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Action Sports JAX Primetime
Modern Family The Storm (HD, TV-PG) When a huge thunderstorm knocks out the power all across town, the entire family gathers at Jay and Gloria's house to use their generator.
Modern Family I Don't Know How She Does It (HD, TV-PG) Phil is curiously frustrated at how easily Claire balances her life; sleep deprived Jay and Gloria go behind each other's backs to cut corners.
Two and a Half Men My Damn Stalker (HD, TV-14) Rose announces that she is moving to London, and Charlie must face his feelings; Alan adds fluff to his Internet dating profile, attracting an onlooker.
Two and a Half Men Young People Have Phlegm Too (HD, TV-14) Although Charlie ignores his ideas, Alan thinks that his brother may be too old to keep up with his new 24-year-old girlfriend named Robin.
Family Guy The Perfect Castaway (TV-14) After spending several months stranded on an island, Peter returns home to find that he has been supplanted as man of the Griffin household.
« Kolchak: The Night Stalker Firefall Intrepid investigative reporter Carl Kolchak has a first-rate knack for seeking out the truth, no matter how unlikely it might be.
The Honeymooners Pal O' Mine (TV-G) Ralph finds a ring and mistakes it as a gift to him; when it is explained that it's actually a gift for a newly promoted co-worker, Ralph's feelings are hurt.
The Odd Couple What Makes Felix Run (TV-G) Felix has another argument with Gloria and asks Oscar to help him learn to stop being such a neat freak, but his attempts to help are not successful.
Cheers Get Your Kicks on Route 666 (TV-PG) Sam, Norm, and Cliff decide to accompany Frasier on a road trip designed to help him find himself, but they end up stranded in the middle of the desert.
The Bob Newhart Show A Crime Most Foul (TV-G) Bob turns into a detective after learning that his expensive tape recorder has gone missing and turns everyone into a suspect in the disappearance.
The Mary Tyler Moore Show Anyone Who Hates Kids and Dogs (TV-G) Mary is enthusiastic about her budding relationship with a new love interest but has a difficult time dealing with his twelve-year-old son.
« Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Babel (TV-PG) A mysterious device in one of the replicators causes a viral outbreak that threatens the entire station, as the staff races against time to find a cure.
Star Trek: Voyager Emanations (TV-PG) Following a transporter glitch, an alien race believes Kim is one of their own reincarnated, and they see his denial of this as a threat to their belief system.
Star Trek: Enterprise The Forge (TV-PG) T'Pol receives a mystery gift from her mother which leads her and Archer into the desert in search of the Vulcans suspected in the embassy suicide bombing.
NYPD Blue Where's 'Swaldo? (TV-14) Martinez and Medavoy are stonewalled in their examination of a homicide at a bodega; Fancy scrutinizes Andy and Bobby's investigation of Kwasi's murder.
« Elementary Rekt in Real Life (HD, New, TV-14) Holmes and Watson investigate the death of a professional eSports player who was murdered while his fans watched during a video live stream.
Action News at 11:00pm on CBS47 (HD, New) The day's headline news items are presented by the Action News Team, along with the latest sports updates and the Jacksonville area weather report.
Action Sports JAX Primetime (New)
In Depth with Graham Bensinger Russell Westbrook (HD, New, TV-PG) Sports reporter and host Graham Bensinger sits down with athletes, and other professional television and sports journalists, to talk about current events.
Rizzoli & Isles Food for Thought (HD, TV-14) Overwhelming evidence suggests that the death of a food-truck chef was the result of a poisoning; Tommy reveals the big plans he has for the future.
« The Jayne Mansfield Story (TV-PG, NR, **) From her beginnings as a Dallas student to a sex symbol of the 1950s, actress Jayne Mansfield enjoys fame and a relationship with bodybuilder Mickey Hargitay.
The Merv Griffin Show Featuring Jayne Mansfield and Henny Youngman (TV-14) Television host and entertainer Merv Griffin welcomes various celebrity guests to the show for interviews and performances.
The Merv Griffin Show Featuring Bette Davis, Olivia de Havilland, and Samantha Eggar (TV-14) Television host and entertainer Merv Griffin welcomes various celebrity guests to the show for interviews and performances.
The Bill Engvall Show PromZilla (TV-PG) Bill becomes suspicious of Susan when he notices that she's going overboard with Lauren's prom preparations; Trent and Bryan plan to gain fame on the Internet.
« Touched by an Angel Last Call (TV-G) Monica considers her assignment to change someone's life with a miracle as she observes the customers of a downtown bar.
Touched by an Angel Missing in Action (TV-G) Monica assumes the identity of an 80-year-old woman in order to better understand an elderly Army veteran who sits on a park bench day after day.
Touched by an Angel Full Moon (TV-G) Sarah grows fearful when she learns that the man who raped her six years before is now up for parole, and Monica encourages her to tell her husband.
Touched by an Angel An Angel by Any Other Name (TV-G) A gardener who takes great pride in her well-tended yard has difficulty accepting her new neighbors but they attempt to win her over with Monica's help.
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