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« Look Who's Talking Now (TV-PG, PG-13, *+) A street-smart pooch and a snooty poodle realize only they can save the family from a lusty lady boss and keep them together for Christmas.
Tootsie (TV-PG, PG, ***) A demanding New York actor poses as a woman to land a job on a soap opera after alienating every producer by being extremely difficult to work with.

« Barnaby Jones The Alpha-Bravo War (TV-PG) As two different teams compete in missile design development, a member on one of the teams is mysteriously killed when a test missile suddenly misfires.
Barnaby Jones Flight to Danger (TV-PG) When a flight attendant is found dead from an apparent drug overdose, Barnaby investigates her death and begins tracking the young woman's suspicious boyfriend.
Barnaby Jones Double Vengeance (TV-PG) A young woman decides to get revenge against the men who swindled her late father out of all his land holdings and ruined his life, including her own husband.
Barnaby Jones Fatal Witness (TV-PG) When a woman claims to have witnessed her neighbor, a respected doctor, murdering another woman, the doctor's lawyer hires Barnaby to clear his client's name.

« Sinking a Destroyer (TV-PG) Members of the United States Air Force and Navy use some of their latest weaponry against a heavy duty destroyer to test its durability.
Myth Hunters The Search for the Crystal Skulls (TV-14) A look into the legend behind the famed crystal skulls that states that one day 13 of these skulls will come together to solve the great mysteries of life.
Myth Hunters The Quest for the True Cross (TV-14) Journalist and author Michael Hesemann goes on a search to establish the authenticity of the Titulus Crucis, or Title of the Cross.
Myth Hunters The Search for King Arthur's Bones (TV-14) An in-depth look is taken at an archaeologist's search for the final resting place of the fabled King Arthur, founder of Camelot and the Round Table.

« JAG Defensive Action (TV-14) Rabb is forced to defend Boone in a court-martial over violating a cease-fire in Bosnia to save a downed crew from a Serbian helicopter's fire.
Monk Mr. Monk and the Earthquake (TV-PG) Monk begins to suspect that a recent earthquake in San Francisco is being utilized by someone to cover up the murder of a prominent businessman.
Numb3rs Sacrifice (HD, TV-PG) Don and Charlie investigate cryptic data found on a computer belonging to a slain independent contractor hired by the Department of Defense.
The Guardian Chinese Wall (TV-14) Burton hands over control of his firm as he prepares to become a federal judge; Lulu begins to believe that her grandmother is being abused.

« Murder, She Wrote Murder in a Minor Key (TV-PG) Jessica tells the story of a professor who was murdered by a composer after the professor plagiarized his music.
Murder, She Wrote The Bottom Line Is Murder (TV-PG) Each person that a television consumer advocate, who was taking bribes on the side, talked negatively about is under suspicion when he is murdered.
The Rockford Files Black Mirror, Part 1 (TV-PG) Private detective Jim Rockford begins to develop a romantic interest in a blind psychiatrist who is being harassed by one of her patients.
Paid Program (TV-G) Sponsored television programming.

« Topkapi (TV-PG, NR, ***+) A group of thieves tricks a small-time con man into joining their plot to steal a priceless treasure from the Topkapi Palace Museum in Istanbul, Turkey.
Some Like It Hot (TV-PG, NR, ***+) Two struggling musicians who witnessed the St. Valentine's Day Massacre decide to hide out by dressing as women and joining an all-girl band.

« Urban Justice (TV-14, R, **+) After a police officer's murder goes unsolved, his father launches his own investigation, which brings him into a shady underground world.
First Daughter (TV-14, NR, **+) A Secret Service agent, assigned to protect the president's daughter, enlists the help of a river guide when her charge is kidnapped during a camping trip.
Walker, Texas Ranger Forgotten People (TV-14) C.D. goes undercover at a retirement home in order to stop the doctors who have been using the elderly residents as human guinea pigs.

« Jewelry Love (New, TV-G) Join Misty Mills as she highlights trend-setting jewelry styles at incredible savings. You'll love us! Look for special offers during our Black Friday Preview!
Diamond Elegance Jewelry (New, TV-G) Bring out that radiant smile while shopping high-end diamonds set in gorgeous jewelry designs. Look for special offers during our Black Friday Preview!

« The Black Stallion (TV-G, G, ***+) A timid boy and a wild horse triumph over adversity while stranded on a remote island, but find difficulty adapting to life following their rescue.
Rock-a-Doodle (TV-PG, G, **+) A rooster has the animals convinced that the sun will not rise if he doesn't crow, but his cover is blown when he is prevented from crowing and it rises anyway.

« Generation of the Cross (TV-G) Gabriel Swaggart leads a panel of youth workers and ministers in an interactive Bible study for young adults, discussing current events and social issues.
Family Worship Center (TV-G) Founded in the 1960s, the Family Worship Center in Baton Rouge, La., features words of spiritual wisdom, prayer and fellowship.

« Teeter Inversion 20th Anniversary (TV-G)
Electronic Gifts (HD, TV-G) Some of the best electronic gifts for the holidays include accessories for satellite radios and a wheeled alarm clock that rolls away if it isn't silenced.
Diane Gilman Fashions (HD, TV-G) Designer Diane Gilman joins the host to exhibit her dramatic ladies' clothing designs, with her signature bold prints, bright colors and soft natural fabrics.
Diane Gilman Fashions (HD, TV-G) Designer Diane Gilman joins the host to exhibit her dramatic ladies' clothing designs, with her signature bold prints, bright colors and soft natural fabrics.

« Diamond Day Special Holiday Diamond Day
Diamond Day Special Holiday Diamond Day
Diamond Day Special Holiday Diamond Day
Effy Jewelry Collection Holiday Diamond Day
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