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Game On (New)
New Psalmist Church Walter S. Thomas Sr. presents an inspirational message from New Psalmist Baptist Church in Baltimore, teaching the Christian tenets of faith, hope and love.
On Time (New) "On Time" explores many different topics of interest while placing a special emphasis on urban issues that affect viewers in the greater Baltimore area.
Chicken Soup for the Soul's Hidden Heroes Hungry for Help (HD, New, TV-G) A look at how a family is fed by more than just a dinner; a girl performs a medical technique she learned at her summer camp on a complete stranger.
Game Changers with Kevin Frazier Heart of a Lion (HD, New, TV-G) NFL player Glover Quin of the Detroit Lions encourages youths to have hope; disabled children's lives are changed by horseback riding; Ronda Rousey's career.
Eyewitness News Morning Weekend (New) The news of the weekend, topics of interest in the Baltimore area, weather forecasts and sports scores are presented by the Eyewitness Weekend News Team.

F Troop Will The Real Captain Try To Stand Up? (TV-G) Captain Wilton pities the town drunk, who wants to make a good impression on his daughter, and strips himself of his rank to let the guy take over.
F Troop The Singing Mountie (TV-G) A singing Mountie arrives at Fort Courage to find and capture a French-Canadian criminal who happens to be the look-alike cousin to Corporal Agarn.
F Troop How To Be F Troop Without Really Trying (TV-G) Washington orders everyone at Fort Courage to be transferred to another outpost except for Corporal Agarn, who now has to train the new G Troop alone.
F Troop Bye, Bye, Balloon (TV-G) The F Troop are under strict rule when a Prussian balloonist and colonel arrives at Fort Courage to train them to join the U.S. Balloon Corps.
F Troop Reach For The Sky, Pardner (TV-G) The payroll is stolen by bandits and the town's banker threatens foreclosure on O'Rourke's saloon, so he and the corporal fight the bandits to win it back.
F Troop The Great Troop Robbery (TV-G) Psychiatrist and thief Wise Owl contrives to pen his crimes on Corporal Agarn in order to keep stealing, and uses the corporal's head injury to his advantage.
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