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« CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Ghost Town (HD, TV-14) The CSI team investigates a middle-class Las Vegas neighborhood when a pornography producer and a drug dealer are found murdered in the street.
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Working Stiffs (HD, TV-14) When two office workers attempt to burglarize a casino the plan goes awry, and the CSI team must investigate a murder by working backwards.
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Coup de Grace (HD, TV-14) When a racially biased police officer shoots an African-American man, the team is brought in to determine whether the killing was premeditated or accidental.
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Bloodsport (HD, TV-14) A well-liked college football coach is brutally murdered in his home; the team finds a connection between their current case and the drowning of a young woman.
Pet Alien The Earth Boy Who Needed Protection; Seventy-foot Tommy (TV-Y) A 13-year-old boy who lives in a coastal town hangs out with his pet alien pals that he befriended after they crash-landed into his lighthouse hideaway.
Being Ian That's Ridonkulous, Cool Man (TV-Y7) A 12-year-old boy lives his life as if it were a large movie production and himself as the director, leading him into many sticky situations.
Being Ian Ian Kelly is History (TV-Y7) A 12-year-old boy lives his life as if it were a large movie production and himself as the director, leading him into many sticky situations.
Willa's Wild Life Walk a Mile in Alligator Shoes; A Tall Walrus Tale (TV-Y7) To understand Guss' grumpy behavior, Willa dresses up in an alligator costume; Wallace begs Willa to help him prove that a story about buried treasure is true.
Willa's Wild Life The Girl Who Cried Ouch; When Dad's Away (TV-Y7) Sara pretends to have an injury so that Willa and the animals will do her chores; while Ms. Vanderwinkle is babysitting Willa, the males form a boys-only club.
Jane & the Dragon Knight Light (TV-Y7) Jane develops a fear of the dark after being trapped in the privy and it's made worse when she must navigate a hedge maze at night and then rescue the Princess.
ION Life
Chef at Large Bon Appetit Magazine in LA (TV-G) The chef goes behind the scenes to investigate "Bon Appetit Magazine."
Chef At Home Easy Thai Dinner (TV-G) A Thailand friend sends a postcard and is inspired to make a Thai noodle dish, cucumber salad, steamed Asian greens with spicy peanut sauce and pineapple salad.
Chef At Home All-Veggie Dinner (TV-G) Host Michael Smith demonstrates how to effectively prepare vegetable power protein soup, asparagus red onion salad and pickled red onions.
All for Nothing Jimmy vs. Iain (HD) Homeowners compete against one another in a challenge to determine which one of them has improved the value of their residence, but they can't pay for repairs.
Divine Design Ruth's Dining Room (TV-PG) Host Candice Olson transforms a busy mother's dining room from a playroom filled with toys into an sophisticated, stylish and, most importantly, adult room.
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