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« Days of Our Lives (TV-14) Jennifer tries to make it through the night without the use of painkillers; Jennifer plays out horrifying scenarios in her mind about Abigail and JJ.
The Doctors Sperm Donor Hides Criminal Past and Fathers Dozens of Children? (New, TV-PG) The Doctors look at a story of a sperm donor who hid mental illness and fathered dozens of children; a woman that was left disfigured is helped.
Dr. Oz
WSAZ NewsChannel 3 First Look at Four The WSAZ NewsChannel 3 Team presents information on the news events of the day and timely updates on local sports, weather conditions and more.

« Gunsmoke Harper's Blood (TV-PG) A widowed father tries to raise his sons to be good men, but the two boys encounter trouble that could lead to murder after a local rancher wrongs both of them.
Bonanza Found Child (TV-G) Hoss stumbles on a stagecoach massacre and a small girl in shock, who is the lone survivor, but the relative who claims her is not what he seems.
The Rifleman The Jailbird (TV-G) When a robbery and murder take place in the town, the ex-con who Lucas hired as a ranch hand becomes the number one suspect to everybody.
The Rifleman Meeting at Midnight (TV-G) Lucas' former Army captain visits him at North Fork because he is now an undercover federal agent and needs Lucas' help to get access to a band of bank robbers.
Emergency! Survival on Charter #220, Part 2 (TV-G) When two airplanes have a mid-air collision over a residential neighborhood, off-duty Squad 51 paramedics and a large contingent from Battalion 14 respond.

Paternity Court The presiding judge hears testimony from various people involved in paternity disputes ranging from dead-beat farthers to infidelity and everything in between.
Divorce Court Arias vs. Allen (New, TV-PG) Judge Lynn Toler meets with a man whose extreme jealousy is damaging his relationship with his soon-to-be wife
Divorce Court Jones vs. Carson (TV-PG) Judge Lynn Toler offers counsel to a couple who founded their relationship on lies, and the two gradually come to the truth in court.
The Bill Cunningham Show Back Off! I'll Date Who I Want! (HD, Repeat, TV-14) From December 2012: couples dealing with family members who disapprove of the ones they love get help.
The Andy Griffith Show Barney and the Choir (TV-G) When the choir discovers Barney's voice is the source of the choir's terrible sound, they realize he can't stay, but haven't got the heart to tell him.
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