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Forensic Files A Woman Scorned (TV-14) Joann Katrinak told her friends about a disturbing phone call from a stranger, then three days later she and her infant son disappeared.
Forensic Files Innocence Lost (TV-14) Melissa Branned disappears and police zero in on a suspect and find blue fibers in his car which they hope will match the outfit the girl was last seen wearing.
Forensic Files 'Til Death Do Us Part (TV-14) Man dies after being taken to the hospital with strange symptoms and poison is found in his body as well as the thermos his wife brought him.
Forensic Files Ties That Bind (TV-14) In their attempts to locate and apprehend a criminal responsible for the death of two boys, investigators find a clue in the form of an unusual piece of rope.
Forensic Files Body of Evidence (TV-14) A computer enhancement technique provides new evidence in the case of a husband who returns home to find his wife dead.
Forensic Files Accident or Murder? (TV-14) When a woman's body is found at the bottom of the basement stairs, police believe she died as a result of an accidental fall.
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