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« The Talk (HD, New, TV-14) The hosts announce the nominations for the 2018 Daytime Emmy Awards; musician Elton John.
Dr. Phil We Are Being Terrorized By Our Violent, Car-Stealing, Drug-Using Teen Daughters (HD, Repeat, TV-14) A couple claims their unruly teenage daughters' behavior, which includes physical violence, substance abuse and underage drinking, is ruining their lives.
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The Mary Tyler Moore Show The Shame of the Cities (TV-G) With Mary having recently been promoted to newsroom producer, Lou is overcome by nostalgia for his old days as a hardnosed investigative reporter.
The Bob Newhart Show Motel (TV-G) Bob tries to set Jerry up with a pretty girl when the two friends travel out of town, but she quickly makes it known that she would rather spend time with Bob.
The Bob Newhart Show Backlash (TV-G) Just before Bob and Emily are scheduled to go on vacation in Mexico, Bob's back is injured and Emily comes down with a nasty case of the flu.
Newhart The Girl from Manhattan (TV-PG) Joanna convinces Dick to replace the town's endless non-musical productions of "My Fair Lady" with a staging of his own play, "The Girl from Manhattan."
Newhart Lady and the Tramps (TV-PG) Stephanie gets lost in the woods in the middle of a snowstorm and decides to take refuge in an empty cabin which turns out to belongs to Larry and the Darryls.
Ed Sullivan Show The universal appeal of this variety show attracted people from diverse backgrounds, cultures, and economies; the eclectic entertainment had something for all.
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