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Early Today (New, TV-G) A comprehensive first look at overnight news events from the nation and the world includes weather, business, entertainment and sports reports.
News 10 Today at 4:30AM (New) The 10 News Morning Team provides a comprehensive look at updated news events, a detailed and up-to-the-minute weather forecast and sports scores.
News 10 at 5am (New) A morning report of the latest news, items of interest in the Lansing area, sports scores, weather conditions and traffic are provided by the News 10 Team.
News 10 at 5:30am (New)
News 10 Today (New) A comprehensive look at local, statewide and national news is provided by the News 10 Morning Team, along with updates on sports and the weather forecast.

« Hercules: The Legendary Journeys Surprise (TV-PG) During Hercules' birthday party with his family and friends, all of the guests are mysteriously poisoned with a strange and deadly substance.
Xena: Warrior Princess A Necessary Evil (TV-PG) As Xena and Gabrielle prepare to leave the Amazon village, Velasca makes herself a god after she consumes ambrosia and vows to get her revenge on Gabrielle.
The Cisco Kid Extradition Papers (TV-G) Cisco and Pancho capture the leader of an outlaw gang, but while returning him to the hands of authorities, the criminal's associates come to his aid.
Trackdown The Pueblo Kid (TV-G) A Texas Ranger and acting sheriff of the town of Porter, Texas, pursues an assortment of wanted fugitives, including bank robbers, horse thieves and killers.
Cheyenne Showdown at Oxebend (TV-G) Cheyenne's curiosity is piqued when he unexpectedly stumbles upon armed men guarding a herd of sheep deep on land controlled by cattle barons.

Sabrina, the Teenage Witch Sabrina Through the Looking Glass (TV-G) Sabrina's bad mood results in the appearance of a monstrous wart that only worsens the severity of her mood and eventually traps her in itself.
Johnny Carson (TV-PG) Actor Sylvester Stallone visits the show; writer and comedian Alan Whitney Brown makes an appearance.
The Jack Benny Program Mary's May Company Reunion (TV-G) Mary invites Jack to her old co-workers' reunion; Rochester explains what happened the last time Jack went, and the embarrassment over the cost of a ring.
The Jack Benny Program Don Invites Gang to Dinner (TV-G) Jack seeks legal advice when he has to consider firing his announcer, when Jack gets a really bad cold from him after accepting a dinner invitation.
The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show The Plumber's Union (TV-G) Gracie tries to find a wife for Mr. Jantzen through a correspondence, but she is less than honest about her description of her friend; Ronnie seeks advice.
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