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The Steve Wilkos Show These Accusations Are Criminal (TV-14) A woman stayed with her boyfriend even after allegations that he may be abusing her child, but now she's wondering if there was any truth to it.
The Dr. Oz Show Can You Trick Your Body Into Burning Stored Fat? (TV-PG) Dr. Oz talks about Ketosis, an increasingly popular lifestyle trend that burns fat for fuel, as doctors claim the diet can combat diabetes and cancer.
Maury Sizzling Summer Throwback Thursday (New, TV-14) Maury celebrates a special "Throwback Thursday" by looking back at some of the most outrageous and infamous guests on the show.
Community Introduction to Finality (TV-14) Jeff agrees to defend Shirley when her disagreement with Pierce becomes a case in the "Greendale Summer Fun Court"; Dean Laybourne makes one last play for Troy.
Community Accounting for Lawyers (TV-14) Jeff runs into a former colleague and after the two reconnect he falls back into some of his old ways; the study group is corrupted when they try to intervene.
How I Met Your Mother Home Wreckers (TV-14) After seeing his mother's affectionate relationship at her wedding, Ted begins to question his own life, which leads him to make an impulsive decision.
How I Met Your Mother Stuff (TV-PG) Robin insists that Ted get rid of his collection of gifts from old girlfriends, but she balks when asked to part with her own stash; Barney puts on a play.
Hot in Cleveland Corpse Bride (TV-14) Melanie receives the engagement ring of her dreams but not the way that she expected; Joy must deal with mysterious family issues.
Hot in Cleveland All My Exes (TV-PG) Victoria calls up her many ex-husbands in order to find out where things went wrong; at the hospital, Joy and Melanie fantasize over a man in a coma.
Bonanza Danger Road (TV-G) Freight-hauler, Gunny, is offered a dangerous job by Ben to prove his mettle, when his rival Cambeau turns it down, but Cambeau watches the progress closely.
The Rifleman Lariat (TV-G) An old friend of Lucas' is quickly befriended by a group of gamblers after he is accused of cheating at cards in his own casino establishment.
The Rifleman Smoke Screen (TV-G) Several men compete for the chance to date a rancher's daughter, but each and every single of them become suspects when she is found murdered.
Emergency! Loose Ends (TV-G) A driver dies when he is involved in a wreck with Dr. Brackett, and the doctor blames himself; a shootout occurs while John and Roy are repairing the squad car.
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