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« Harry Leading Lady Hour with "Dirty Dancing" Star Abigail Breslin (HD, New, TV-PG) Harry honors some of his most admired women from on and off the screen, including actress Abigail Breslin from the TV movie "Dirty Dancing."
Judge Judy Go Find Yourself Another Harlequin Great Dane!; Approach to Telemarketers (HD, New, TV-G) A meddlesome neighbor takes care of a woman's Great Dane and is accused of spaying the dog unnecessarily; a woman who answered a blind sales call is swindled.
Judge Judy Pregnant Ex-Lover Anger?!; Attending a Funeral or Arrested? (HD, New, TV-G) An expectant young woman sues her former boyfriend for $4,000 in moving costs; a landlord claims a former tenant didn't pay his rent and damaged their property.
The Ellen DeGeneres Show (HD, New, TV-G) Actor Michael Keaton from the fantasy-science fiction movie "Spider-Man: Homecoming"; talk show host Andy Cohen from the revived dating show "Love Connection."
Live at Five (New) An evening newscast, features of interest in the Meridian area community, updates on sports, weather and current traffic are provided by the Newscenter 11 Team.

Judge Judy Broken Relationship; Tenant Take Down (HD, Repeat, TV-G) A pair of unwed parents with a large age difference dispute a claimed assault; a landlord accuses her former tenants of damaging her property.
The Dr. Oz Show What Is Your Health Horoscope? (HD, New, TV-PG) Dr. Oz investigates whether the season of a person's birth can have an impact on their health since there's research that seems to indicate it can.
Family Feud (New, TV-PG) Two families of five members each compete against each other by answering popular survey questions to determine who can reach accord with most answers.
Family Feud (HD, Repeat, TV-PG) Two families of five members each compete against each other by answering popular survey questions to determine who can reach accord with most answers.
Mike & Molly Mike Goes to the Opera (HD, TV-14) Mike unexpectedly falls ill during a night out at the opera with Molly; Mike's mom and Molly clash over who can take better care of a sickly Mike.

Judge Alex Johnson vs. Eskridge (HD, TV-PG) Nov. 2012: James says Christopher's car started giving him problems as soon as he bought it, and that the hood smashed into the windshield while driving.
The Robert Irvine Show My Wife and I Haven't Had Sex in Seven Years (HD, Repeat, TV-14) Robert meets with a couple seeking help rekindling their love life.
Cops Reloaded (HD, TV-14) A Vegas officer responds to a call of a possibly abandoned stolen vehicle; a Palm Beach deputy responds to a domestic disturbance call.
The Cleveland Show Ladies' Night (HD, TV-14) Cleveland finds out Donna still attends a single mothers' support group; Cleveland Jr. runs for student council president with Rallo as adviser.
American Dad! Seizures Suit Stanny (HD, TV-14) Stan is involved in an accident after texting and driving and then lies to cover it up, but when he then takes seizure medicine, he is plagued by side effects.
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