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First News at 5:00 (New) The events and stories that have shaped the day's news, business matters, sports scores and weather forecast are reported by the KFYR Evening News Team.
NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt from Philadelphia (HD, New) Crucial events and developments from the United States and around the world are covered by the anchors and correspondents of the NBC News team.
Evening Report (New) The day's headline news items are presented by the KFYR Evening News Team, along with the latest sports scores and the Bismarck area weather report.
Wheel of Fortune Beaches Resorts Family Week (HD, Repeat, TV-G) Contestants contend with a fickle wheel as they earn cash and prizes, including cars and trips, for solving word puzzles by filling in missing letters.
Running Wild with Bear Grylls Zac Efron (HD, Repeat, TV-PG) Survivalist Bear Grylls takes actor Zac Efron into the wilderness around the Northeast Appalachian mountain range where the two embark on a survival journey.
Mike & Molly Mike Goes to the Opera (HD, TV-14) Mike unexpectedly falls ill during a night out at the opera with Molly; Mike's mom and Molly clash over who can take better care of a sick Mike.
Mike & Molly To Have and Withhold (HD, TV-14) Molly's big advance from her book publisher is at risk of being reneged upon after she suffers from a bout of writer's block, and Mike is her sole salvation.
The Big Bang Theory The Agreement Dissection (HD, TV-14) Priya decides to use her lawyer skills to pick apart the roommate agreement, thus putting Sheldon in his place; the girls decide to take Sheldon out dancing.
The Big Bang Theory The Guitarist Amplification (HD, TV-PG) When an argument between Penny and Leonard brings up repressed memories from his youth, Sheldon is forced to act as a moderator between his friends.
Home Free Flying Solo; Skill Got It (HD, New, TV-PG) As the contestants move closer to the end of the competition, they must all work overtime to try to stay in the game and away from elimination.
Mama's Family Mama and Dr. Brothers (TV-PG) Naomi phones a local talk show to seek professional advice after experiencing problems in the bedroom, much to the shock and embarrassment of Mama and Vint.
Mama's Family Cat's Meow (TV-PG) Iola is heartbroken when her beloved pet cat dies, and being unable to let go of the animal, she has him freeze-dried in order to cope with her loss.
M*A*S*H Pressure Points (TV-PG) Colonel Potter calls Dr. Freedman when he loses confidence in his surgical skills, and Winchester becomes the biggest slob in The Swamp.
M*A*S*H Where There's a Will, There's a War (TV-PG) Frightened for his life, Hawkeye decides to make out his will when he goes to the front to help at an aid station that comes under heavy shelling.
The Andy Griffith Show A Wife for Andy (TV-G) Barney tries desperately to help marry off Andy by parading every eligible woman around in front of him to narrow down the best match.
The Andy Griffith Show Dogs, Dogs, Dogs (TV-G) The sheriff's office receives needed assistance from Opie and his four-legged pals when the state inspector visits the Mayberry jailhouse to offer more funding.
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