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The Simpsons
King of the Hill Daletech (TV-PG) Cotton's newfound responsibility as leader of the local neighborhood watch program jeopardizes the success of Dale's new security company.
How I Met Your Mother Field Trip (TV-14) Marshall is surprised by his boss's soft approach in settling with a company; Ted takes his architecture class on a field trip where things don't go as planned.
How I Met Your Mother Ten Sessions (TV-PG) Ted attempts to land a date with Stella, his dermatologist, but she repeatedly turns him down; Stella's receptionist Abby becomes infatuated with him.
Everybody Loves Raymond Misery Loves Company (HD, TV-PG) After enjoying a scant three months of wedded bliss, newlyweds Robert and Amy attempt to offer a cynical Ray and Debra advice on how to build a happy marriage.
Everybody Loves Raymond The Contractor (HD, TV-PG) When Ray hires his contractor friend Gianni to replace their kitchen stove, Gianni's laziness winds up angering Frank and giving Debra the slow burn.
Affinity® Diamond Jewelry (TV-G) An exploration of Affinity, a signature brand of jewelry that is affordable luxury at its best, featuring diamonds cut to brilliance at affordable prices.
The Twilight Zone The Prime Mover (TV-PG) When a compulsive gambler discovers that his friend has the remarkable ability to move objects with his mind, he convinces him to go to Las Vegas with him.
Perry Mason The Case of the Murderous Mermaid (TV-PG) A former swimming champion is out of shape and failing in her business ventures, she hires an impersonater who ends up a suspect when she is found murdered.
The Untouchables Stranglehold (TV-PG) Eliot Ness is determined to bring down a New York mobster who has been using methods of intimidation and violence to take over the city's fishing industry.
Night Gallery The Hand of Borgus Weems (TV-PG) When a man discovers that his hand has been possessed by a presence with a murderous intent, he seeks the help of a surgeon.
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