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« WCCB News Rising (HD) The WCCB News Team has the latest local, state and national news, "Forecast on the Fours" weather and up-to-the-minute Traffic reports.
WCCB News Rising at 8am (HD)
The 700 Club (New, TV-G) A man who worshipped money shares his story; a couple talks about how their family was able to survive a F-5 tornado that should have killed them.

The Jack Benny Program Driver's License (TV-G) Jack is set to do a public service announcement to promote safe driving, but he finds out that his license has been inspired, and the organization cancels.
Mister Ed Patter of Little Hooves (TV-G) Ed decides to enter Wilbur into a newspaper puzzle contest and he ends up being declared the winner and the prize is a little horse Ed adopts as his own son.
Mister Ed Be Kind to Humans Week (TV-G) Wilbur and Ed go out for a ride when they end up getting lost, and they meet a few homeless people along the way and other things that only distract Wilbur.
Father Knows Best Betty Goes Steady (TV-G) Betty tries to reinvent herself so that she will fit in with the popular girls in school, ignoring the advice of her family and a concerned student advisor.
Father Knows Best The Good Prospect (TV-G) While struggling with business ventures, Bud, Kitten and Jim meet a man who offers them advice, but they are not sure if he is smart or crazy.
Hazel What'll We Watch Tonight (TV-G) George and Dorothy plan on their nightly television viewing, but they are interrupted by Hazel, who says that her television in her room is broken.

I Love Lucy Lucy Hires a Maid (TV-PG) Lucy has trouble tending to the new baby and keeping up with her other chores, so the Ricardos hire a maid who turns out to be a loafer.
The Brady Bunch The Dropout (TV-PG) After getting some professional advice, Greg decides that he wants to be a major league pitcher and drop out of school.
Petticoat Junction Cannonball Christmas (TV-G) As the town prepares to celebrate the Christmas season with their traditional caroling at the Hooterville Cannonball, Homer Bedloe plans to stop it.
The Beverly Hillbillies The Week Before Christmas (TV-G) Elly's bear gets to Granny's letter from Sam Drucker first and eats it, leaving Granny in suspense if they're engaged, and the family spends a holiday at home.
The Beverly Hillbillies Home for Christmas (TV-G) Mr. Drysdale and Jane help the Clampetts prepare for their big trip back home for the holidays; Pearl tries to get Mr. Brewster to marry her.
Perry Mason The Case of the Witless Witness (TV-PG) A witness for the government is planning to give his testimony regarding the illegal actions of an acting judge, but he is found murdered.

« Mornings Made Easy Gifts (TV-G) Program hosts Pat James-Dementri and Dan Hughes present innovative and stylish gifts, featuring the best QVC has to offer at special prices.
Electronic Gifts (TV-G) The hosts introduce viewers to a wide assortment of the latest electronics from a host of name brand companies; expert advice and tutorials are also featured.
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