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« Bones The Puzzler in the Pit (HD, New, TV-14) The team investigates the death of a crossword puzzle champion by questioning his fellow players and discovers that he had been suffering from a mental illness.
Gracepoint Episode Eight (HD, New, TV-14) The Solano family attempts to return to a normal life, albeit without their son, by going back to work and school while the search for Danny's killer continues.
FOX 54 Nine O' Clock News
Modern Family Las Vegas (TV-PG) The adults are heading to Vegas and Jay is able to get Excelsior Level hotel accommodations thanks to one of his big clients; Clarie hits the tables.
« The Mentalist Scarlett Fever (TV-14) Jane and the team uncover love affairs and drug abuse while investigating the mysterious poisoning death of a country club's "queen bee."
The Mentalist Bloodshot (TV-14) Patrick Jane must rely more heavily on his other senses during the investigation into the death of a financial advisor after an explosion takes his eyesight.
Seinfeld The Jimmy (TV-PG) Elaine dates a man whose habit of speaking in third person causes a wide array of confusion; George is blamed for the theft of Yankees' sports equipment.
Seinfeld Good News, Bad News (TV-PG) Jerry meets an attractive woman while doing stand-up on the road, but he cannot figure out whether her intentions are romantic or platonic.
Two and a Half Men Waiting for the Right Snapper (TV-14) Charlie must resist temptation when he meets the grown daughter of the older woman he has been dating and realizes that it isn't their first encounter.
Mayberry R.F.D. (TV-G) Farmer Sam Jones and his son Mike move to the beloved town of Mayberry and become involved with the residents.
Hogan's Heroes It's Dynamite (TV-G) Hogan must think quick when the dynamite truck he planned on stealing deviates from its scheduled route.
Gilligan's Island Slave Girl (TV-G) A native girl vows to become Gilligan's servant for life after he rescues her from a near-drowning incident, but her boyfriend shows up to stake his claim.
Welcome Back Kotter Career Day (TV-PG) During the school's Career Day, Kotter is offered a high-paying position with a Japanese businessman, which pays three times what he makes as a teacher.
Welcome Back Kotter Inherit the Halibut (TV-PG) All of the Sweathogs' treasury money has been stolen, and because Washington had just purchased a new bike, all fingers are pointing at him.
Cheers King of the Hill (TV-PG) Diane is completely surprised when Sam agrees to play in a charity softball game, but she discovers the real reason for his apparent generosity.
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