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The Big Bang Theory The Pirate Solution (HD, TV-PG) Raj faces deportation back to India when his job situation turns sour, but Sheldon has a unique solution to the problem; Leonard and Penny deal with Howard.
The Big Bang Theory The Rhinitis Revelation (HD, TV-PG) Sheldon craves motherly love but is forced to compete with his friends for the attention of his own mother when she comes to town to visit him.
The Mentalist Carnelian Inc. (HD, TV-14) Jane takes on greed and betrayal in corporate America when the team investigates a series of murders at a financial firm's retreat in the Sierra Nevadas.
The Mentalist Russet Potatoes (HD, TV-14) Jane and the CBI team tracks down a criminal mastermind that is hypnotizing peaceful people into doing his evil bidding by ordering them kill others.
« Full of Life (TV-PG, NR, ***) A couple is excited about the soon arrival of their first child but run into issues when they have to reevaluate their values after a home repair comes up.
The Solid Gold Cadillac (TV-PG, NR, ***) A small-time shareholder shakes up a major corporation by taking it upon herself to finally rid the board of corrupt directors for improved business ethics.
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