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« Blue Bloods With Friends Like These (HD, TV-14) Erin's former informant leaves witness protection to give a mob boss an alibi for an old crime; Frank and the Fire Department Commissioner disagree.
Blue Bloods Backstabbers (HD, TV-14) Danny learns that a convict he wrongfully helped put in jail has escaped; Gormley criticizes an NYPD sergeant, who he believes is cheating with his wife.
Blue Bloods Rush to Judgment (HD, TV-14) Jamie is caught on camera engaging in what could be interpreted as police brutality; Danny and Baez examine a rape case concerning a civil rights attorney.
Blue Bloods Help Me Help You (HD, TV-PG) Linda asks Danny and Baez for help with her co-worker's irate ex-husband; meanwhile, Erin must address a judge; Frank meets with a speaker from City Council.
Xploration Animal Science (HD, TV-PG) Scientific experts use a variety animations and graphics to show how and why animals are able to survive and thrive in their given environments.
Scaredy Squirrel There Is No "I" In Groceries; When Thugs Attack (TV-Y7, FV) A perpetually petrified squirrel tackles life's daily challenges as he attempts to balance his job with his nervous attempts to always stay safe.
Scaredy Squirrel Dreamweaver; Chili Con Scaredy (TV-Y7, FV) Scaredy is upset to discover that his wallet has been stolen, and to make up for what he has lost, he must take a job working at a chili place.
Sidekick Sidekick Sideshow; Maxum Method (TV-Y7, FV) The gang becomes contestants on a popular game show; the movie star Joshua Sideburns is back in Splitsboro and this time around he is filming a Maxum Man movie.
Sidekick Of Mouse and Mel; Iron Sidechef (TV-Y7, FV) An everyday youth is excited about becoming a sidekick to an impressive superhero, but the hero's disappearance forces him to keep up a charade.
Safari Tracks Leaders of the Pack (TV-G) A look at animal societies and how many groups of animals have an alpha animal, or a leader, who decides when the group eats, sleeps and how to be safe.
Fresh with Anna Olson Boating Breakfast (TV-G) Fruit and nut muesli; eggs benedict with peameal bacon on scallion waffles with tomato cream; summer sunshine smoothies; date raisin loaf.
The Listener Captain Nightfall (TV-14) Toby and Michelle's investigation of a case involving multiple violent home invasions keeps getting interrupted by a well-meaning citizen playing superhero.
The Listener The Bro Code (TV-14) Oz unwittingly puts his life in danger after he convinces Toby to help a childhood friend who witnessed a murder.
Til Debt Do U$ Part Dream House Disaster Host Gail Vaz-Oxlade must assist a couple who purchased a house in the country but were unprepared for the costs of heating their new residence.
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