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« Harry "Kitten Bowl" Host Beth Stern & Rescue Kittens, Hacks Everyone Can Do with (HD, Repeat, TV-PG) Harry Connick Jr. entertains viewers with a variety of celebrity interviews, comedic segments, audience participation and human interest stories.
The Dr. Oz Show True Crime: Is There A Dangerous Underground Cult Branding And Starving Women? (HD, Repeat, TV-PG) Dr. Oz discusses a supposed self-help group with more than 16,000 members that some believe is a cult due to alleged reports of women being branded and starved.
Eyewitness News at 5:00 (New)
Eyewitness News @ 5:30 (New) Join AJ Hilton, Abby Walton and Mike McCall for a look at today's news and weather
Eyewitness News @ 6:00 (New) Join AJ Hilton and Julie Montanaro for a look at Today's Top news. Weather by Mike McCall. Sports by Asher Wildman

The Rifleman Squeeze Play (TV-G) A speculator comes to the town of North Fork with one thing on his mind, which is to take Lucas' land and will do everything he can to get it.
Wagon Train The Zeke Thomas Story (TV-G) Greedy town members want to charge the train for using their water supply; a member of the wagon train encounters someone he thought was dead.
Charlie's Angels Angels on Vacation (TV-PG) Kris invites the team to vacation with her in her hometown in Arizona where her aunt is the mayor, only to learn that all of the women there have been taken.
Mama's Family The Sins of the Mother (TV-PG) When Bubba comes home hours after his curfew intoxicated, a furious Mama is reminded of a similar situation with Eunice that caused great humiliation for Mama.

« Criminal Minds A Real Rain (HD, TV-14) A series of murders that appear to be perpetrated by a Son of Sam copycat are linked to a vigilante taking revenge on released criminals.
Criminal Minds Somebody's Watching (HD, TV-PG) Gideon and Dr. Reid stumble upon a murder case that involves a television starlet, and Reid finds he is developing an attraction to the actress.
Criminal Minds Machismo (HD, TV-PG) The team heads to Mexico to investigate a killer who likes to prey on the elderly, and they must learn to work with local law enforcement before it's too late.
Criminal Minds Charm and Harm (HD, TV-PG) The team looks for a pattern behind the seemingly random victims of a chameleon-like murderer who is leading the authorities on a chase across the South.
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