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« NCIS: Los Angeles Dead Body Politic (HD, TV-14) The tragic death of a U.S. senatorial candidate's aide gets the attention of the NCIS team and becomes a serious issue of national security.
NCIS: Los Angeles Out of the Past (HD, TV-PG) Agent Hanna gets a call from a CIA agent he worked with over eight years ago seeking his help, but is soon found dead of an apparent suicide.
NCIS: Los Angeles Rude Awakenings (HD, TV-PG) The NCIS team continues to pursue their investigation behind the death of a CIA agent, leading them to a dangerous ring of Russian super agents.
NCIS: Los Angeles Skin Deep (HD, TV-14) The NCIS: LA team heads to the ocean to question the possible link between a surfer, an Internet video and a dead Naval tech scientist.
The Adventures of Paddington Bear Paddington Keeps Fit; Paddington Goes to Washington; Troubles at the Launderette (TV-Y) Paddington and Mr. Curry decide to get fit; Paddington is offered a job at the White House; Paddington goes to do the family's laundry.
The Adventures of Paddington Bear Case of Doubtful Dummy; Greatest Paddington on Earth; Paddington Goes to Court (TV-Y) Paddington attempts to solve a kidnapping that took place inside a department store; Paddington becomes part of a trial in a court of law.
The Adventures of Paddington Bear The Treasure Hunt; Paddington Goes to Hollywood; Mr. Gruber's Mystery Tour (TV-Y) Paddington sets out in search for buried treasure; Paddington gets to play a role for a movie that is being produced in Hollywood.
The Adventures of Paddington Bear A Disappearing Trick; Paddington Saves the Day; Paddington Goes to School (TV-Y) Paddington tries to perform a magic show for the guests that came to his birthday party; Paddington attempts to better understand how to play cricket.
The Adventures of Paddington Bear Old Master Paddington; Paddington and the Pardon; A Picnic on the River (TV-Y) Paddington makes a mess of Mr. Brown's entry; Paddington experiences the tradition of a Pardon in France; Paddington falls in a river.
The Adventures of Paddington Bear A Day to Remember; Paddington in Spain; A Most Unusual Ceremony (TV-Y) Paddington acts as usher at Harold and Deirdre's wedding; Paddington goes to Spain to taste the oranges; Paddington goes to a marmalade factory.
Colour Confidential Suzanna and Pier's Living Room (TV-G) A couple whose home features an impressive entryway can't decide whether to keep the room that follows it simple or decorate it with bright colors.
Colour Confidential Dallas and Doug's Bedroom (TV-G) Having lived in their home for almost a year, Dallas and Doug still need a cohesive design plan that will reflect a relaxing and not overly-effeminate bedroom.
Colour Confidential Stacey and Matt's Living Room (TV-G) Newlyweds Stacey and Matt must settle down long enough to decide on a design plan for their new home together, which is overrun with workout equipment.
Colour Confidential Saija and Subir's Bedroom (TV-G) Saija and Subir's can't seem to agree on their conflicting design choices, especially after being raised with completely different tastes.
Colour Confidential Johanne and Steve's Bedroom (TV-G) Having put their children's need before their own, Johanne and Steve need help reestablishing their own style after 16 years of marriage.
Colour Confidential Jessica and Ryan's Playroom (TV-G) Ryan and Jessica wish to design an over-the-top playroom for their boisterous kids, but can't decide on a design that will be enjoyed by all.
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