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Access Hollywood (HD, New, TV-PG) Actor Tom Hanks and co-stars from "Inferno" are interviewed.
Two and a Half Men And the Plot Moistens (HD, TV-14) Alan forms a platonic relationship with Jake's teacher, as he enjoys the intelligent conversation they share; Charlie helps Jake rehearse for his school play.
Mike & Molly Buy the Book (HD, TV-14) Molly is thrilled to finally release her book to the public, but becomes obsessed with reloading her book's website in an effort to see if anyone is buying it.
The King of Queens Trash Talker (HD, TV-PG) Deacon makes the acquaintance of a friendly man before discovering that he has drawn Doug's considerable ire for making friends with his former rival.
The Middle Halloween IV: The Ghost Story (HD, TV-PG) Sue and her fellow Wrestlerettes hold a seance during a sleepover, leading to a claim that she has seen Christopher Columbus and one of his ships.
Mike & Molly Mike's Boss (HD, TV-14) Mike is put into an uncomfortable situation when he is forced to play matchmaker and set up his lonely mother with his boss, despite his many reservations.

Carol Burnett and Friends Guests Sammy Davis Jr. and Cher (TV-G) Harvey tries to get the deputy he used to work with when a gang comes into town; Carol turns desperate in the search for more excitement in her life.
Perry Mason The Case of the Lucky Legs (TV-PG) A beauty contest promoter offers a movie contract as the top prize, but the winner furiously confronts the promoter after learning the contract was a hoax.
The Twilight Zone Mirror Image (TV-PG) When a woman arrives at the bus station to purchase a ticket, she is shocked to discover a double of herself already on the bus as she attempts to board it.
The Alfred Hitchcock Hour Thou Still Unravished Bride (TV-PG) A man is greatly concerned for his fiancée's safety after she has taken a walk alone in the London fog while a strangler is on the loose.
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