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Paid Program (TV-G) Sponsored television programming.
News 10 Weekend (New) The News 10 Weekend Team presents a report of local and national news events, along with the latest weather forecast and updates from the world of sports.
Sunday TODAY with Willie Geist (HD, New) Willie Geist provides conversational style coverage to the day's news featuring in-depth profiles and culture shaping ideas while discussing various topics.
Meet the Press (HD, New) Roundtable discussions on issues of national and international interest, featuring interviews with members of Congress from opposing parties.

Broken Arrow Ghost Face (TV-G) An apathetic general refuses to help a starving Indian tribe, which offends the tribe and could very well result in bloodshed between the tribe and the Army.
Tarzan Cap'n Jai (TV-G) Jai gets tricked by a trio of untrustworthy sailors who are attempting to get their hands on a set of stolen diamonds, becoming part of a double cross.
Daniel Boone The Mound Builders (TV-G) Daniel and Mingo meet a stranger dressed in the outfit of a Mexican chieftain and protect him from the band of Shawnee warriors that has been chasing him.
Eco Company Farm to Fork to Fuel (TV-G) The Eco Company reporters meet chef Jamie Oliver on his Big Rig Teaching Kitchen to find out about how he's teaching people how to cook healthy meals.

Gidget Gidget's Foreign Policy (TV-G) Gidget tries to show a visiting foreign girl the American way to do things, with mixed results.
The Flying Nun Cyrano de Bertrille (TV-G) Two men become business partners in working with produce; one of them reveals that he is illiterate, and Bertrille agrees to help him learn to read.
The Flying Nun Reconversion of Sister Shapiro (TV-G) Carlos' adopted niece comes for a visit, but it's poor timing as Carlos has to leave the island on a business trip; Sister Berrille lets the child stay.
It's About Time The Champ (TV-G) The strongest warriors of two rival tribes agree to battle one another to put a stop to the war between them, and Gronk has a strategy to win the battle.
It's About Time Mark Your Ballots (TV-G) With The Boss treating Mac and Hector poorly, threatening to lock them up and kill them, the astronauts decide they want to increase their chance of surviving.
My Mother the Car Incredible Shrinking Car In order to render the Porter useless to Dave, Captain Manzini uses a molecular compressor on it.
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