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Jerry Springer Clingy Coeds (TV-14) A woman who has tried to annoy her college roommate into moving out has decided that she will go to drastic means to make her leave.
Jerry Springer In Love With a Liar (HD, TV-14) A woman who thinks her relationship is going to get better despite the fact her boyfriend has cheated on her for two years is in for a rude awakening.
Impractical Jokers Mime and Punishment (TV-14) Joe, Sal, Murr and Q continue their brand of antics when they attempt to prank strangers while leading guided meditations that leave people confused.
How I Met Your Mother The Best Burger in New York (HD, TV-14) Marshall's quest to find the long-lost burger joint where he enjoyed his first burger leads the gang into an encounter with talk show host Regis Philbin.
Lo mejor de Caso cerrado (TV-14) Presentación de algunos de los mejores casos que han pasado por este segmento, todos son tratados con el mismo interés e imparcialidad por la abogada Polo.
Suelta la sopa (HD, New) Jorge Bernal trae las últimas noticias del entretenimiento, lo que pasa tras las cámaras en las grandes telenovelas y lo que la gente no sabe de sus estrellas.
Al rojo vivo (HD, New, TV-PG) Espacio que incluye varios segmentos: Al sur de la frontera, boletín de la migra, salud al día, imágenes al rojo vivo, palabras con eco, etc.
Murder, She Wrote Night of the Headless Horseman (TV-PG) Dorian, a shy lovelorn poet, is made prime suspect in a murder case where a tormentor of his is found decapitated.
Murder, She Wrote The Corpse Flew First Class (TV-PG) Jessica unravels the mystery of a murder and a missing priceless necklace.
Murder, She Wrote Crossed Up (TV-PG) Phone lines get crossed during a storm, allowing Jessica to hear something that she shouldn't, but after the storm, she can't convince anyone of what she heard.
Night Court The Last Temptation of Mac (TV-14) Christine plans a large Thanksgiving banquet for the courthouse, but all of the work stresses her out; an old classmate makes eyes at Mac.
Night Court The Law Club (TV-14) Dan's sponsor for a prestigious law club decides to seduce Christine, and Dan finds his membership in the club in danger if he lets anyone know his plans.
The Drew Carey Show There Is No Scientific Name for a Show About God (TV-14) After a bizarre mix-up ends in a grisly car accident, Drew believes that he was spared by divine intervention and begins questioning his life's purpose.
The Drew Carey Show Drew's New Assistant (TV-14) Drew is excited about being assigned a personal secretary until he discovers Mimi will be filling the job; Oswald and Lewis fill in on Jay's moving crew.
The Drew Carey Show The Front (TV-14) Drew and Lisa decide to end their relationship after office politics threaten to get them both fired; Oswald and Lewis take "smart pills" as part of a study.
The Drew Carey Show Playing a Unified Field (TV-14) Drew's love life takes a rough and rowdy turn when he starts dating his wild barber; Lisa, Kate, and Mimi all vie for the same position.
American Greed: Scams, Scoundrels and Scandals Brooklyn's Madoff; Corrupted Software (HD, TV-PG) A Brooklyn emulator of Bernie Madoff tells his story from prison; a scammer in a Chicago suburb touts his stock-trading computer program.
American Greed: Scams, Scoundrels and Scandals Greedy, Groovy Guru; Doomsday Profit (HD, TV-PG) A New Age evangelist draws 2,000 investors into her business by cooking the books; a doomsday prophet builds his underground bunker with money from investors.
Corrupt Crimes Camden Ripper (HD, TV-14) Law enforcement conducts an investigation and search of a nearby neighborhood after a homeless man discovers severed body parts in a dumpster in Camden, N.J.
Corrupt Crimes Cosa Nostra Killer (HD, TV-14) A contract killer for the mafia is profiled after being betrayed because he has too much imperative, clandestine information on certain criminal activities.
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