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« America's Got Talent Semi Finals 2 (TV-PG) Now that the semifinalists have been determined, the second 12 acts of the top 24 take the stage once more, hoping for a spot in the finals.
WSAZ NewsChannel 3 Tonight The day's major news events, business reports, local sports updates, weather information and tomorrow's forecast are presented by the WSAZ NewsChannel 3 Team.
The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon (TV-14) Award-winning comedian Jimmy Fallon hosts the long-running late-night talk show, featuring humorous monologues, comedic sketches and celebrity interviews.
Late Night with Seth Meyers (HD, New, TV-14) Stephen Colbert from "The Colbert Report"; actress Amy Sedaris from "BoJack Horseman"; fantasy football expert Matthew Berry.
Rules of Engagement Dad's Visit (TV-14) Audrey is dismayed when Jeff's chauvinist father extends his stay due to a sprained ankle; Russell's one-night stand won't leave.
Rules of Engagement The Four Pillars (TV-PG) To make Audrey happy, Jeff begrudgingly agrees to see a couples therapist; Russell develops a crush on Timmy's fiancée.
Community Horror Fiction in Seven Spooky Steps (TV-PG) Britta and Jeff lure everyone into telling horror stories at a Halloween pre-party when an anonymous personality test points to one of them being psychotic.
Community Advanced Documentary Filmmaking (TV-PG) The Greendale community comes together to unravel the mystery of Chang's memory loss; Dean Pelton asks the group to help secure a grant.
'Til Death Everybody Digs Doug (TV-PG) After being suspended from teaching by Jeff, Eddie finds himself struggling to stay occupied, until Allison comes home with her new boyfriend in tow.
TMZ (New, TV-PG) The companion to popular website TMZ.com presents the latest news and gossip about celebrities' lives, including births, deaths, couplings and breakups.
WSAZ News At 10 O'clock
Family Guy I Never Met the Dead Man (TV-14) Peter goes into shock, after he disables the entire Quahog cable system while giving Meg driving lessons; Stewie plots to rid the world of broccoli.
Family Guy Road to Germany (TV-14) Brian and Stewie follow Mort through a time machine, but they wind up in Poland on the day of the Nazi invasion with no way back to their own time.
American Dad
King of the Hill When Joseph Met Lori and Made Out with Her in the Janitor's Closet (TV-PG) When Joseph gets a new girlfriend, Dale tries to give him 'the talk,' but ends up in a mental institution, claiming he is suffering from dementia.
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