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« FOX 8 News at 5PM (HD, New) The latest news events of the day are examined by the FOX 8 Evening News Team, along with up-to-the-minute business updates, sports, weather and traffic.
FOX 8 News at 6PM (HD, New) The FOX 8 Evening News Team presents a comprehensive look at the news events of the day and updates on Cleveland area weather conditions and rush-hour traffic.
FOX 8 News at 7PM (HD, New) An evening newscast, features of interest in the Cleveland area, updates on sports, weather and area roadways are provided by the FOX 8 Evening News Team.
The Big Bang Theory The Love Car Displacement (HD, TV-14) Tensions start to run high when everyone is coincidentally staying at the same hotel for a science event; Bernadette runs into her ex-boyfriend.
Sleepy Hollow The Indispensable Man (HD, Repeat, TV-14) Upon reading George Washington's Bible, Ichabod and Abbie unravel ancient secrets that hold the truth to the founding father's death.
Green Acres A Pig in a Poke (TV-G) Lisa and Oliver mistakenly bring Arnold, the pig, along to the Harvard and Oliver is the keynote speaker at the Law Society reunion.
I Dream of Jeannie My Master, the Magician (TV-G) Tony claims to be an amateur magician when Dr. Bellows accidentally sees him floating in air and a skeptical Dr. Bellows insists that he put on a magic show.
I Dream of Jeannie I'll Never Forget What's Her Name (TV-G) A nasty bump on the head causes Tony to forget everything about Jeannie and when he falls in love with a woman he believes is a stranger he proposes marriage.
Bewitched Samantha's Pet Warlock (TV-G) A warlock who wants to separate Samantha from her mortal life turns into a unique dog, but cannot fool Samantha who comes up with a dog food ad.
Bewitched Samantha's Old Man (TV-G) Endora transforms Darrin into an old man, and Larry sets him up on a date with his widowed Aunt Millicent until Samantha turns herself into his old wife.
All in the Family Archie Is Branded (TV-PG) When a swastika is painted o the front door of the Bunkers' house, Archie and the family inadvertently becomes involved in a battle between radical elements.
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