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3:33 Uplifting Louisville
Today with God The Bible is brought to life through re-enactments of the Gospel message from Matthew, John and Acts, with Dr. Randy Weiss serving as a tour guide.
Cross Talk (TV-G) Jewish believer Dr. Randy Weiss provides comedy, music and unique Christian insight on issues from Israel to a relationship with the Jewish Messiah.
Radiant TV
Chapel: The College Experience Viewers are given a look at chapel service, including worship, teachings, and creative presentations held by students and staff at Hillsong College in Sydney.

Good Times The Evans Get Involved, Part 2 (TV-PG) Willona and the Evans are convinced that Penny is being abused by her mother but the family doctor refuses to believe their claims.
'Til Death Webby's Not Happy (HD, TV-PG) When Eddie's single friend comes by and shares tales of his wild adventures, Joy makes it her mission to get him into a committed relationship.
'Til Death Summer of Love (HD, TV-PG) Jeff and Joy are initially reluctant to join in on the fun when Eddie, Steph, Allison and her new boyfriend start to enjoy their summer vacation.
Airwolf Sweet Britches (TV-14) When a lawless sheriff jails one of Hawke's old Vietnam buddies, he finds an ally in a Texas Highway Patrol deputy pilot to pursue the sheriff.
Airwolf Firestorm (TV-14) In order to prevent a retired Army general from launching a nuclear missile at Moscow, Hawke must team with an alcoholic ex-flier.

Flipper Alligator Duel (TV-G) Flipper's life is placed in jeopardy when he is cast in a Hollywood movie that includes a fight scene between a dolphin and an alligator.
Flipper: The New Adventures Muddy Water (TV-PG) Flipper finds a sick dolphin and shepherds it to the institute to be looked at, and Keith and Pam determine that its illness was caused by a toxic substance.
Flipper The White Dolphin (TV-G) Sandy and Bud become concerned when Flipper disappears for several days, and they are surprised when he returns accompanied by an extremely rare albino dolphin.
Flipper Teamwork (TV-G) Sandy and Bud prepare themselves for the annual Coral Key Park swimming race; toxic chemicals impede Porter's underwater investigation.
Sea Hunt Niko (TV-PG) Mike and a pair of divers try to disarm two unexploded torpedoes at the bottom of a busy harbor.

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Dream Funders
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Hollywood Remembers The Leading Women Donna Reed (TV-PG) The legacies of the biggest leading ladies from Hollywood's history are shared through rare interviews, film clips, photographs and television appearances.
Love That Bob Bob and the Dumb Blonde (TV-PG) The romantic woes of an attractive young bachelor working as a photographer in Hollywood, whose sister attempts to find a woman for him to settle down with.
Life With Elizabeth Spanish Lessons, Tea Rooms, and Groceries (TV-G) Discover this newlywed comedy about an everyday suburban couple facing a series of unavoidable, yet humorous predicaments.
The Deputy The Lonely Road (TV-PG) While Clay is out of town, a man is paroled from the state penitentiary and returns to Silver City; Simon is concerned about the safety of his wife.
The Deputy The Return of Widow Brown (TV-PG) Upon her return after her eight-year absence, a woman whose outlaw husband had been lynched for his crimes wreaks havoc in Silver City.
Fury Joey Finds a Friend (TV-G) A man who operates the Broken Wheel Ranch in California and his adopted son, care for their beloved stallion named Fury, who only allows the boy to ride him.

« Star Trek: Enterprise Countdown (TV-PG) Archer and his allies on the Xindi council plot their move against the Insectoid and Reptilian insurgents; T'Pol and Trip do battle with the Sphere Builders.
NYPD Blue Judas Priest (TV-14) Andy and Danny must find more evidence in the Cullinan murder case; Sipowicz and Fancy try to help a fellow cop with a drinking problem.
The Commish Benny (TV-PG) When returning home from dinner with Rachels cousin, the Scalis witness a couple arguing; Tony is shocked to learn that the woman has been murdered.
Hercules: The Legendary Journeys As Darkness Falls (TV-G) As a woman named Penelope prepares for her wedding, a malevolent centaur named Nemis wishes to kidnap her for himself and Hera complies by blinding Hercules.

Corrupt Crimes Massacre at a Movie Theater (HD, TV-PG) James Holmes is found guilty of killing 12 people and injuring 70 during a shooting spree in a Colorado movie theater.
Forensic Files Pastoral Care (TV-14) The body of a female prison guard is discovered in a landfill, and a distinctive element provides a key clue towards uncovering the identity of her killer.
Forensic Files Road Rage (TV-14) Police find a woman's dead body using clues in a discarded sleeping bag, and a mark on the victim's body helps crack the case.
LAPD: Life on the Beat (TV-14) The officers search for information about a drive-by shooting; drug users are caught at an alley hangout; an inebriated citizen attempts to commit suicide.
LAPD: Life on the Beat (TV-14) Officers of the Los Angeles Police Department respond to and investigate crimes throughout the city so that criminals can be brought to justice.
LAPD: Life on the Beat (TV-14) Officers of the Los Angeles Police Department respond to and investigate crimes throughout the city so that criminals can be brought to justice.
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