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« FOX 8 News in the Morning (HD, New) An early newscast and features of interest in the Cleveland area, along with updates on sports, weather and traffic are provided by the FOX 8 Morning News Team.
FOX 8 News at 8AM (HD, New) Local and national news events are reported by the FOX 8 News Team along with business news, sports, Cleveland area weather conditions and traffic issues.
FOX 8 News at 9:00AM (HD, New) The FOX 8 Morning News Team presents the latest look at the top news events of the day, late-breaking news stories, local weather and tomorrow's forecast.
New Day Cleveland (HD, New) The New Day Cleveland hosts offer the latest news, informational and entertainment choices, community attractions, local events, festivals and celebrations.
Bewitched Samantha Meets the Folks (TV-G) Darrin's parents make their first visit to the Stephens home, and Darrin's mother hopes to discover that Samantha is a terrible housekeeper.
I Dream of Jeannie The Blood of a Jeannie (TV-G) Tony learns that Jeannie has green blood and arranges for Roger to be a substitute donor for the blood test they are required to take to get married.
I Dream of Jeannie See You in Cuba (TV-G) Jeannie blinks Tony off of a plane to discuss party plans and when she tries to return him her direction are faulty and he mistakenly ends up in Havana, Cuba.
Green Acres Everywhere a Chick Chick (TV-G) Oliver decides that he wants to starts a business raising chickens and Haney wants to sell him a machine that lays eggs while the Monroes build a coop.
Green Acres The Marital Vacation (TV-G) Lisa and Oliver agree to go on separate vacations, but while it was Lisas idea she starts to miss her husband before she even makes it to the airport.
Hazel Hazel Sits It Out (TV-G) One of Steves real estate clients comes to the house and tells Steve that an agent is needed for an open house; Hazel offers to sit in as the new agent.
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