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Daily | 14 Day
« WAFF 48 News Today (New) A comprehensive look at local, statewide and national news events is provided by the WAFF 48 News Team, along with updates on sports and the weather forecast.
The Voyager with Josh Garcia European Wonders (HD, New, TV-G) Josh looks back at some of his top journal entries from his European adventures; in Athens, Greece, Josh makes some signature Greek delicacies.
Wilderness Vet A New Chapter (HD, New, TV-G) Dr. Oakley's job as a parent changes as her daughter prepares to graduate from school.
Journey with Dylan Dreyer Amazing Animals (HD, New, TV-G) A look is taken at some amazing and successful animal species, which includes bats in the Thailand jungles and ants in the western part of the United States.
Naturally, Danny Seo Don't Buy It, DIY It (HD, New, TV-G) Danny turns nature into clever ideas and upcycles to make something fun and new.
Health + Happiness with Mayo Clinic How to Clean Up Your Act (HD, Repeat, TV-G) Viv learns how often a person should bathe and shares five ways sodium creeps into meals; Joy meets two brave young ladies and shares advice for healthier hair.

Daily | 14 Day
Half & Half The Big Pimpin' Episode (TV-14) A rapper for Mona's music video shoot refuses to leave his dressing room until he meets Dee Dee, but Mona worries that he's taking advantage of Dee Dee.
All In with Laila Ali Fashion Forward (HD, TV-G) A designer uses science to sew by striking a balance for using needles and thread with microchips and robotics; concert pianist Yuja Wang.
All In with Laila Ali Three Point Font (HD, TV-G) South African teens are impacted by the Hoops for Hope foundation, which reaches out to children through the sport of basketball; a teen-operated newspaper.
Jewels of the Natural World Underdogs Of Africa (TV-G)
Animal Tails Tails from the Kitchen (TV-G) Comic Mark Curry presents various showcases of animal-related segments, ranging from tips from wildlife experts to performances of people and their pets.
Take the Lead (TV-14, PG-13, ***) A dissatisfied ballroom dancer assists a high school dance class in a tough district, but his knowledge and the students' style bring hopeful results.

Daily | 14 Day
« A Thunder of Drums (TV-PG, NR, **+) An arrogant lieutenant joins the cavalry of a pungent captain at an outpost in the middle of the desert surrounded by Comanche and Apache Indians.
Jack Hanna's Wild Countdown Animal Engineers (HD, TV-G) Jack Hanna explores animals that instinctively build their homes and entrapments, and shows viewers the sites of animals like Weaver Ants and Sea Turtles.
Jack Hanna's Wild Countdown Animals and Traditions (HD, TV-G) Jack Hanna learns about how certain animals are part of past and present cultures of the planet, and meets different animal herders around the world.
Ocean Treks with Jeff Corwin Grand Turk: Journey Under the Sea (HD, TV-G) Jeff sails to Grand Turk Island, where he explores the pristine deep in search of a variety of sea creatures; Jeff dives for conch and makes a conch ceviche.
Sea Rescue Lost Bearings, Found Hope (TV-G) Matt Gutman and the rescue team work to save a starving sea lion that has traveled through the waters of California, and turns up a hundred miles inland.
Sea Rescue The Right Thing to Do (TV-G) The rescue team works to help a whale that is caught in a mass of fishing tools; a bird specialist attempts to save African Penguins from becoming extinct.
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