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Animal Rescue (Repeat, TV-G) A dog falls into an icy river; rescuers try to save a horse in a septic tank; one program where young children and pets help each other.
Think Big Blair vs. Alison (Repeat, TV-G) A woman from Bentonville, Ark., showcases light magnets designed for school lockers; a woman from Wingham, Ontario, displays a tire-based paint additive.
GMA: Saturday
Jack Hanna's Wild Countdown: 08-11 E/I Top of the Class (Repeat, TV-G, E/I 8-11) Host Jack Hanna relates how even he is excited that there are new things to learn in his adventures, counting down his favorite experiences in learning.
Ocean Mysteries with Jeff Corwin: 08-12 E/I The Snakes of Southern Africa (HD, Repeat, TV-G, E/I 8-12) Jeff travels to a town in Africa to help them catch a deadly viper and release it to the wild; Jeff meets a cobra that spits blinding venom into his eyes.
H. R. Pufnstuf The Birthday Party (TV-G) Pufnstuf throws Jimmy a surprise birthday party, and Witchiepoo and her henchmen invade the party and knockout the gang with laughing gas to kidnap Freddy.
Land of the Lost Ancient Guardian (TV-G) The Marshalls unwittingly release the abominable snowman into the valley when they remove a mysterious Sleestak totem built to keep him out.
Green Screen Adv
Green Screen Adv
Travel Thru History (TV-G) Travel writer Ruth Kozak travels across the globe providing extensive commentary on the historical significance of whatever country she is in at that time.
Mystery Hunters Detective Mysteries (TV-G) Christina uses detective skills at a UFO sighting; Araya uses some crime solving techniques to try and solve a 2-million-year-old crime in South Africa.
Animal Atlas What's in a Name? (Repeat, TV-G) Viewers are presented with an in-depth exploration of how animals get their name as videographers capture the answer to what is in a name.
Animal Adventures E/I 13-16
Animal Exploration with Jarod Miller: E/I 13-16 Creepy Critters (Repeat, TV-G) In Pennsylvania, Jarod takes a look at animals that many find repulsive and examines how their unique appearances have helped them to survive in the wild.
Into The Wild
Pets.TV (Repeat, TV-G) A look at what it takes to breed, groom and feed mini-horses, and what it takes to have one as a pet.
CBS This Morning: Saturday (TV-G) The housing market recovery; the 2014 U.S. Open; actors Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman discuss "Doctor Who"; musician Liam Bailey; celebrity chef Jose Garces.
CBS Kids
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