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« NBA Basketball Golden State Warriors at Houston Rockets from Toyota Center (HD) Golden State has won four of the past five meetings with Houston, including a 124-114 victory on Jan. 4, as Draymond Green finished with a triple-double.
KSFY News @ 10 (New)
The Outdoorsman with Buck McNeely Belize Jungle River Fishing (HD, Repeat, TV-PG) Host Buck McNeely journeys to Belize with his son, Max, as they visit the Cotton Tree Lodge and venture through the rain forest to fish the rivers.
Blue Bloods Genetics (HD, TV-14) Eddie and Jamie get involved in an adoption case between a child's birth and adoptive parents; Frank investigates reports of cadets who cheated on their exams.

Bob's Burgers Bad Tina (HD, TV-14) In an effort to get form a closer relationship with Jimmy Junior, Tina starts hanging out with a rebellious, bad girl named Tammy.
Seinfeld The Checks (HD, TV-PG) Jerry receives a barrage of royalty checks from Japan; Kramer escorts Japanese tourists around New York; George is obsessed with a cultish carpet cabal.
Seinfeld The Chicken Roaster (HD, TV-PG) Kramer and Jerry switch apartments when a new chicken restaurant puts up a neon sign outside Kramer's apartment; Elaine abuses her company expense account.
The King of Queens Flame Resistant (HD, TV-PG) Doug's mother, Janet, has kept contact with Doug's high school girlfriend which makes Carrie uneasy so she attempts to erase her from Janet's life.
The Cleveland Show Wheel! Of! Family! (HD, TV-14) Cleveland and Donna find themselves completely overwhelmed by their children's hectic schedules as Cleveland Jr. takes up pole-dancing.
Swinging with the Finkels (TV-14, R, *+) After the passion and romance in their marriage fades, a suburban couple decides to energize their ho-hum relationship by engaging in consensual affairs.

« Svengoolie (TV-PG) Horror host introduces classic horror and science fiction movies, spanning over its many subgenres, while offering puns, trivia and commentary.
Batman Green Ice (TV-PG) Mr. Freeze is back in Gotham City stirring up trouble as he seeks revenge on Batman and Robin and begins his tirade by framing the Duo for taking bribes.
Batman Deep Freeze (TV-PG) The heroes of Gotham City have their work cut out for them, as Mr. Freeze is back in town and making a threat to put the city out of commission by icing it.
Star Trek Obsession (TV-G) Captain Kirk comes face-to-face with a blood-sucking creature that is responsible for the death a commanding officer he served under before the Enterprise.
Battlestar Galactica Decimated by a cybernetic race of warmongers, Commander Adama leads a fleet of ragtag human survivors in search of a mythical planet called Earth.
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