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« Motorkite Dreaming (TV-PG, NR)

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25 News Today (HD, New)
25 News Today (HD, New)
Today (HD, New, TV-G) Director and executive producer Dawn Potter from "Bobby Kennedy for President"; "Biggest Beauty Dilemmas"; "Magnolia Table" author Joanna Gaines.

Heart of Illinois ABC Good Morning Illinois (New)
Heart of Illinois ABC Good Morning Illinois (New)
Good Morning America (HD, New, TV-G) "The Week Of" stars Chris Rock and Adam Sandler; actress Ali Wentworth, author of "Go Ask Ali."

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Paid Program (TV-G) Sponsored television programming.
Page Six TV (HD, New, TV-PG) The hosts share a daily dose of entertainment gossip and news from politics, finance, real estate, culture and media with contributing experts and insiders.
Cops (HD, TV-PG) When an injured suspect sees an opportunity, the chase is on; a man tries bossing around the officers when he's caught with a number of unpleasant items.
Maury I'm 44... Is My 21-Year-Old Wife Cheating on Me Again? (TV-14) Montrice believes that sex is a sport and has no issues flaunting who she's slept with; Amber is concerned that Shawn has been cheating.

WMBD News This Morning (New)
CBS This Morning (HD, New, TV-G) Author "War on Peace: The End of Diplomacy and the Decline of American Influence," Ronan Farrow; Broadway actress Renée Fleming from the musical "Carousel."

The Wendy Williams Show (HD, New, TV-PG) Wendy discusses the latest "Hot Topics"; Melissa Garcia presents an edition of "Trendy @ Wendy"; Rob Shuter discusses the latest celebrity news.
Judge Faith Roomie Regrets; Wavering Warranty (HD, TV-PG) When one roommate is accused of constantly being late on rent, tenants are forced to break their lease; a woman is seeking repayment after her car breaks.
Judge Faith Fighting for Love (HD, TV-PG) A man says that his former lover moved out without paying bills and took some of his property.
A Different World Somebody Say Ho! (TV-G) Charmaine presses charges when her obnoxious behavior prompts a classmate to pin a derogatory sign on her back, but the culprit isn't who she initially thought.
A Different World Really Gross Anatomy (TV-G) Kim's lab partner, Spencer, helps restore her confidence when she fails to dissect her first cadaver, but he later interrupts her romantic evening with Ron.

Dear God (TV-PG, PG, **) A con man is forced to get a real job at the post office, where he begins to find redemption through replying to desperate letters that are addressed to God.
Grounded for Life Who Are You? (TV-14) Sean and Claudia learn that Jimmy has been shoplifting; Lily worries about what to wear to dinner with Dean's parents; Henry brings his class' lizard home.
Grounded for Life Welcome to the Working Week (TV-14) Lily goes on a shopping spree with her emergency credit card; Eddie is angry over a scornful review of the bar; Henry takes energy preservation to an extreme.

Cruel Deception (TV-14) A career criminal who made a living by forging money is caught with photographs of hundreds of women being tortured.
Flight from Justice: The Story of D.B. Cooper (TV-PG) When a man hijacks a plane, demands money and jumps from the aircraft, the FBI later conducts a posthumous investigation to confirm their suspect's identity.

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Paid Program (TV-G) Sponsored television programming.
Divorce Court Brown vs. Brown (Repeat, TV-PG) The judge sees real-life couples who have filed for divorce, and after hearing both sides, she issues a legally binding ruling dissolving their marriages.
Pawn Stars Ready, Set, Pawn (HD, TV-PG) A dragster racecar, a Japanese land mine training kit used by U.S. troops in WWII & a fully-restored Dr. Pepper vending machine from 1957 are examined.
Good Day Central Illinois (New)

Whispering Smith Poet and Peasant Case (TV-PG) An English Lord and noted poet is hired to recite his poetry at the Denver Opera House as a benefit for the local widows and orphans from a mining disaster.
The Restless Gun The New Sheriff (TV-PG)
The Restless Gun Man and Boy (TV-PG)
The Young Riders The Sacrifice (TV-PG) When Teaspoon and Hickok save a black man from being lynched, they're forced to confront their conflicting opinions about slavery.

BBC World News (TV-PG) International news from the British Broadcasting Corporation is presented, featuring in-depth reporting from correspondents across the globe.
Wild Kratts Puffin Rescue (HD, Repeat, TV-Y) When a wave crashes into the Tortuga, the Wild Kratts get separated, but thankfully, Martin finds a creature called a puffin who might be able to help them.
Ready Jet Go! Sean's Neptune Tune; Earthday Birthday (HD, Repeat, TV-Y) When Sean gets nervous about visiting Neptune, Jet suggests that he make a song; the kids find out that they've missed all 63 of Jet's Bortronian birthdays.
The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That! Who Can See The Wind?; Gravity Drop (HD, Repeat, TV-Y) Sally wants to fly her kite, but she can't catch the wind at just the right time; when Nick's flyer gets stuck in the tree, gravity keeps him from reaching it.
Nature Cat Enter the Dragonfly; Water Woes (HD, New, TV-Y) Nature Cat sends Ronald on a medieval quest to find a dragonfly; the gang search for water for Daisy's garden and the woodland creatures during a drought.
Curious George Zoo Night; Charkie Escapes (HD, Repeat, TV-Y) George loves the zoo's newest baby panda and accidentally stays after closing time; George has trouble keeping Charkie from running away while dog sitting.

FETCH! With Ruff Ruffman Game Show Isle (HD, TV-Y) The FETCHers suddenly find themselves marooned on a remote island in the middle of nowhere, and they are forced to find game show relics before they can leave.
Cyberchase A Renewable Hope (HD, Repeat, TV-Y) When Hacker runs out of fuel on an abandoned cybersite called Ekardia, he must get the help of the CyberSquad and the last Ekardian in order to get home.
Cyberchase A Recipe for Chaos (HD, Repeat, TV-Y) The CyberSquad learns that Hacker is serving unhealthy food to his customers at a well-liked restaurant; Harry tries to prepare macaroni and cheese for lunch.
WordGirl The Meaty Dimension; The Case of the Copied Mrs. Botsford (HD, Repeat, TV-Y7) The Butcher learns where his meat is being kept and devises a plan to capture WorldGirl and Huggy; a clone of Mrs. Botsford robs a bank.
Arthur Silent Treatment; Kung Fool (HD, Repeat, TV-Y) George wonders if his friends notice him, so he decides to stop talking until they say something; while helping a neighbor, Fern learns he was a kung fu icon.
Arthur Arthur's Numbers Nightmare; Brain Gets Hooked (HD, Repeat, TV-Y) Arthur and his classmates are surprised by the list of rankings they find in the principal's office; Brain ignores his homework and friends for a reality show.

Sewing with Nancy Best Sweatshirt Makeovers, Part 1 (TV-G) An expert in the craft shares her vast wealth of knowledge with viewers who are in need of contemporary sewing, quilting and home decorating ideas.
The Best of the Joy of Painting Storm's A Comin (TV-G) Art instructor Bob Ross teaches amateurs and newcomers to painting how to create a variety of natural scenes with easy-to-follow instructions.
Family Ingredients California - Smoked Fish (HD, TV-G) Singer-songwriter and surfer Jack Johnson, from Hawaii, shares memories of his father, his recipe for smoked fish, and tales about early surfer migration.
Joanne Weir Gets Fresh Peppers (HD, TV-G) Joanne Weir and her student Melissa prepare several dishes using various types of peppers and Italian cheeses, including pan-roasted Padron peppers.
Dining with the Chef Yakitori-don Grilled Chicken Rice Bowl (HD, TV-G) Chef Saito and Yu Hayami serve yakitori as a topping on a bowl of rice; for the side dish, Saito and Hayami make rapini with mustard-miso dressing.
New Orleans Cooking with Kevin Belton Fresh Catch (HD, TV-G) Self-trained chef Kevin Belton demonstrates how to prepare characteristic New Orleans dishes while providing personal recipes and expert advice.

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Impractical Jokers Ruffled Feathers (TV-14) The Jokers conduct focus groups designed to sell their buddies' illogical products and then join a shoe store's sales force, with predictable results.
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Paid Program (TV-G) Sponsored television programming.

I Dream of Jeannie The Lady in the Bottle (TV-G) An American astronaut crash lands on an island in the South Pacific and finds a bottle containing a beautiful genie that becomes his not-so-obedient servant.
Bewitched Samantha's Not So Leaning Tower of Pisa (TV-G) Darrin and Samantha are enjoying a relaxing vacation in Italy when Esmerelda shows up and attempts to fix a former mistake by straightening the Tower of Pisa.
The Jack Benny Program Jack Goes to a Gym (TV-G) Jack has eyes for his attractive new receptionist, but she discloses that she is much more attracted to more rugged and muscular men; Jack joins a gym.
The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show Mrs. Sohmers Needs a Psychologist (TV-G) Sohmers finds it difficult to deal with Gracie, thinking the world would be better without her; she pays a psychologist to convince her that Gracie isn't real.
The Joey Bishop Show Route 78 (TV-G) Joey convinces his neighbors to move their homes to new lots when the city plans a highway extension, but his mother can't decide as the deadline approaches.
McHale's Navy Will the Alligator Take the Stand? (TV-PG) After Captain Binghamton comes up with a scheme to frame McHale and his crew for the supposed theft of his wallet, Parker get blamed for the crime.

Paid Program (TV-G) Sponsored television programming.
Paid Program (TV-G) Sponsored television programming.
Wimzie's House Mommy's Afraid (TV-Y) An energetic, playful child monster lives in a house which is also a daycare center, where she and her pals play, sing and dance, while learning life lessons.
The Country Mouse and the City Mouse Adventures No Mouse Is an Island (TV-Y) Emily and Alexander, clever mice, travel the world seeing new places, making friends and learning about art and culture as they go.
Franny's Feet Nat the Yak; The Big Race (TV-Y) Franny helps a young girl figure out how to keep her herd of yaks together; Franny finds herself in the middle of a race between a hare, a tortoise and a sloth.
The Busy World of Richard Scarry (TV-Y) Huckle Cat, Lowly Worm and all the other residents of Busytown share adventures designed to reinforce positive values and teach valuable life lessons.
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