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« The Bill Cunningham Show (TV-14) Famed radio talk show host Bill Cunningham takes his place on television as he features an array of thought-provoking topics and interviews with real people.
Jerry Springer Forecast: 90% Chance of Cheating (New, TV-14) A woman talks about how her boyfriend controls her every move and has suffocated her to the point that she's turned to his cousin for comfort.
The Steve Wilkos Show I Will Clear My Name Today (New, TV-14) A woman claims that her husband molested their two-year-old, the husband says he would never touch their daughter and wants a lie detector test to prove it.
Maury I'm 26... Is My 56 Year Old Fiance Cheating On Me? (New, TV-14) A woman wants her fiance to prove that he hasn't been cheating, after he would disappear for several hours on end, only to return home with a "fishy" smell.
McHale's Navy Camera, Action, Panic (TV-PG) When a combat photographer comes to the island to film the crew in action, issues arise when Gruber borrows his camera to make films with.
Bachelor Father Bentley, the Stage Mother (TV-G) Though Bentley doesn't seem to be supportive of Kelly's ambition to be an actress, she will not let that get in the way of her ambitions.
Bachelor Father Bentley Meets the Perfect Woman (TV-G) Bentley meets the perfect woman, but she is skeptical about his qualities, and so puts to work some interesting ideas about how to make him the perfect man.
Father Knows Best The Matchmaker (TV-G) Margaret becomes so happy with her life that she wants everyone around her to seem as happy, so she tries to convince her cousin to marry her boyfriend.
Father Knows Best Bud the Bridesmaid (TV-G) When a bridesmaid cannot make the wedding scheduled at the Anderson house, Bud is forced to step in and take her place, much to his humiliation.
Dennis the Menace Dennis and the Open House (TV-G) Dennis's house is mistaken for a property that is for sale on the market when his parents put together an open house party for a client.
« Gunsmoke Island in the Desert, Part 2 (TV-G) While Festus is being forced to carry gold dust for a crazed miner, he follows the tracks left behind by the fugitive who stranded him in the desert.
Bonanza The Late Ben Cartwright (TV-G) When Ben refuses to support a certain candidate for governor, he's shot down on his own property and decides to 'play dead' in order to find out who and why.
The Rifleman The Photographer (TV-G) Photographer Abel Goss recognizes Colonel Whiteside, Jamison as those who tortured him while being held captive in their prisoner of war camp.
The Rifleman Shivaree (TV-G) Aaron Pelser and his wagon train crowd want a couple to get married in North Fork so they can throw the couple a celebratory shivaree.
Adam-12 Earthquake (TV-PG) When young women start getting attacked by a violent rapist on the loose, Reed and Malloy go on an investigation to find the dangerous criminal.
« Fall Cleanup (TV-G) Powerful tools and cleaning solutions to get the home in tip top shape are available to bring in the new season.
Emeril's Kitchen All Easy Pay Offers (TV-G) Celebrity chef and best-selling cookbook author Emeril Lagasse demonstrates an in-depth showcase of culinary gadgets, popular cookbooks, and kitchen storage.
Food Fest All Special Offers (TV-G) Easy-to-make and ready-to-serve gourmet treats are featured at special prices and include everything from prime meats to delicious desserts.
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