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« The Wendy Williams Show Spring Fashion (HD, Repeat, TV-PG) From "A Day Late and a Dollar Short" actress Whoopi Goldberg visits to discuss the movie and the retirement of her co-host Barbara Walters.
Tyler Perry's Meet the Browns Meet the Non-Frequent Flyer (HD, TV-PG) Browns' first time on a commercial airplane goes dramatically wrong; Derek takes advantage of a unique situation when he is mistaken for a famous person.
Tyler Perry's House of Payne Watch the Son Shine (HD, TV-PG) Calvin and Ella are forced to work together on an otherworldly school project after enrolling into the same course; Curtis gets help with an interview.
Are We There Yet? The Good Cop, Bad Cop Episode (HD, TV-PG) Suzanne notices a troubling pattern in her and Nick's different parenting styles, leading her to insist that he deny their children everything for a week.
Are We There Yet? The Nick Gets Jealous Episode (HD, TV-PG) Nick excitedly asks his wife to help a professional baseball player organize a charity event, but jealousy soon takes over for the husband.
Supreme Justice with Judge Karen Mills You Stole My Jokes; The Blame Game (Repeat, TV-PG) A man sues his friend for the value of his comedy; a man sues his classmate over tuition fees.
« The War Lover (TV-PG, NR, **) A command pilot in World War II gets a new co-pilot who admires the pilot, but he starts to fall for his co-pilot's girlfriend and reconsiders his lifestyle.
In Love and War (TV-PG, NR, **+) Three WWII era marines from different social classes face harsh realities about their lives and loved ones when they return to San Francisco on leave.
Murphy's War (TV-14, PG, ***) Germans sink an English ship in WWII and gun down the crew. An Irish seaman survives to seek revenge for the massacre, even after the war ends.
« En los tacones de Eva El plan de Juan Camilo para alcanzar un puesto en la junta directiva de su empresa cae en manos de un rival, que lo usa para subir profesionalmente.
La Clínica Un psiquiatra astuto y perverso se enamora de una de sus enfermeras, que no le hace caso porque está interesada en un paciente, que dice no estar loco.
Los Reyes (TV-14) La vida de un hombre, que trabaja en el mercado, y la de su familia cambia radicalmente después de socorrer a una mujer millonaria y muy enferma.
Mamá también Un grupo de adolescentes de diferentes estratos sociales y que asisten a la misma escuela se enfrentan al mismo problema, un embarazo no planeado.
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