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The Late Late Show with James Corden
Extra (HD, New, TV-PG) Actor George Clooney talks about what it's like for him to adjust to living life as a father; John Legend and Chrissy Teigen chat with the hosts.
CBS Overnight News (New) The latest overnight updates on national news are presented by the CBS Overnight News team, along with weather forecasts and updates on sport events.
CBS Morning News (New, TV-G) The CBS Morning News team provides in-depth reports on national and international news events and developments, along with sports scores and weather forecasts.

Welcome Back Kotter Sweatgate Scandal There has been a break-in at the Principal's office, and the Sweathogs want to investigate; to do so, the boys join the staff at the school newspaper.
Johnny Carson (TV-PG) Director Alan Alda; comedian David Brenner.
Sanford and Son TV or Not TV (TV-PG) Fred desires a new color television whilst Lamont yearns for a new automobile, but the two cannot afford both so Lamont purchases a new vehicle.
Good Times Penny's Christmas (TV-PG) Penny has her wallet stolen and jeopardizes her chances of staying with Willona by trying to steal a necklace as a Christmas gift for her.
The Jeffersons The Longest Day (TV-G) Louise, Helen, Florence and Jenny all go out for a day, leaving the men in charge of the baby, which they soon learn is no easy task.

« Border Wars Lost in the River (HD, TV-14) Customs and Border Patrol air agents follow a group of border-crossers who are sneaking back into Mexico; an ATV team chases a party of suspected smugglers.
Most Shocking Fights & Wild Riots 4 (TV-14) Riot police attempt to maintain control when conflict between KKK members and a group of anarchists turns violent; protestors create a wall of fire.
Most Shocking Drunk & Disorderly (TV-14) Law enforcement officials attempt to put a stop to a demolition derby attended by drunken teenagers; a drunk driver causes an automobile accident.
Psychic Detectives Three of a Kind (TV-14) A woman is attacked in her home but when the crime goes unsolved for months, police contact psychic Nancy Myer for her thoughts.
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