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Two and a Half Men It Was 'Mame,' Mom (HD, TV-14) Charlie dupes Alan into masquerading as his gay life-partner in order to win the approval of a party-throwing homosexual advertising agency owner.
The King of Queens Inner Tube (HD, TV-G) Doug lies to Carrie that he has to work late, but dreams that night he is on the Wheel of Fortune and the puzzle is "Doug Heffernan is a big fat liar."
Rules of Engagement Uh-Oh It's Magic (HD, TV-14) Russell takes a date to the magic show where a magician makes her disappear; Audrey unknowingly slips up and tells Brenda's girlfriend about the baby.
The Middle Taking Back the House (HD, TV-PG) Frankie and Mike decide to take charge of their lives and the house, but the kids refuse to give up without putting up a fight first.
Raising Hope Bee Story (HD, TV-PG) Burt and Virginia conduct an investigation in an effort to expose a corporate scandal that has been exterminating all the bees around Natesville.
The Office Pilot (HD, TV-14) The regional manager of Dunder Mifflin learns his branch of the company may be downsized and he decides to keep this news from his staff.

Perry Mason The Case of the Tragic Trophy (TV-PG) A woman assumes the identity of another to gain evidence against a producer who ruined her father's career, but when a confrontation escalates, one is murdered.
The Twilight Zone Judgment Night (TV-PG) A German in World War II finds himself on board a British steamship with no recollection of how he got there, but he is sure something bad is about to happen.
The Rockford Files The No-Cut Contract (TV-PG) Men take over the trailer looking for special tapes, and Rockford wonders why they are so important, especially when another guy wants the same tapes.
Kojak Nursemaid (TV-PG) Kojak and Crocker must provide protection for an accountant because she is the sole individual to lay eyes on the people accused of murdering her supervisor.
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