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« Good Morning Kansas Weekend Sunday (New)
This Week with George Stephanopoulos (HD, New, TV-G) The Washington insider interviews top newsmakers and moderates debates between government officials and journalists on the nation's hottest political issues.
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Stem Cell Therapy for Pain Learn how to get relief from chronic pain without pain-killers or surgery.
First United Methodist Church (HD, TV-G, G, ****+) 1st United Methodist Church in downtown Wichita, KS with Pastor Kent Rogers

Bill Nye the Science Guy Climates (TV-G) Host Bill Nye provides informational segments that offer valid explanations for the unique relationships between different types of climates.
Saved by the Bell Slater's Sister (TV-G) Slater is rejoined by his long lost sister who he hasn't seen in years and Zack finds himself falling for her, much to Slater's chagrin.
Saved by the Bell The Will (TV-G) When a prominent alumni leaves Bayside a hefty sum of money in his will, a battle of the sexes ensues to determine who gets the money.
Saved by the Bell Home For Christmas, Part 1 (TV-G) Zack and the gang decide to get jobs at the Palisades mall over the holiday season; Screech and Zack make friends with a homeless man.
Saved by the Bell Home For Christmas, Part 2 (TV-G) Zack learns that the homeless man he and Screech befriended is actually the father of his new girlfriend who has just been accused of stealing.
The Brady Bunch The Voice of Christmas (TV-G) Everyone is a little gloomy when Carol loses her voice and may not be able to sing at the Christmas services; Alice and the kids hide Christmas gifts.
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