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Two and a Half Men A Jock Strap in Hell (HD, TV-14) Charlie tries to help Jake's former teacher, who is now a stripper, by giving her a room and a job, but his intentions manage to backfire on him.
Two and a Half Men That Old Hose Bag Is My Mother (HD, TV-14) After accepting a loan from Evelyn to buy a new Porsche, Alan is forced to go on a very awkward blind date in order to repay his debt.
The Big Bang Theory The Good Guy Fluctuation (HD, TV-14) A cute comic book artist threatens to put Leonard and Priya's relationship to the test; Sheldon tries really hard to spook the guys for Halloween.
Seinfeld The Pony Remark (HD, TV-PG) When Jerry's parents come to town for their 50th anniversary, Jerry gets into trouble for making a humorous observation about children who have ponies.
The Cleveland Show Another Bad Thanksgiving (HD, TV-14) Donna's sister shows up, and Cleveland tries to drive her off, but it has shocking results; Rallo and Cleveland Jr. find a winning slot machine.
FOX 8 News at 10PM (HD, Repeat) Late breaking news events and top stories of the day are updated by the FOX 8 Nightly News Team along with the latest weather and tomorrow's forecast.
Good Times Michael Gets Suspended (TV-PG) When Michael's controversial views on George Washington get him kicked out of school, James and Florida try to persuade him to apologize.
Three's Company Out On a Limb (TV-PG) Jack thinks a food critic will write a bad review of his restaurant, so he mails out a pre-emptive nasty letter.
Three's Company Alias Jack Tripper (TV-PG) Jack has two dates on the same day, so he asks Larry to pose as him on one of the dates.
The Nanny The Honeymoon's Overboard (TV-PG) Maxwell and Fran find themselves stranded on a deserted island after falling over the side of their honeymoon yacht; Maxwell is bitten by a poisonous animal.
The Nanny Fran Gets Shushed (TV-PG) Fran believes Maxwell agree to tone down their personalities; problems arise when Fran and Maxwell get locked in a bathroom together during a dinner meeting.
Too Close for Comfort Hawaii Five-8 (TV-PG) A conservative cartoonist living in San Francisco shares his two family home with his wife, a former band singer, and his two grown daughters.
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