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The Cleveland Show The One About Friends (TV-14) Cleveland invites Lester's son over, but he gets too attached to the family, and the extreme measures Cleveland takes to get rid of the boy quickly backfire.
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The King of Queens Mammary Lane (TV-PG) Carrie agrees to baby-sit her boss's son but is disgusted when the toddler is obsessed with her breasts; Spence's TiVo thinks he is gay.
The King of Queens Separation Anxiety (TV-PG) Deacon babysits while Kelly goes to the movies with Carrie but while there, one of Carrie's co-workers shows interest in Kelly which makes Deacon jealous.
Anger Management Charlie and the Twins (TV-14) Charlie makes the mistake of sleeping with Jordan's promiscuous twin sister and must find a way to make things right between him and his doctor.

Good Times The Evans Get Involved, Part 2 (TV-PG) Willona and the Evans are convinced that Penny is being abused by her mother but the family doctor refuses to believe their claims.
'Til Death Webby's Not Happy (HD, TV-PG) When Eddie's single friend comes by and shares tales of his wild adventures, Joy makes it her mission to get him into a committed relationship.
'Til Death Summer of Love (HD, TV-PG) Jeff and Joy are initially reluctant to join in on the fun when Eddie, Steph, Allison and her new boyfriend start to enjoy their summer vacation.
Airwolf Sweet Britches (TV-14) When a lawless sheriff jails one of Hawke's old Vietnam buddies, he finds an ally in a Texas Highway Patrol deputy pilot to pursue the sheriff.
Airwolf Firestorm (TV-14) In order to prevent a retired Army general from launching a nuclear missile at Moscow, Hawke must team with an alcoholic ex-flier.

Friends The One with the Stain (TV-14) Chandler hires a maid, whom Monica suspects is stealing her clothing; Eric has trouble forgetting Ursula when he breaks up with her to date Phoebe.
Friends The One with the Stripper (TV-14) Monica tries to make up for having an exotic dancer at her bachelorette party by hiring Chandler a stripper; Rachel tells her dad she's pregnant.
Rules of Engagement Snoozin' for a Bruisin' (TV-14) When Jeff and Audrey switch sides of the bed, Jeff inadvertently rolls over and strikes Audrey in the face, landing her in the hospital.
Rules of Engagement Old Timer's Day (TV-14) Jeff invites Audrey to watch him play softball to prove that he is still young and spry, but a sneeze during his at-bat quickly undoes his plans.
Two and a Half Men Go East on Sunset Until You Reach the Gates of Hell (TV-PG) Alan fails to bond with Jake over a weekend, so Charlie consoles his brother by taking him out drinking, only for them to wind up drunkenly cursing Evelyn.
Two and a Half Men Oontz. Oontz. Oontz. (TV-14) Walden and Alan foster a six-year-old boy, but Walden soon becomes disappointed with his parenting skills after they fail to bond like he had hoped for.

The Nanny A Fine Family Feud (TV-PG) Fran schedules to have Maggie's 16th birthday party at her aunt's dance club, but she must first settle a decades-old argument between her mother and her aunt.
Miami Vice Golden Triangle, Part 1 (TV-PG) As Crockett and Tubbs pretend to be hotel security guards, a man approaches them with a plan to raid the hotel vault and clean all the safe deposit boxes.
Quantum Leap The Leap Home, Part 2 - April 7, 1970 (TV-PG) After winning the high school basketball championship, Sam leaps into the body of a soldier fighting with his brother in Vietnam and tries to save his life.
Make Room for Daddy Charley the Tiger (TV-G) A successful nightclub singer encounters a variety of amusing and difficult-to-handle situations while attempting to find a balance between work and family.
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