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Jerry Springer 2nd Thought T.H.O.T.S. (New, TV-14) Rashard thinks things are moving too fast with his girlfriend Hannah and wants to end the relationship; Zack thinks his marriage might be in jeopardy.
The Steve Wilkos Show My Son Was Murdered, I Need The Truth (New, TV-14) India found her boyfriend, Kenny, in a pool of blood after being shot, though Kenny's mother thinks that she had something to do with it.
The Dr. Oz Show Back From the Dead Stories: The Man Who Said He Went to Hell (HD, New, TV-PG) A man who says he has seen hell, talks about his life changing experience; psychic mediums Char Margolis and John Edward join the show to discuss their powers.
Law & Order: Criminal Intent Blink (TV-14) The investigation of the murder of a math student employed as a card-counter in a poker club leads to a large computer gambling ring.
Community Basic Lupine Urology (TV-14) Annie's discovery of the group's science project shattered to pieces in the science lab causes them to start a hunt for the saboteur of their biology grade.
Community Basic Genealogy (TV-14) The gang's families show up for the fun during Family Day at the college; Jeff helps Pierce connect with his stepdaughter, and gains an admirer.
How I Met Your Mother Swarley (TV-PG) Ted and Barney talk Marshall into going on a date with a girl, but after a closer look, the two of them decide she has "crazy eyes."
How I Met Your Mother Splitsville (TV-14) Robin is hesitant to break up with Nick, so Barney takes matters into his own hands; Marshall and Lily are desperate to find some alone time together.
Gunsmoke The Raid, Part 2 (TV-PG) Much of the posse is forced to stay behind in Dodge to fight the fires set by Stark's gang, but Matt still manages to take a small crew to hunt for the bandits.
Bonanza The Twenty-Sixth Grave (TV-G) Claim jumping and an unsolved murder are unearthed by Samuels Clemens as his tall tales force powerful, though dangerous, participants into the open.
The Rifleman Boomerang (TV-G) A rancher's son puts the sole blame on a banker for his father's death after the bank foreclosed the mortgage on his land and other properties.
The Rifleman The Mind Reader (TV-G) After a wealthy rancher is found murdered, Mark suggests that they go to a mind reader for assistance in finding and apprehending the killer.
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