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NCIS: Los Angeles From Havana with Love (HD, TV-14) A defense contractor is accused of selling Navy secrets to a foreign government; Kensi and Deeks are sent undercover at a Cuban club.
NCIS: Los Angeles Battle Scars (HD, TV-14) The NCIS team works with two of Hetty's former colleagues as they look for a Navy captain, who kidnapped a Veterans Affairs administrator.
NCIS: Los Angeles Golden Days (HD, TV-14) The NCIS team teams up with three of Hetty's former colleagues from the Vietnam War to help them locate those responsible for a gold heist.
Mike the Knight Invisible Monster; Mike's Dragon Squires (TV-Y) When a monster threatens the safety of the village, Mike decides to show off rather than face it directly; Mike decides to train the dragons to be squires.
Mike the Knight Knight Hider; Trollee's Sleepover (TV-Y) Mike is responsible for his team losing a game of Hide and Seek but decides to blame the dragons; Trollee comes over for a sleepover.
Pirates: Adventures in Art
Pirates: Adventures in Art
Pirates: Adventures in Art
Pirates: Adventures in Art
Marvin the Tap-Dancing Horse Visit to Grandma's; Gone Fishin' (TV-Y7) Eddy's friends try to make a good impression when he invites them to his grandma's house; everyone goes fishing when Jack gives them the day off.
Ned's Newt Nedding Bells Are Ringing; Newt's Ned (TV-G) A boy buys a lazy newt and the pet store owner gives him special food, which the newt eats too much of and grows to six-feet-tall, causing trouble for him.
Saving Hope You Can't Always Get What You Want (HD, TV-14) Alex and Jeremy have a hard time discovering the truth behind the symptoms of a constantly ill child, especially when all the signs point towards his mother.
Saving Hope Not Fade Away (HD, TV-14) Charlie has a hard time helping a farmer without the assistance of his spirit powers when he tries to see what life would be like without his gift.
Saving Hope Torn and Frayed (HD, TV-14) Alex and Cassie work together to help a woman escape her abusive partner; a patient's pacemaker stops working forcing Dawn to face life-threatening situations.
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