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« The Ellen DeGeneres Show (HD, New, TV-G) Gregg Garfield, his girlfriend, AJ Johnson, and sister, Stephanie Bruno talk with Ellen about COVID-19.
News Center 7 at 5:00 (HD, New) The day's top news events are examined by the News Center 7 Evening Team, along with the latest business, sports, weather and rush-hour traffic updates.
News Center 7 at 5:30 (HD, New) The News Center 7 Evening Team offers a report on the latest news of the day, as well as updates on sports, Dayton area weather and rush-hour traffic issues.
News Center 7 at 6:00 (HD, New) An evening newscast, features of interest in the Dayton area, updates on sports, weather and rush-hour traffic are provided by the News Center 7 Team.
CBS Evening News with Norah O'Donnell (HD, New) Anchor Norah O'Donnell and the CBS News team join forces to report on the most important news stories of the day from across the entire planet.
Wheel of Fortune Bed & Breakfast (HD, Repeat, TV-G) Contestants contend with a fickle wheel as they earn cash and prizes, including cars and trips, for solving word puzzles by filling in missing letters.

« Wagon Train The Jim Whitlow Story (TV-G) Duke Shannon returns to his old ranch, which he left a friend in charge of, only to discover that it has more than doubled in size since he last saw it.
Adam-12 Log 54: Impersonation (TV-PG) When a detective is accused of stealing money, Reed and Malloy investigate and try to determine if the criminal is the cop or someone stealing his identity.
Adam-12 Log 24: A Rare Occasion (TV-PG) While patrolling the streets, Malloy and Reed are forced to deal with a teenager who is high on drugs; the partners attempt to catch a purse snatcher.
The Flintstones Hot Lips Hannigan (TV-G) Fred thinks his magic trick really made the wives disappear, so he and Barney head out to a nightclub to sit in with the band, but the girls follow them.
News Center 7 at 6:00 (Repeat) An evening newscast, features of interest in the Dayton area, updates on sports, weather and rush-hour traffic are provided by the News Center 7 Team.
M*A*S*H George (TV-PG) Burns becomes infuriated with Private Weston, a decorated soldier who admits to being a homosexual, and attempts to place a dishonorable discharge on him.

That '70s Show Hyde Moves In (TV-PG) Jackie gets sick after going skinny-dipping with the gang, and Kelso is horrified to see her without make-up; Hyde's mother runs away with a trucker.
That '70s Show The Good Son (TV-PG) Eric's love of Hyde for doing his chores turns to hate when his parents start liking Hyde more than him; Hyde changes from a conspiracy nut to a total bore.
That '70s Show Garage Sale (TV-PG) Hyde makes special brownies over at Eric's house, but leaves the last batch in the oven where Red, Kitty, Bob and Midge find and eat them.
According to Jim Separate Ways (TV-PG) After Dana brings her new baby over to stay during Ryan's absence, Jim moves in with Andy in order to get more sleep, and ends up doing some male bonding.
According to Jim In Case of Jimergency (TV-PG) Jim loses his health insurance and tries to hide it from Cheryl, but all is discovered after he has an allergic reaction to some fishy pills.
Home Improvement Aisle See You in My Dreams (TV-G) Jill fixes Al up with Ilene on his birthday after he reveals he wants a wife and kids; Tim and Jill push Mark to get revenge on his brothers.
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