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« The Friends of Eddie Coyle (TV-PG, R, ***) A small-time Irish hoodlum in Boston decides to open up to the FBI instead of going to jail again, and he tells them what he knows about stolen guns.
Behold a Pale Horse (TV-PG, NR, ***) An infamous fugitive from the Spanish Civil War considers returning home to visit his dying mother in his Spanish home town, but discovers a trap awaits him.

« The Fugitive The Other Side of the Coin (TV-PG) Kimble works as a clerk in a small grocery store in Ocean Grove, California, and experiences a robbing that is the effect ot his co-worker's family dispute.
Hollywood Remembers The Leading Men Jean Simmons (TV-PG) The life and career of Jean Simmons, an English actress and singer who had roles in the films "Spartacus," "Hamlet" and "Black Narcissus," are evaluated.
Hollywood Rivals Charlie Chaplin vs. Buster Keaton The stories of a handful of the most competitive rivalries coming out of Hollywood are shared through a collection of interviews, film clips and photographs.
Hollywood Couples Humphrey Bogart & Lauren Bacall The relationships of Hollywood couples are evaluated through film clips, interviews, photos and TV appearances, featuring Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall.

Most Daring Brace for Impact 2 (TV-14) A boy is injured while riding his bicycle when he is struck by a hit-and-run driver; a couple of construction workers wreak havoc with a pair of backhoes.
Life After People The Capital Threat (HD, TV-PG) Theories speculate the possibility of nature becoming more aggressive in the future and destroying the nation's capital, the Washington Monument and more.
The Lost Evidence (TV-PG) Recently discovered reconnaissance photos add new dimensions to history's understanding of World War II battles in Europe and the Pacific.

NYPD Blue Humpty Dumped (TV-14) The detectives investigate the murders of a college student and a Latina woman, while Sipowicz pursues Mrs. Hornbys business manager.
NYPD Blue Oh, Mama (TV-14) Sipowicz, Clark, Medacoy and Jones investigate the murder of an high school student while McDowell and Oritz investigate the murder of a young girl.
Hunter The Beautiful and the Dead, Part 1 (TV-PG) A dead girl is sitting in Hunter's house when he arrives, leaving him shocked and determined to find out who is responsible for the murder.

The Nanny The Engagement (TV-PG) Maxwell tells Niles that he has picked out an engagement ring and is preparing to ask for Fran's hand in marriage, but Niles lets the secret out.
The Nanny The Dinner Party (TV-PG) While picking out an engagement ring and hosting a dinner party, Fran begins to feel that she is held in low regard by upper-class citizens.
Will & Grace Coffee & Commitment (HD, TV-14) Will is upset that Grace acts too much like a wife, and Karen helps a caffeine-high Jack deal with the loss of a crush and move on with his life.
Will & Grace Swimming Pools ... Movie Stars (HD, TV-14) While posing as a wealthy couple, Will and Grace make a fake bid on Sandra Bernhard's townhome and she accepts; Jack joins Co-dependents Anonymous.
Will & Grace Crazy in Love (HD, TV-14) Will enlists Grace to help him with his batting skills to impress an attractive sportscaster; Jack asks Grace to redecorate his flat.
Will & Grace Brothers, A Love Story (HD, TV-14) Will considers ending his relationship with Matt, a sportscaster who refers to Will as his brother, to avoid informing the world that he is gay.

« Illegally Yours (TV-PG, PG, *+) A college dropout is called for jury duty and finds his first love stands accused of murder after accidentally finding an audio tape used in a blackmail scheme.
Sweet Lies (TV-14, R, *+) An insurance investigator on assignment in Paris is the unwitting pawn of a group of women betting one another that any man can be seduced.

Married ... with Children The Hood, The Bud and the Kelly, Part 1 (TV-14) Al and Jefferson attempt to install a satellite dish themselves, and in order to finance Kelly's exercise video Bud borrows money from the mob.
Married ... with Children The Hood, The Bud and the Kelly, Part 2 (TV-14) Al and Jefferson use the installation of a satellite dish as an excuse to avoid their wives on the roof, and the mob gives Bud a 5 p.m. deadline for the video.
The Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour Featuring Joe Namath (TV-PG) NFL football player Joe Namath appears.
Paid Program (TV-G) Sponsored television programming.
Paid Program (TV-G) Sponsored television programming.

« Jewelry Love JTV Host Kristen Keech (New, TV-G) Shop a mix of our favorite lines all in one show!
Color Gemstones in Sterling Silver JTV Host Allyson Spellman (New) Shop a gorgeous array of color gemstones set in beautiful sterling silver!

Flipper: The New Adventures Stars & Stripes (TV-PG) While waterskiing in the harbor, Alex finds pieces of a Navy aircraft, and she and Flipper help the pilot's daughter unveil the truth about her father.
Flipper Lost Dolphin (TV-G) Flipper begins suffering from amnesia and has trouble remembering Bud and Sandy, and another family uses the opportunity to claim the dolphin for themselves.
Flipper The Warning (TV-G) Bud and Sandy go against their father's wishes to warn the townspeople about an approaching hurricane in spite of the clear weather forecast.
Sea Hunt Strange Salvage (TV-PG) A pair of divers is murdered after they discover a sunken yacht full of jewel, leading Mike to investigate their case and bring their killer to justice.
Sea Hunt Underwater Survey (TV-PG) Mike explores the possibility of linking two Latin American lakes by a canal, but his investigation earns the ire of rebel guerrillas.

Family Worship Center - Associate Pastors (TV-G) Family Worship Center provides viewers with some of its many sermons, featuring the teachings of Gabriel Swaggart, Loren Larson, Bob Cornell and Dave Borg.
FWC Music (TV-G) Music produced by Family Worship Center is showcased, featuring music by Reverend Jimmy Swaggart, as well as other religious singers, music groups and choirs.
FWC Music (TV-G) Music produced by Family Worship Center is showcased, featuring music by Reverend Jimmy Swaggart, as well as other religious singers, music groups and choirs.

Chaco Canyon Southwest Jewelry (HD, TV-G) Chaco Canyon Southwest Jewelry presents a collection of fine jewelry inspired by the American Southwest, featuring colorful stones set in silver.
Born Footwear (HD, TV-G) The host presents a wide variety of casual footwear by Born, a company that has handcrafted high-quality shoes for more than a decade.
Jewelry Box (HD, TV-G) Viewers are presented with opportunities to purchase a wide variety of jewelry that has been chosen because of its position at the forefront of recent trends.

Invicta Watches A look at a line of men's and women's watches shows a variety of timepieces in three distinct styles: classic, sport and fashion.
Cozelle Home Make your bed a cocoon of comfort with bedding from Cozelle Linens, featuring cozy, coordinating bedding that encourages luxurious nights of sleep.
Around the House An assortment of useful, innovative and decorative products for your home.
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