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Evening Report The day's headline news items are presented by the KFYR Evening News Team, along with the latest sports scores and the Bismarck area weather report.
Wheel of Fortune Desert Oasis (HD, Repeat, TV-G) Contestants contend with a fickle wheel as they earn cash and prizes, including cars and trips, for solving word puzzles by filling in missing letters.
American Ninja Warrior National Finals Week 1 (HD, New, TV-PG) With a $1 million cash prize and title of "American Ninja Warrior" at stake, top competitors from the City Finals attempt to complete an obstacle course.
The Big Bang Theory The Transporter Malfunction (HD, TV-PG) Penny decides to buy Leonard and Sheldon "Star Trek" collectibles as a friendly gesture, but Sheldon accidentally breaks Leonard's Mr. Spock; Raj's future wife.
The Big Bang Theory The Apology Insufficiency (HD, TV-14) The FBI interviews the guys for a new project and the answers Sheldon gives during the interview puts Howard's security clearance in jeopardy.
So You Think You Can Dance The Next Generation: Top 5 Perform + Elimination (HD, New, TV-PG) The remaining 5 contestants from auditions and the Academy perform for the judges and America; one dancer will be eliminated after the nation votes.
M*A*S*H Showtime (TV-PG) Captain Kaplan is finally able to leave, but in his waning days at camp, he becomes paranoid that something bad will happen to him before he can leave.
M*A*S*H Divided We Stand (TV-PG) General Clayton assigns a psychiatrist to examine the unit to see if they should be disbanded following negative reports from Frank and Margaret.
The Andy Griffith Show The Lucky Letter (TV-G) Barney believes that he is jinxed when he has several accidents after discarding a "lucky" chain letter, and believes his misfortune will lead to being fired.
The Andy Griffith Show Goober and the Art of Love (TV-G) Andy and Barney fix Goober up with Lydia Crosswaithe after they grow tired of Goober being a fifth wheel during their double dates.
Happy Days Fonsilectomy (TV-G) Fonzie must be hospitalized after suffering from a bad case of tonsillitis and he cannot attend the big Halloween party everyone is talking about.
Gilligan's Island Diamonds Are an Ape's Best Friend (TV-G) Mrs. Howell eyes the rest of the castaways as potential thieves after her beloved diamond pin suddenly goes missing, but a primate is really to blame.
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