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The Doctors Cancer 'Vaccine' Wipes Out Tumors? 30-Minute Procedure Eliminates Cramps (New, TV-PG) Research on a cancer vaccine that may combat tumors; a 30-minute procedure that may eliminate menstrual cramps; signs of heart failure; soup recipes.
Dr. Phil Our Pregnant, Rageaholic, 18-Year-Old Daughter is Abusing our Entire Family! (HD, Repeat, TV-14) Parents claim their 18-year-old daughter has major issues with extreme anger, and that she verbally, mentally and physically abuses their entire family.
WSAZ NewsChannel 3 First Look at Four (New) The WSAZ NewsChannel 3 Team presents information on the news events of the day and timely updates on local sports, weather conditions and more.

Bonanza Found Child (TV-G) Hoss stumbles on a stagecoach massacre and a small girl in shock, who is the lone survivor, but the relative who claims her is not what he seems.
The Rifleman Case of Identity (TV-G) Two corrupt investigators claim that Mark is the man's long-lost son they have been searching for, which inadvertently puts Mark in serious danger.
The Rifleman The Visitor (TV-G) A young widow passes through North Fork while on her way to receive an inheritance, but problems arise when others wanting the inheritance try to kill her.
Wagon Train The Jesse Cowan Story (TV-G) When a young man returns from the Civil War to discover that his family has been killed, he sets off to find the family that he believes is responsible.

The Andy Griffith Show Andy Saves Gomer (TV-G) Gomer feels overwhelmingly guilty after snuffing out a small fire in a can full of oil rags while napping in the garage and offers to be Andy's slave
The Andy Griffith Show Bargain Day (TV-G) A new butcher shop called Diamond Jim's has opened and Aunt Bee is on a mission to find the perfect bargain beef.; Aunt Bee gets more than she bargained for.
The Robert Irvine Show Stop Partying or the Wedding is off! (HD, Repeat, TV-14) A couple's wedding is postponed until a woman can settle down and put an end to her days of partying.
The King of Queens Lush Life (HD, TV-PG) Doug likes the new, "laid back Carrie" when she starts getting drinks after work with the girls and doesn't pester him about his diet when she gets home.
Friends The One with the Tea Leaves (HD, TV-14) When Phoebe's tea leaves reveal to her that she's about to meet the man of her dreams, the man she ends up meeting is a nightmare.
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