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« 48 Hours Murder in the Mansion (Repeat, TV-14) In late 1976, an unknown gunman in Fort Worth, Texas, targets a group of people in an ambush-style that results in two injuries and two fatalities.
48 Hours All-American Murder (New, TV-14) Author James Patterson examines the life and death of former professional football player Aaron Hernandez, who was convicted of murder in 2015.
KWTX News Ten at Ten (New) The News 10 Team presents a late newscast featuring local and national events, along with the weather forecast for the Waco area and sports scores.
Blue Bloods Genetics (HD, TV-14) Eddie and Jamie get involved in an adoption case between a child's birth and adoptive parents; Frank investigates reports of cadets who cheated on their exams.

2 Broke Girls And the About FaceTime (HD, TV-14) Randy sets Caroline up on a date with his co-worker; Oleg becomes distressed after Sophie asks him to trade his car in for a minivan.
Friends The One Where No One Proposes (HD, TV-14) Rachel, Ross and Joey get together in a room and figure out that no one was actually going to propose; Mr. Geller walks in on Monica and Chandler having sex.
Friends The One Where Emma Cries (HD, TV-14) Chandler, having trouble getting enough sleep at home, falls asleep in a meeting and accidentally agrees to run his company's Tulsa office.
Seinfeld The Checks (HD, TV-PG) Jerry receives a barrage of royalty checks from Japan; Kramer escorts Japanese tourists around New York; George is obsessed with a cultish carpet cabal.
Seinfeld The Chicken Roaster (HD, TV-PG) Kramer and Jerry switch apartments when a new chicken restaurant puts up a neon sign outside Kramer's apartment; Elaine abuses her company expense account.
Family Guy The Splendid Source (HD, TV-14) Peter, Quagmire and Joe go on a quest to find the source of dirty jokes and wind up in Virginia where they happen to run into Cleveland and his family.
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