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Rules of Engagement Little Bummer Boy (HD, TV-14) Russell borrows a holiday concept of gift-giving from Adam, to the surprise of others; Audrey wants to make people laugh at Jeff's holiday party.
Rules of Engagement Shy Dial (HD, TV-14) Jeff uses an app on his phone that puts him through to Audrey's voicemail; Adam makes friends with a clothing salesman who helps defend his fashion sense.
The Security Brief with Paul Viollis Love. Sex. Crimes. (HD, New, TV-PG) A young woman begins to date a local pastor but soon finds out that he is secretly already married and also has contracted HIV.
Cougar Town (HD, TV-14) A recently divorced single mother explores the honest truths about dating and aging in a culture that is obsessed with perfecting beauty and keeping youth.
The Cleveland Show A Short Story and a Tall Tale (HD, TV-14) Cleveland gets rowdy while at a basketball game, and players visit Stoolbend; Rallo befriends a little person that he meets at the store.
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