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« The Talk (HD, New, TV-14) The hosts announce the nominations for the 2018 Daytime Emmy Awards; musician Elton John.
Pickler & Ben (HD, New) Scotty McCreery performs; Kimberley Locke shares her recipe for Thai spring rolls; Luke Bryan talks about his upcoming tour; Richard Rawlings plays a game.
WVLT Local 8 News First @ 4 (New) The day's top news events are examined by the WVLT Local 8 Evening News Team, along with the latest business, sports, weather and rush-hour traffic updates.
WVLT Local 8 News @ 5PM (New)

« The Doctors Ask THE DOCTORS' Episode: Sex at a Friend's House? The Food That Could Help (New, TV-14) Etiquette for having sex while staying at a friend's home; a food that may help fight cervical cancer; a guest with an embarrassing skin tag below the waist.
How I Met Your Mother The Duel (HD, TV-PG) Ted and Marshall decide to settle their apartment dispute in the most civilized way possible, which turns out to be with an epic swordfight.
The King of Queens Hero Worship (HD, TV-PG) After Doug's uncle offers him the money, he thinks about starting his own sandwich shop, but Carrie is not so sure of Doug's ability to run a business.
Anger Management Charlie's New Sex Study Partner (HD, TV-14) Charlie searches for a psychologist to replace Kate in his sex study; Lacey and Jennifer decide to convince Sean into thinking that he has gotten them pregnant.
Anger Management Charlie and the Sex Addict (HD, TV-14) Charlie potentially makes a big mistake when he returns the advances of Jordan's Alcoholics Anonymous sponsor, who happens to also be a sex addict.
Friends The One with Chandler in a Box (HD, TV-14) Chandler agrees to spend Thanksgiving in a shipping crate as penance for kissing Kathy; The gang decides to give each other Secret Santa gifts.

« The People's Court Making a mommy mad. (HD, Repeat, TV-PG) Real-life litigants settle actual small claims cases before a judge, a studio audience, and legal experts, who all provide their own take on the trial.
The Robert Irvine Show Pay Me Back My Money, I Know You Got It (HD, Repeat, TV-14) Host Robert Irvine attempts to counsel two former friends who almost fight when one accuses the other of allegedly not repaying a loan.
Maury You Slept With All of Our Co-Workers... That's Not My Baby! (Repeat, TV-14) Lauren is upset that her son's father Auston has been denying their child and wants to prove that the child is his; Jasmine claims that Ali got her pregnant.
Last Man Standing Putting a Hit on Christmas (HD, TV-PG) Vanessa misses the no-fuss Christmases when it was just her and Mike, so he decides a family-free Christmas is the perfect gift.

« American Greed: Scams, Scoundrels and Scandals Allen Stanford: The Dark Knight (HD) "Sir" Allen Stanford's firm sold certificates of deposit which he claimed came from his bank in Antigua but were actually part of his $7 billion Ponzi scheme.
American Greed: Scams, Scoundrels and Scandals Fraudster of the Opera; Frozen Assets (HD) A philanthropist donates some of the $22 million he swindled his clients out of; a venture capitalist buys part of an NHL team with money from his Ponzi scheme.
Corrupt Crimes A Rogue Trader (HD, TV-PG) A broker decides to deal in unauthorized trading, which causes the Barings Bank to collapse; Lance Armstrong admitted that he took performance enhancing drugs.
Corrupt Crimes A Murder in Michigan (HD, TV-PG) Tara Lynn Grant was strangled and dismembered by her husband; masterminds behind "Unlimited Operation" stole $45 million from ATMs worldwide.
Corrupt Crimes A Reality TV Murder (HD, TV-PG) The former producer of "Survivor", murdered his wife while they were on vacation; Bell, California almost went bankrupt because of corruption scandals.
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