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The Insider (HD, New, TV-PG) Tom Hanks talks about hosting "Saturday Night Live"; a look at the past featuring Rick Astley.
Last Man Standing Trick or Treat (HD, New, TV-PG) The Baxter family gets excited for their annual Halloween party except for Mike who has the task of picking a theme for the night.
Dr. Ken D.K.'s Korean Ghost Story (HD, New, TV-PG) Allison is sad that Dave is growing up and Halloween does not frighten him anymore; things might change when D.K. tells a scary Korean "gwishin" story.
Shark Tank (HD, New, TV-PG) A stay-at-home mother shares her stylish clothing line with the Sharks and learns a lesson; a New York woman presents her delicious maple syrup products.
20/20 How to Get Away with Murder (HD, New, TV-PG) After killing a 19-year-old Lea Porter, hiding her body and disposing of all DNA evidence, Christopher Waide unknowingly confesses to her brother.

« Law & Order: Criminal Intent (HD, TV-14) The criminal justice system is viewed from the point of view of the suspect, the witness, the victim or another major participant in a crime.
American Ninja Warrior Miami Qualifying, Part 2 (HD, TV-PG) Participants from all across the nation travel to take on one of the world's most challenging endurance courses, hoping to complete the challenge at all.
American Ninja Warrior Denver Qualifying, Part 1 (HD, TV-PG) Participants from all across the nation travel to take on one of the world's most challenging endurance courses, hoping to complete the challenge at all.
ABC 36 News at Ten on My Kentucky (New) The news team shares the latest headlines, with weather conditions, sports scores, special events throughout the community and more.

« Crime Stories The Lady-Killer (TV-PG) Police officers begin a search for a serial killer after uncovering three different sets of female human remains on the outskirts of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.
Alaska State Troopers Burning Alaska (HD, TV-14) A trooper negotiates with a man holding an automatic rifle on him; Fairbanks is threatened by a wildfire, and evacuating its residents is a challenge.
Drugs Inc. Dealer POV (HD, TV-14) Unscripted point-of-view footage shot in New York City, Atlanta and Portland shows how the day-to-day activities of the drug trade look through a dealer's eyes.
Cold Case Files Ticket to Nowhere; The Paper Route (TV-14) A woman's murder is solved 20 years after her death thanks to the assistance of her daughter; a policeman works a 63-year-old newspaper deliverywoman's murder.

The Drew Carey Show Revenge of the Doormat (TV-14) Kate returns from New York and announces that she is getting married in two days; Drew finds himself out of work again when Winfred-Louder goes bankrupt.
Night Court Prince of a Guy (TV-14) Harry attempts to prevent the forced marriage of a princess from Polynesia; the princess's brother tries to auction off Christine.
Night Court New Year's Leave (TV-14) Harry tries to help an escaped felon when he wants to celebrate New Year's Eve and his wedding anniversary in Times Square.
Little Big League (TV-PG, PG, **+) When his grandfather passes away, a 12-year-old boy finds himself the new owner of a professional baseball team and immediately takes on managing the team.

« American Greed: Scams, Scoundrels and Scandals The Royal Scam: Kings of Counterfeit (HD) Art Williams Jr., a counterfeiter from one of Chicago's toughest neighborhoods, printed $10 million over 10 years before the Secret Service put him in prison.
Snapped Melissa Cole (TV-PG) When her husband is discovered dead, investigators suspect his wife, who claims to have suffered years of domestic abuse at his hands.
American Greed: Scams, Scoundrels and Scandals Fraudster of the Opera; Frozen Assets (HD) A philanthropist donates some of the $22 million he swindled his clients out of; a venture capitalist buys part of an NHL team with money from his Ponzi scheme.
It Takes A Killer The Green River Killer (TV-PG) Despite being arrested multiple times and submitting DNA samples, a serial killer escapes identification for decades after murdering four-dozen women.

Good Times No More Mr. Nice Guy (TV-PG) Michael's nonchalant attitude towards doing chores and homework angers J.J. who becomes even more enraged when Michael and Penny are arrested.
The Jeffersons Louise Gets Her Way (TV-G) Louise offers Florence a live-in maid position after she finds out that Florence's apartment complex is being torn down, however George must also agree.
The Jeffersons Louise Suspects (TV-G) George attempts to hide that he is opening another store from Louise by convincing her he is in the middle of an affair, but it starts to get complicated.
All in the Family The Insurance Is Canceled (TV-PG) After Archie's bosses order him to fire someone, he must make a decision between dismissing a white worker or laying off a Puerto Rican employee.
All in the Family The Man in the Street (TV-PG) Archie is excited to be featured on the CBS Evening News, but his plans to watch the momentous occasion are interrupted by a series of unfortunate events.
Barney Miller Movie, Part 1 (TV-PG) Members of the 12th Precinct are shocked when Detective Harris is assigned to direct a pornographic movie for an important police investigation.
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