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« The Mentalist Red Scare (HD, TV-14) The CBI team investigates the death of a wealthy man who witnesses claim was killed by a vengeful spirit that is haunting his mansion.
The Big Bang Theory The Codpiece Topology (HD, TV-14) After seeing Penny with a new man, Leonard turns to Leslie Winkle, but the decision angers Sheldon, who considers the woman his arch-nemesis.
The Big Bang Theory The Proton Transmogrification (HD, TV-PG) Professor Proton helps Sheldon overcome his grief; Leonard decides to make a competition out a relationship milestone with Penny.
The Simpsons (TV-14) An oaf named Homer raises his dysfunctional family in the small town of Springfield while interacting with eccentric neighbors and friends.
Anger Management Charlie Screws a Prisoner's Girlfriend (HD, TV-14) After Charlie spends the night with the girlfriend of a prisoner from his clinic, he learns the convict is set to be released the following day.
Anger Management Charlie Cops a Feel (HD, TV-14) Charlie chooses to end his relationship with a female cop, and his decision leads the spurned woman to try to get retribution by wreaking havoc on his life.

« American Gigolo (TV-14, R, **) A male escort who makes his living by providing sexual pleasure to wealthy woman becomes a suspect when one of his clients is brutally murdered.
Primal Fear (TV-14, R, ***) When a lawyer defends a young man accused of murdering a much-loved bishop, he learns neither the victim nor the accused are what they first seemed.
H & I

« Hill Street Blues Can World War III Be an Attitude? (TV-14) When the President cancels his visit, a gang war erupts; Furillo sticks up for LaRue when his bribery case goes to district attorney; the power goes out.
Hill Street Blues Dressed to Kill (aka Double Jeopardy) (TV-14) Belker and others dress in drag in order to catch a serial rapist; Neal attempts to uncover the officer who framed LaRue; Esterhaus contemplates his love-life.
NYPD Blue Tranny Get Your Gun (TV-14) When a transvestite prostitute is murdered, the detectives question the prostitutes pimp as well as the client, who has a story for the detectives.
NYPD Blue Nude Awakening (TV-14) Sipowicz and Clerks investigate an incident in which Julian Pisano is wounded by a gunshot, while McDowell and Ortiz assist a woman who was conned.
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