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Maury (Secondary Run) I'm Testing 7 Men...Are Any of Them My Babies Dad? (HD, TV-14) A woman who proved to her ex-boyfriend that he was the father of her child on their last visit to the show returns for another paternity test.
The Bill Cunningham Show (TV-14) Famed radio talk show host Bill Cunningham takes his place on television as he features an array of thought-provoking topics and interviews with real people.
Jerry Springer Lesbian Twin Love Triangle (New, TV-14) A woman says that her fiancée is always tearing her down and making her feel terrible, which pushed her to cheat with her fiancée's twin sister,
I Dream of Jeannie You Can't Arrest Me...I Don't Have a Driver's License (TV-G) Tony's car is impounded when Jeannie is stopped by the police for driving without a driver's license, and Tony comes up with a scheme to get it back.
I Dream of Jeannie One of Our Bottles Is Missing (TV-G) Upon a surprise visit to Tony's house, Mrs. Bellows develops a fondness for Jeannie's bottle and convinces him to let her borrow it to have a duplicate made.
McHale's Navy Orange Blossom for McHale (TV-PG) When a beautiful-but-conniving woman arrives on the island, Binghamton tries to rid himself of McHale by setting the two of them up.
McHale's Navy Creature from McHale's Lagoon (TV-PG) Captain Binghamton falls for Gruber's scheme to plant fake pearls into oysters, and he immediately signs an order to evict McHale and his crew from the island.
Bachelor Father The Greggs in Rome (TV-G) While everyone is in Rome, Bentley oversees the production of a motion picture and compels the Italian director to finish the movie.
Bachelor Father The Greggs in London (TV-G) When they visit London, Bentley pursues an attractive young heiress and Peter butts heads with a proper English butler.
The Rockford Files A Different Drummer (TV-PG) Rockford lands in the hospital after a car accident and sees a doctor perform an organ extraction on a patient who was declared dead prematurely.
Gunsmoke Snap Decision (TV-G) After Matt is forced to kill the prisoner who had once saved his life, he is so devastated by the incident that he decides to give up his job the local marshal.
Bonanza The Deserter (TV-G) A search for a deserter leads to the Ponderosa where Candy and Joe are trying to help the pursued man stop the sale of rapid-fire rifles to the Indians.
Q Check® (TV-G) This trendy showcase offers a tempting variety of expert shopping tips to help crafty customers save some pennies this season, without sacrificing style.
Susan Graver Style (TV-G) Fashion designer and QVC native Susan Graver debuts her new line of elegant apparel, comprised of breezy specialty fabrics that ensure comfort and convenience.
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