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Bulldogs Game Day Channel 2 Action Sports anchors Zach Klein and Anthony Amey provide in-depth commentary, discussion and intense pre-game analysis.
Ocean Mysteries with Jeff Corwin Snake, Rattle, And Roll (HD, Repeat, TV-G) Jeff Corwin introduces some of the most venomous snakes in New England, and goes in search of the rare and deadly Timber rattlesnake.
Sea Rescue Deeply Moving (Repeat, TV-G) Sea Rescue features the rescue, rehabilitation and release of wildlife back into the ocean; learn about the benefits the programs provide animals.
Channel 2 Action News at Noon (New) The latest local and national news events of the weekend are presented by the Channel 2 Action News Team, as well as updated sports and weather conditions.
Georgia's Hidden Treasures (TV-G)
Mystery Hunters Search for Gold (TV-G) Christina travels to Prague to find out if alchemist really had the secret to turning cheap metal into gold; Araya searches for a cursed gold mine.
Mystery Hunters Unbelievable Places (TV-G) Christina investigates who or what created the Mima Mounds; Araya wonders if the stone churches of Lalibella were built by some magical, unknown force.
Wagon Train The Honorable Don Charlie Story (TV-PG) When the wagon train is forced to stop outside a nearby town, a female traveler finds herself the target of a lothario's affections, much to Adams' dismay.
The Big Valley The Challenge (TV-PG) Victoria gets caught up in dirty politics when she and her long time friend are set up in a compromising photograph by a political rival.
Eco Company Lions & Tigers & Bears...Oh My! (TV-G) Jordan takes a tour of the Oakland Zoo, and learns about plans to save animals around the world; Josh meets a mountain biker who wants to help the environment.
America's Heartland (HD, Repeat, TV-G) A farm family in Minnesota shows what must be done to earn organic certification; a North Carolina man farms tobacco by day and makes music at night.
Skooled Raising the Bar (Repeat, TV-G) The young instructors begin the day by giving a new lesson on physical education, all with the help of skateboards, as well as start a lesson on fashion design.
Animal Outtakes (TV-G) An animal lover takes viewers on a unique adventure exploring the connection that animals have with humans through funny videos and stories of special animal.
Eco Company World Energy (TV-G) Eco Compnay visits West Africa to talk with a college student who is helping to design and install solar energy systems into hospitals, clinics and schools.
America's Heartland (HD, Repeat, TV-G) George Washington preferred farming to governing or commanding an army; a family whose farming ancestors were George's neighbors keeps up with the times.
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