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Modern Family Slow Down Your Neighbors (HD, TV-PG) Claire becomes a neighborhood vigilante to stop a speeding car; Phil tries to land important listing; Jay teaches Manny to ride a bike; mysterious neighbor.
Modern Family My Hero (TV-PG) An ex of Mitch invites the whole family out to a fundraising event at the local roller rink; Manny and Luke must choose subjects for their 'My Hero' essays.
The Simpsons The Day the Violence Died (TV-14) When Bart meets a homeless man who claims to be the original creator of the "Itchy and Scratchy" show, Bart encourages him to claim what is rightfully his.
Law and Order: SVU
Seinfeld The Bottle Deposit, Part 1 (TV-PG) Kramer and Newman invent a lucrative recycling scheme for Mother's Day; Jerry has trouble with his auto mechanic; Elaine buys Kennedy's golf clubs for Peterman.
Community Basic Genealogy (TV-PG) The gang's families show up for the fun during Family Day at the college; Jeff helps Pierce connect with his stepdaughter, and gains an admirer.
Community Geography of Global Conflict (TV-PG) Chang has a new job as a campus security officer; Britta is overwhelmed with feelings of civil disobedience when a friend is taken hostage; Annie has a frenemy.
American Dad! Max Jets (TV-14) Roger announces the return of one of his characters that enjoys giving the Smiths gifts, but when he falls for a waitress it threatens their inheritance.
Get Smart KAOS in CONTROL (TV-G) KAOS crashes a conference of the world's smartest scientists hosted by CONTROL.
The Twilight Zone The Bewitchin' Pool (TV-PG) Two children are neglected by their mean and incessantly bickering parents, but they soon discover a secret world hidden at the bottom of their swimming pool.
Perry Mason The Case of the Substitute Face (TV-PG) A man is first presumed drowned when he jumps overboard from a cruise ship but it soon becomes a murder case when his body is washed ashore with a bullet wound.
Dragnet The Big Problem (TV-G) Friday and Gannon find themselves at a standstill when a man barricades himself in an apartment when faced with an arrest for traffic violations.
Adam-12 Trouble in the Bank (TV-PG) Malloy and Reed stop by a bank for Reed to drop off a deposit, and they run right into a robbery; the police officers make a deal with the robbers.
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