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« Law & Order: Criminal Intent Gemini (HD, TV-14) The detectives investigate the murders of two contact lens salesmen and a plastic surgeon, and Goren suspects there may be more than one killer.
Anger Management Charlie and the Twins (HD, TV-14) Charlie makes the mistake of sleeping with Jordan's promiscuous twin sister and must find a way to make things right between him and his doctor.
Anger Management Charlie Sets Jordan Up with a Serial Killer (HD, TV-14) Charlie manages to convince Jordan to take on the role of a patient's fiancé in the hopes of making progress with the troubled prisoner.
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« Houseboat (TV-PG, NR, ***) A single father living on a houseboat hires an exotic housekeeper who takes over the role of mother for his children.
711 Ocean Drive (TV-PG, NR, ***) A telephone repairman decides to run a betting operation after the bookie who was originally in charge is murdered, however the mob soon comes looking for cash.
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« Star Trek: Enterprise Countdown (TV-PG) Archer and his allies on the Xindi council plot their move against the Insectoid and Reptilian insurgents; T'Pol and Trip do battle with the Sphere Builders.
NYPD Blue Judas Priest (TV-14) Andy and Danny must find more evidence in the Cullinan murder case; Sipowicz and Fancy try to help a fellow cop with a drinking problem.
The Commish Benny (TV-PG) When returning home from dinner with Rachels cousin, the Scalis witness a couple arguing; Tony is shocked to learn that the woman has been murdered.
Hercules: The Legendary Journeys As Darkness Falls (TV-G) As a woman named Penelope prepares for her wedding, a malevolent centaur named Nemis wishes to kidnap her for himself and Hera complies by blinding Hercules.

Flipper Alligator Duel (TV-G) Flipper's life is placed in jeopardy when he is cast in a Hollywood movie that includes a fight scene between a dolphin and an alligator.
Flipper: The New Adventures Muddy Water (TV-PG) Flipper finds a sick dolphin and shepherds it to the institute to be looked at, and Keith and Pam determine that its illness was caused by a toxic substance.
Flipper The White Dolphin (TV-G) Sandy and Bud become concerned when Flipper disappears for several days, and they are surprised when he returns accompanied by an extremely rare albino dolphin.
Flipper Teamwork (TV-G) Sandy and Bud prepare themselves for the annual Coral Key Park swimming race; toxic chemicals impede Porter's underwater investigation.
Sea Hunt Niko (TV-PG) Mike and a pair of divers try to disarm two unexploded torpedoes at the bottom of a busy harbor.
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