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Maury The Sex Texts and Test Will Prove You're a Cheater! (TV-14) A woman who has found panties, bras and jewelry in her boyfriends car wants him to prove that he's not cheating by taking a lie detector test.
Dr. Phil I Am God's Prophet and My Family Is Trying to Destroy Me (TV-PG) A woman believes she is "God's chosen prophet" and has the ability to cure rare forms of cancer, foresee mass destruction, and drive away sickness and sin.
2 Broke Girls And the Pre-Approved Credit Card (TV-14) A new pre-approved credit card causes a little bit of stress between Max and Caroline; Earl's estranged son shows up in New York with hopes of becoming a comic.
Mike & Molly Checkpoint Joyce (TV-14) Mike must arrest Joyce when she drives under the influence and declines to take a breathalyzer at a checkpoint, but his arrest could affect the household.
Hot in Cleveland I Just Met the Man I'm Going to Marry (TV-PG) The ladies go to watch Victoria announce the Oscar nominations; Elka gets campaign advice; Victoria fears the future; Joy meets the man she's going to marry.
Hot in Cleveland People Feeding People (TV-PG) Melanie gets strong-armed into going on a date with Ross Barkley to help Elka get his endorsement for City Council; Joy must hide her feelings for Mitch.
Crazy Talk (TV-PG) The hosts discuss a "Maury" guest; a girl with "a bad case of bad taco."
Crazy Talk (TV-PG) Hosts discuss the life of "Family Feud question guy"; from "Boss Nails" star Dana Cody is interviewed.
Maury Did My Husband Have a Love Child with His Mistress? (TV-14) Samantha wants to prove to her ex and his wife that he is the father of her one month old child; Skye wants to prove that her ex is that father of her child.
Emergency! It's How You Play the Game (TV-G) The losing baseball team at the Firemen's Picnic must pay for the event; a house fire burns more hotly than expected because of the presence of moonshine.
C.H.i.P's The Grudge (TV-PG) Ponch and Jon find themselves targets of a vendetta by some disgruntled students after arresting some of their frat brothers for possession of marijuana.
Mama's Family The Big Nap (TV-PG) Mama is addicted to watching detective films, and when Iola's mother goes missing, Mama dreams she is a private investigator working on the case.
Mama's Family Pinup Mama (TV-PG) Mama and Iola make a flyer to attract men to a church dance, but when Bubba jokingly puts Mama's head on a bikini clad body, the men get the wrong idea.
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