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The Wendy Williams Show Holiday Gift Grab! (HD, New, TV-PG) Businessman Donald Trump gives a behind-the-scenes look at "Celebrity Apprentice" and shares on "Hot Topics"; fashion expert Kate Dimmock.
The Real Chattn' It Up with Rockmond Dunbar (HD, New, TV-PG) The star of "The Mentalist" on CBS, Rockmond Dunbar, joins the show; Dante answers three questions asked by the audience about relationships.
The Dr. Oz Show Jennifer Aniston's Breakout Role: Shining A Spotlight On A Hidden Epidemic (HD, New, TV-PG) Doctor Oz discusses Jennifer Aniston's new role playing a character who suffers from chronic pain and is addicted to pain killers, and how it helps Americans.
Law and Order: SVU
Community Herstory of Dance (TV-PG) When Dean Pelton begins putting together a "Sadie Hawkins" dance for the students of Greendale, Britta decides to plan a "Sophie B. Hawkins" dance as protest.
Community Abed's Uncontrollable Christmas (TV-14) Abed thinks he and the group have to re-discover Christmas; Jeff and Britta worry about Abed's mental health; the group undergoes hypnosis.
How I Met Your Mother Rabbit or Duck (TV-14) After forgetting to find Ted a blind date for Valentine's Day, Lilly and Marshall use one of Barney's discarded girls; Robin gets invited to a party.
How I Met Your Mother Where Were We (TV-14) Marshal struggles to deal with Lily leaving as Barney takes him out for a night at a strip club and Ted treats him to a Yankees game.
Gunsmoke Lobo (TV-G) Matt joins another bounty hunter on the hunt for a wild wolf that has been attacking citizens in town, but Matt's old friend vehemently opposes the killing.
Bonanza The Fugitive (TV-G) The Ponderosa foreman receives word that his son is dead and on reading the letter Adam decides to travel to Mexico to retrieve the body and investigate.
The Rifleman Duel of Honor (TV-G) Town bully Groder mocks an Italian Count because of his clothes in North Fork, leading the Count to challenge Groder to a duel with Lucas as his second.
The Rifleman The Safe Guard (TV-G) A reformed outlaw arrives in North Fork to start a new life as a bank security guard but problems arise when three men wanting to rob the bank are old friends.
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