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LazyTown Breakfast at Stephanie's (TV-Y, E/I 2-5) Robbie uses a device on Sportacus that stops him from using his SuperMoves, and when the kids notice, they decide to handle the situation themselves.
Make Way for Noddy (TV-Y, E/I 2-5) A boy lives with his toy friends in Toyland where wind-up clowns and teddy bears come to life.
The Chica Show Chica's Fashion Squeak; Cheerleading Chica (Repeat, TV-Y) Chica finds out that her father was a model, so she decides to create a costume to be like him; Chica organizes a game of "Hide and Squeak."
Noodle and Doodle A Friend at the Hospital; Birds in My Backyard (Repeat, TV-Y, E/I 2-5) The gang makes a fruit bouquet and turns muffin liners into flowers for a friend who is in the hospital; the gang reveals how homemade birdseed is made.
Justin Time Atuk's Inukshuk; Tulip Trouble (Repeat, TV-Y) Justin, Olive and Squidgy have to deliver a large stone slab using a dog sled to help their friend Atuk build the biggest inukshuk ever.
« Hero Wanted (TV-14, R, **+) A garbage collector plans a pseudo bank robbery to impress a woman, but things go awry when he is injured badly and begins to seek revenge on the criminals.
Unspeakable (TV-14, R, *) A doctor who has invented a device that can produce pictures from a person's memory begs a governor for a stay of execution to study the mind of a killer.
Red River (TV-G, NR, ***+) A young man disagrees with the way his foster father runs his cattle empire and eventually runs off to form his own empire, but his father vows vengeance.
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