
The Meredith Vieira Show Kenny Chesney, 5 Steps to Stop & Prevent Bullying (HD, New, TV-PG) Musician Kenny Chesney discusses his album, "The Big Revival"; how to encourage children to stand up against bullying; the Chippendales perform.
« Better (New, TV-PG) Actor and former Army soldier J.R. Martinez from "All My Children"; recipes for different kinds of empanadas; some thoughts to help build positive thinking.
Intelligence for Your Life (HD, New) Hosts John Tesh, Connie Sellecca and Gib Gerard anchor a television show that revolves around building stronger minds and lives.
King of the Hill The Man Who Shot Cane Skretteberg (TV-PG) Hank and his friends are forced to go inside the unique mind of a teenager, in order to exact revenge after a humiliating defeat in paintball.
Are We There Yet? The Tit for Tat Episode (HD, TV-PG) Nick's career is threatened when the station hires a new woman, and Suzanne takes it upon herself to make sure that her husband keeps his much-loved job.
Are We There Yet? The Quarantine Episode (HD, TV-PG) Marilyn unwittingly brings a dangerous strain of the flu back from Mexico, which forces the entire family to remain in their house under quarantine.
The Steve Wilkos Show My Dad Went To Prison, I Need The Truth (New, TV-14) A man hopes to clear his name of a crime he was convicted of twenty years ago: stalking and molesting a child he said he's never even met.
Paid Program (TV-G) Sponsored television programming.
The Virginian The Gift (TV-PG) A tempting songstress arrives in Medicine Bow and steals Jim Horn's heart, despite Trampas' warning to the man about the woman's devious ways.
The Cisco Kid Chain Lightning (TV-G) Cisco and Bill are forced to survive the determined vengeance of an incredibly deadly ex-con, who is determined to kill the ones who imprisoned him.
Flip My Food with Chef Jeff Varanese (New, TV-G) Chef Jeff shares the secrets to stovetop smoking when he prepares pork chops, and later demonstrates how to saute garden fresh vegetables.
I Love Lucy Mr. and Mrs. Television Show (TV-PG) Ricky immediately loses his interest in hosting a new television show when he learns that the sponsor prefers a husband-and-wife setup.
Leave It to Beaver Tire Trouble (TV-G) Beaver wants to raise chinchillas and begins building a cage in the garage, but when Beaver changes his mind Ward tries to get him to clean up the mess he made.
Leave It to Beaver Larry Hides Out (TV-G) While Beaver is visiting the Mondellos, Larry sneaks a peak at his sister's diary but his mother catches him and yells at him right in front of Beaver.
Daniel Boone Then Who Will They Hang From The Yardarm If Willy Gets Away? (TV-G) An accused mutineer comes to Boonesborough in hopes of starting a new life, but an old salt recognizes him and quickly moves in to blackmail the young man.
Perry Mason The Case of the Borrowed Baby (TV-PG) Perry and his team discover an abandoned baby at his office, but after they find information to lead them to the parents, more questions are raised.
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