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Daily | 14 Day
« Breakthrough Prize (HD) The Breakthrough Prize Board recognizes outstanding scientific advances in the categories of life sciences, fundamental physics, and mathematics.
The Simpsons Every Man's Dream (HD, Repeat, TV-PG) After Homer is diagnosed with narcolepsy, he decides to go get drunk instead of going to get prescription medication; Homer and Marge begin a trial separation.
Ice Age: A Mammoth Christmas (HD, Repeat, TV-PG) Manny makes Sid believe that he's now on Santa's naughty list; Sid, Crash, Eddie and Peaches head to the North Pole to plead their case to Santa.
Family Guy Fighting Irish (HD, Repeat, TV-14) Peter brags that he could beat Liam Neeson in a fight, but when he gets the opportunity to prove himself he discovers he might be wrong.
The Last Man on Earth Is There Anybody Out There? (HD, Repeat, TV-14) Phil and Carol leave Tucson behind to travel across the United States and have their own adventures.
FOX 28 News (New) The FOX 28 News Team presents a comprehensive look at the news events of the day and updates on Elkhart area weather conditions and the forecast for tomorrow.

Daily | 14 Day
« Football Night in America (TV-14) Expert analysts break down highlights from earlier games and discuss the top stories in the NFL; coverage also includes a preview the Sunday night matchup.
NBC Sunday Night Football: New England Patriots @ Denver Broncos

Daily | 14 Day
Good Times J.J. the Teacher (TV-PG) Although J.J. offers to give a student art lessons for free, the student's violent and abusive father will not allow him to do so.
Family Ties Walking on Air (TV-PG) Steven learns of a recent internship opportunity at WKS and attempts to persuade Mallory to apply, but she is reluctant to take his advice.
Family Ties Invasion of the Psychologist Snatchers (TV-PG) Lauren's ex-boyfriend arrives in town, making Alex feel extremely jealous and insecure, which tests the strength of his relationship with Lauren
Newhart Camp Stephanie (TV-PG) Stephanie takes on a troupe of "Ranger Girls" and trains the girls about debutante balls and makeup application.
Newhart Dick the Kid (TV-PG) Dick gets inspired by a western novel and decides to pursue his boyhood dreams of cowboy living, taking a job as a hired hand at a dude ranch.
Evening Shade Rear Window (TV-PG) Wood gets himself stuck in the bathroom window and needs help getting loose.

Daily | 14 Day
Cimarron Strip The Roarer (TV-G) A veteran army sergeant turns to drinking when his friend dies in an accident, and Crown fights him when he sets fire to the funeral parlor and kills a citizen.
Hill Street Blues The Best Defense (TV-14) Joyce attempts to convince her fellow PD's to end the job action after city officials offer them a deal aimed at settling the dispute.
Hill Street Blues Bald Ambition (TV-14) Chief Daniels asks Furillo to advise Captain Calletano when race issues start becoming a serious problem at the Polk Avenue station house.

Daily | 14 Day
60 Minutes (HD, New, TV-PG) An interview with Alan Gross about his release from Cuba; the two-hour execution of convicted murderer Joseph Wood; JT Holmes descends the Swiss mountain Eiger.
Madam Secretary Russian Roulette (HD, New, TV-14) Elizabeth reconsiders delivering a speech before the United Nations to accuse Russia of being involved in the attack on Air Force One.
The Good Wife Discovery (HD, New, TV-14) Alicia and Lucca defend a website against racial profiling allegations; Alicia's relationship with Jason causes concern for Eli and Ruth.

Daily | 14 Day
« The Good Wife Running (HD, TV-PG) At the urging of Eli Gold, Alicia must decide if she will stand by her man in Peter's new political campaign, or if she will pursue a relationship with Will.
Noel (TV-14, PG, **+) Five separate residents of New York City come together from different walks of life, each in search of their own miracle on Christmas Eve.
WSBT 22 News at 10 (New) The WSBT Nightly News Team presents the latest look at the top news events of the day, late-breaking news stories, local weather and tomorrow's forecast.

Daily | 14 Day
« WSBT Weather
WSBT Weather
WSBT Weather
WSBT Weather

Daily | 14 Day
The Big Bang Theory The Zazzy Substitution (HD, TV-14) The guys are concerned for Sheldon's well-being as he searches for an alternative to human companionship, so they ask his mother for help.
Bad Santa (TV-14, R, ***) A drunken con man and his partner in crime pose as a department store Santa and elf in order to steal from the vault, but their plan is threatened.
ABC 57 News on CW25 (New)

Daily | 14 Day
« In the Heat of the Night Murder Most Ancient (TV-PG) Tired of the perpetual abuse permeating her loveless marriage, a disgruntled wife and her lover hatch an elaborate scheme to murder her wealthy husband.
In the Heat of the Night First Girl (TV-PG) Chief Gillespie proudly introduces Sparta's City Council members to a determined recruit who also happens to be the department's first black police woman.
In the Heat of the Night Crackdown (TV-PG) Officer Sweet struggles with painful memories of a drug-addicted relative after arresting a young crack addict caught pawning stolen materials for drug money.
In the Heat of the Night Good Cop, Bad Cop (TV-PG) Williams stakes out his ex-fiancé's home after he witnesses her and her new boyfriend attempting to buy cocaine from a suspected drug dealer.

Daily | 14 Day
Alabama: Hymns & Gospel Favorites (HD, New, TV-G) The country band performs a selection of religious songs, including "The Old Rugged Cross" and "Angels Among Us," while surrounded by family and friends.
A Salute to Downton Abbey (HD, New, TV-G) Host Hugh Bonneville recalls some of the many highlights in the popular series including its cast of characters, and presents interviews with the actors.

Daily | 14 Day
« Nature Love in the Animal Kingdom (HD, Repeat, TV-PG) An exploration of the love lives of various animals highlights the feminine wiles of a gorilla, a flamingo's quest for the perfect mate and more.
Chaplains Part 1 (HD, Repeat, TV-G) A look at the dynamic and lives of the men and women who represent their own faiths but are trained to comfort and support those of every different belief.
Chaplains Part 2 (HD, Repeat, TV-G) Part two of the documentary who are trained for comfort others of all beliefs either on the battlefield, in the workplace or even behind bars.
Justice For My Sister (HD, New, TV-G) By following a young woman who wants to bring her sisters killer to justice, this documentary presents a look at the violence against women in Guatemala.

Daily | 14 Day
Paid Program (TV-G) Sponsored television programming.
Paid Program (TV-G) Sponsored television programming.
Jack Van Impe Presents (TV-G) Dr. Jack and Rexella Van Impe combine the information from today's top stories with their insight and understanding of Bible prophecies for the latest news.
Manna-fest with Perry Stone (New, TV-G) Perry Stone provides a program dealing with the predictive and sensible studies of God's Word, helping to get a better understanding of biblical prophecy.
End of the Age (TV-G) After examining the Bible to uncover Christian prophecies about the end of the world, a reverend connects these prophecies to modern-day current events.
Joyce Meyer Ministries: Enjoying Everyday Life How Your Mind Affects Your Outlook on Life - Weekly Broadcast (Repeat, TV-G) Joyce discusses how thoughts become reality.

Daily | 14 Day
The Dick Van Dyke Show Never Name a Duck (TV-G) Rob takes a pair of baby ducks home and allows Ritchie to give them a name, but when they pass away, Richie feels as if he has lost two members of the family.
Murder, She Wrote Murder, Plain and Simple (TV-PG) Jessica travels to an Amish countryside searching for a handmade quilt, and uncovers a murder where her escort is a prime suspect.
Murder, She Wrote Tainted Lady (TV-PG) Jessica helps a friend and diner owner accused of putting arsenic in the food after three patrons die from ingesting the poison.
Simon & Simon The Apple Doesn't Fall Far from the Tree (TV-PG) The brothers travel to Boston with their cousin following an attempted robbery of their family heritage, and they explore the history of their family tree.

Daily | 14 Day
« In Touch with Dr. Charles Stanley (TV-G) Pastor Dr. Charles Stanley uses his ministry to help spread the Gospel to the people of the world by inviting followers of Christ to rejoice in the word of God.
Joyce Meyer Ministries: Enjoying Everyday Life Power Thoughts (TV-G) Enjoying Everyday Life, hosted by Joyce Meyer, brings the Gospel to the world, and she shares personal examples that help build faith in God's Word and grace.
New Beginnings (TV-G) Pastor Larry Huch instructs viewers on how to enter into a realm of blessing and revelation through the studies of the Jewish roots of the Christian faith.
International Fellowship of Christians and Jews (TV-G) Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein serves as the leader of a non-profit organization dedicated to building bridges between the Jewish and Christian populations.
Champion Forest Baptist Church Pastor Dr. David Fleming delivers biblical messages on the importance of developing a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ and reaching out to communities.
Christian Worship Hour (TV-G) A South Dakota ministry seeks to minister the word of God to those who are unable to attend traditional church services.

Daily | 14 Day
« America's Funniest Home Videos (HD, Repeat, TV-PG) The show welcomes new host Alfonso Ribeiro; a seal jumps into a kayak; a woman gets help climbing into a boat from a dolphin; a raccoon sneaks into a house.
Once Upon a Time Broken Heart (HD, New, TV-PG) When Hook is transformed into a Dark One in Camelot, his regains his thirst for revenge; Emma and Hook disagree about what they should do.
Blood & Oil Rats, Bugs and Moles (HD, New, TV-PG) A party is thrown to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Briggs Oil; Hap tries to tighten security when the investigation of his business deals intensifies.
Quantico Guilty (HD, New, TV-14) Simon becomes a target after he does well on an assignment involving serial killers and their victims; Alex is interrogated by the FBI.

Daily | 14 Day
The Andy Griffith Show Guest in the House (TV-G) Aunt Bee's close friend's daughter visits the Taylor's after having a bad experience with her boyfriend back home, causing Andy's girlfriend to become jealous.
Columbo Double Shock (TV-PG) A slick and over-the-top television chef and his twin brother, a banker, are both suspected in the murder of their wealthy uncle, who was electrocuted to death.
M*A*S*H Dear Dad (TV-PG) Hawkeye writes home to inform his family of what Christmas is like over in Korea, while Radar starts shipping a jeep home, doing it piece by piece.
The Odd Couple Scrooge Gets an Oscar (TV-G) Oscar refuses to take part in a childrens production of A Christmas Carol as the role of Scrooge, but he is visited by Felix and his poker buddies in a dream.

Daily | 14 Day
« Peyton Place (TV-PG, NR, ***) The peaceful surface of a small town located in New England covers buried secrets, lies and scandals, including incest and adultery.
The Three Faces of Eve (TV-PG, NR, ***) When an unassuming Georgia housewife experiences headaches and blackouts, she discovers through therapy that she has multiple personalities.
On a Clear Day You Can See Forever (TV-PG, G, **+) A young woman seeking help begins to remember and exhibit personalities from previous lives after she visits a hypnotist to seek a cure for her smoking habit.

Daily | 14 Day
« Elementary Risk Management (HD, TV-14) Sherlock agrees to pursue a case from a man claiming to be Moriarty; Gregson tries to persuade Joan to give up her dangerous lifestyle with Sherlock.
Person of Interest Matsya Nyaya (HD, TV-14) The Machine's latest finding puts Reese undercover as part of an armored truck crew, a case that takes him back to the memories of his last CIA mission.
Castle Last Action Hero (HD, TV-PG) After an '80s movie star is murdered, Castle and Beckett receive aid from a group of older action heroes, as they investigate the man's heavily guarded past.
The Closer Last Woman Standing (HD, TV-14) When the squad is assigned to investigate the murder of an aspiring actress, Brenda is distracted from the case because her upcoming interview with the mayor.

Daily | 14 Day
Crepúsculo, la saga: amanecer pte 1 (TV-14, PG-13, **) Después que Bella y Edward se casan, se van de luna de miel y Bella queda embarazada, pero el feto representa una amenaza para Wolf Pack.
¡Ya era hora! con Érika y Eduardo (New) Un espacio entretenido, variado y en el que falta la diversión dirigido a toda la familia que cuenta con invitados especiales, entrevistas, juegos.

Daily | 14 Day
« Mission: Impossible Operation "Heart" (TV-G) The Impossible Mission Force team must go to a foreign country to stop an assassination scheme as well as rescue a famed archaeologist.
Mission: Impossible The Money Machine (TV-G) A corrupt African financier uses counterfeit money to try and pay off his debts but the IMF has a counter-plan to stop him.
Mission: Impossible Charity (TV-G) A couple cons wealthy men and women by asking for money to fund their charity, but they keep all of the money for themselves; the team must retrieve bars.
Mission: Impossible The Council, Part 1 (TV-G) A mob leader is endangering the United States economy, but using Swiss bank accounts to store billions of dollars in illicit money.
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