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The Steve Wilkos Show Did You Betray Me Again? (HD, New, TV-14) A woman worries that her intermittent girlfriend has been hooking up with her ex; a woman suspects her boyfriend is being unfaithful again.
Maury I'm Only 18... Stop My Husband from Controlling and Abusing Me! (New, TV-14) Motivational speaker and founder of the "180" program, Raphael B. Johnson helps Maury repair the relationships of abusive couples.
The Ellen DeGeneres Show (HD, New, TV-G) Actress Octavia Spencer from "Black or White"; musician Usher visits the show; "So You Think You Can Dance" finalists perform; guest DJ tWitch.
Bewitched Samantha Fights City Hall (TV-G) Samantha becomes aggressively involved in a fight against tearing down a local park for a business, but the land is owned by Darrin's new client.
Bewitched Samantha Loses Her Voice (TV-G) In a practical joke, Uncle Arthur switches Darrin and Samantha's voices, and they both must cheer up Louise and Larry without letting them find out.
Leave It to Beaver Boarding School (TV-G) After talking to a friend in military school, Wally decides he wants to go too, but Ward and June are not convinced it's the best place for him.
Leave It to Beaver Beaver and Henry (TV-G) Ward, Beaver and Wally go on the hunt for what is eating June's plants, and they decide to keep the rabbit they find out is the culprit.
Mr. Belvedere Deportation, Part 1 (TV-G) Wesley is thrilled about getting a dog, but first he must do well on an exam; when he gets an A, Wesley feels guilty and tells Mr. Belvedere that he cheated.
Mr. Belvedere Deportation, Part 2 (TV-G) Mr. Belvedere is released from prison; Wesley tries to find a woman who could marry Mr. Belvedere so he can get a green card and stay in the country.
The Rifleman Trail of Hate (TV-G) Mark is at the wrong place, at the wrong time when he is used as a pawn in a bank robbery plan, leading Lucas to take revenge on the wrongdoers.
The Rifleman Woman from Hog Ridge (TV-G) A family from the hills learns of the death of their kin, which leads to them seeking out vengeance for their loss by killing the one responsible.
Adventures of Superman Peril in Paris (TV-G) Superman arrives in Paris at the request of a famous actress, who is making an attempt to escape the clutches of the Soviet Union.
Adventures of Superman Tin Hero (TV-G) After accidentally foiling a bank robbery, a humble bookkeeper is asked to join the staff of the Daily Planet as a criminologist.
Emergency! Communications (TV-G) A mixup occurs when Squad 51 and another squad contact Rampart on the same channel; a flight attendant refuses treatment for an intentional overdose of pills.
Problems Solved® LG (TV-G) The host showcases a wide variety of great ideas for the home by QVC, featuring HDTVs, home theater systems and other consumer electronics by LG.
Temp-tations® Presentable Kitchen Specially designed selections of kitchen accessories and culinary tools are brought forth in the name of transforming kitchen spaces.
Food Fest (TV-G) Gourmet treats from entrée to dessert are available in an easy to prepare and ready to eat selections.
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