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« WCCB News Rising (HD) The WCCB News Team has the latest local, state and national news, "Forecast on the Fours" weather and up-to-the-minute Traffic reports.
WCCB News Rising at 8am (HD)
The 700 Club (New, TV-G) Jackie and Stephana Bledsoe visit to discuss ways to improve a marriage.

Mister Ed Ed's New Neighbors (TV-G) Kay inherits some property in New York, so Roger enters an agreement to sell their home in California and move across the country; the buyer works for the IRS.
Mister Ed Ed, the Beachcomber (TV-G) Mister Ed feels like he is being rejected by others so he decides he wants to move to the beach and live with a group of outcast beatniks.
Father Knows Best Time To Retire (TV-G) Bud develops a friendship with an old man, who is living in fear and regret, and reaffirms his belief in life, which leads the man to open up his own business.
Father Knows Best The $500 Letter (TV-G) The Andersons receive a mysterious letter in the mail from a secret admirer, which contains a real check for $500, so they try to figure out who sent it.
Hazel Champagne Tony (TV-G) Hazel's enthusiasm turns to anxiety when she accidently misplaces the prized golf clubs of a famous golfer when she goes to the airport.
Hazel It's a Dog's World (TV-G) While attempting to entertain a client and his unwanted dog in their home, the Baxters and Hazel devise various schemes to try and rid themselves of the guests.

The Brady Bunch Marcia Gets Creamed (TV-PG) Marcia gets a new job working at the ice cream parlor after school, which leaves her with very little time to spend with her boyfriend, who sees another girl.
Petticoat Junction Make Room for Baby (TV-G) When Steve, Betty Jo and daughter Kathy Jo move into the Shady Rest Hotel, the attention they receive means a lack of time and care being spent on the dog.
The Beverly Hillbillies The Great Crawdad Hunt (TV-G) The Clampetts offer to share their box of crawdads they receive from home with everyone at the bank, while Granny tries to make her own moonshine.
The Beverly Hillbillies The Dress Shop (TV-G) After mistaking the Clampetts for a poor family, a store owner tries to give them jobs when they visit after buying it; Elly takes part in a fashion show.
Perry Mason The Case of the Deadly Debt (TV-PG) A man who's father owed $10,000 to the mob, and died after a stress-related heart attack because of that debt, is accused with a mobster's murder.

« Fashionably Early┬« Josie Maran Supermodel Josie Maran presents a line of pure cosmetics in a luxurious array of colors and textures, infused with her signature beauty secret, argan oil.
Josie Maran Argan Oil Cosmetics (TV-G) Supermodel Josie Maran uses her industry experience to craft a line of natural cosmetic products, infused with mineral-rich argan oil from Morocco.
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