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Channel 2 Action News at 4pm (New) The latest local and national news events of the day, as well as timely weather and traffic updates affecting Atlanta are provided by the Channel 2 News Team.
Channel 2 Action News at 5pm (New) A comprehensive examination of the major local, regional, state and national news events of the day is presented by the Channel 2 Action News Team.
Channel 2 Action News at 6pm (New) The latest local, regional, statewide and national news events of the day are examined by the Channel 2 Action News Team along with weather and traffic updates.

Emergency! School Days (TV-G) A trainee needs confidence; a professor's bookcase falls on him; an inattentive driver runs into an ambulance; a man gets pinned under a car at a junkyard.
Emergency! The Professor (TV-G) Johnny and Roy keep a suicidal man from jumping, deliver a baby and join a fireboat for a false alarm that turns into a dramatic rescue of a downed pilot.
Mama's Family Cellmates (TV-PG) Eunice becomes enraged after learning of a long-kept family secret at her surprise birthday party, which results in her and Mama being arrested and put in jail.
Mama's Family Mama Gets a Job (TV-PG) Mama decides to join the workforce and applies for a job through the local employment agency, and she is hired as a receptionist for a travel agency.

Empty Nest The Check Isn't in the Mail (TV-PG) Harry gets concerned that Carol is getting her hopes too high about the possibility of a reconciliation with her husband and tries to give her some advice.
Empty Nest Barbara Gets Shot (TV-PG) Barbara is shot in the line of duty while investigating a police call and Harry grows concerned that her chosen profession is too dangerous.
Grounded for Life Oops!...I Did It Again (TV-PG) Sean finds a home-pregnancy test in the trash and thinks that Lily is expecting; Claudia has something to tell Sean; Jimmy is worried about a zit.
Grounded for Life We Didn't Start the Fire (TV-PG) Claudia learns the results of her pregnancy test, and Sean celebrates by buying a bar with Eddie; Eddie plans to burn their bar down for the insurance.
Grace Under Fire Good Neighbor Sam (TV-14) Grace learns that a neighbor is afflicted with severe depression, and devises a means of assistance; Wade's name appears on a Vietnam War death list.
Grace Under Fire Positively Hateful (TV-14) A school janitor's job is in jeopardy when administrators learn that he has the AIDS virus; Grace comes to his defense and supports his employee rights.
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