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The Revolution (HD, TV-14) A proclaimed 'dream team' of experts provide life changing tips and tools to motivate viewers and 'revolutionize' all areas of their lives from the inside out.
Sex, Love and Relationships The hosts share insight on challenging and difficult problems surrounding relationships.
The Sound
Brian Houston TV (TV-G) Pastor Brian Houston presents empowering and motivational messages from the gospel that allow viewers to uncover their God-given potential.

« Airwolf Mime Troupe (TV-14) In an attempt to avenge the death of one of their members, a violent terrorist group kidnaps an unsuspecting French inspector and his daughter.
The Equalizer High Performance (TV-14) When a construction worker becomes a witness to a murder being committed, she finds herself placed in danger after the killer sees her.
The Equalizer Beyond Control (TV-14) Control asks McCall for help when a KGB agent is murdered after he infiltrates their think tank, so McCall must locate the stolen files of a secret committee.
Dan August The Law (TV-PG)

« Flipper: The New Adventures The Mayday Kid (TV-PG) When Tom receives distress calls that appear to be hoaxes, he suspects that Chris may be behind them; Chris attempts to help the victims of a boat collision.
Flipper Flipper's Odyssey, Part 3 (TV-G) Flipper slowly recovers from injuries sustained in a fight with an alligator, and Bud struggles to cope with the loss only a few miles away.
Flipper Slingshot (TV-G) Bud, Ulla and Stevie become trapped inside a wrecked vehicle when their truck swerves off the road and into a flooded drainage canal.
Sea Hunt Proof of Guilt (TV-PG) After repeated robberies of a Hawaiian girl's pearl beds, Mike sets-up an underwater TV camera in order to catch the thieves in the act.
Sea Hunt Chained (TV-PG) An undercover agent solicits Mike's assistance when immigration authorities assign him the task of infiltrating an illegal-alien smuggling operation.
Paid Program (TV-G) Sponsored television programming.

Christ Temple Church
Paid Program (TV-G) Sponsored television programming.
Valley View
Paid Program (TV-G) Sponsored television programming.
Paid Program (TV-G) Sponsored television programming.
Paid Program (TV-G) Sponsored television programming.

« Cowboy in Africa The Time of the Predator A hired cowboy travels to Africa with his Navajo assistant to work on a wild game ranch in Kenya, where the two bring their own Western style to the continent.
Fury Joey Finds a Friend (TV-G)
Fury Killer Stallion (TV-G)
The Last Picture Show (TV-14, R, ***+) Two childhood friends face the challenges of encroaching adulthood in a small Texas town in the 1950s, where the citizens are slowly moving to the big cities.

« NYPD Blue He's Not Guilty, He's My Brother (TV-14) Detectives Andy, Bobby and Diane investigate a holdup turned homicide; Theo gets his introduction to God and Andy gets reacquainted.
The Commish The Iceman Cometh (TV-PG) Stan's killer sends threats to Tony that he intends to kill Tonys wife; a man boats to the other inmates that he has hired the best hitmen in the business.
Hercules: The Legendary Journeys Les Contemptibles (TV-G) In 1789 France, a gentlewoman, Lady Marie DeValle, works alongside Fran├žois Demarigny to educate outlaws on the heroics of the Greek hero, Hercules.
Xena: Warrior Princess Takes One to Know One (TV-PG) Family and friends gather to plan a surprise celebration for Gabrielle's birthday, but the festivities are cut short when it becomes a murder mystery.
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