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11 News @ 10 PM (HD) Monday-Friday News with Don Ward and Dianne Derby. Saturdays with Mecca Ranne. Weather with Chief Meteorologist Brian Bledsoe and Christine Rapp
Late Show with David Letterman (HD, TV-PG) Using his own zany brand of comedy, talk show host David Letterman interviews popular celebrities in his attempt to entertain late-night viewers.
Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson (HD, TV-14) The Scottish actor who played the boss on `The Drew Carey Show' steps into late night with an easygoing interview style.
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Seinfeld (B) The Blood (HD, TV-PG) Jerry is transfused with Kramer's blood after a mishap in the kitchen; George forms an unhealthy connection between food and sex; Elaine fails to babysit well.
Cougar Town (A) Keeping Me Alive (HD, TV-PG) Bobby decides to stop relying on Jules financially, but she comes up with a plan to keep caring for him; Ellie thinks she is the smartest; break up.
Cougar Town (B) This Old Town (HD, TV-14) An older couple agrees to purchase Grayson's house if they get to join the crew; a let-down causes Bobby to rename his boat; Travis looks for a new partner.
Family Guy From Method to Madness (TV-14) When Brian shows interest in theatre, Lois convinces him to try out for School of Performing Arts, but during the audition, Brian is dismissed by the judges.
American Dad
King of the Hill Pregnant Paws (TV-PG) Hank wants Ladybird to have babies, but the veterinarian tells him it would be nearly impossible, so he attempts to discover a way to get her pregnant.
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