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How I Met Your Mother Little Boys (TV-14) "Kid unfriendly" Robin becomes friends with her boyfriend's son but soon realizes that she's bonding better with the young kid than his father.
How I Met Your Mother The Burning Beekeeper (TV-14) Marshall and Lily decide to throw a highly anticipated housewarming party, but things start to go awry when Ted nearly comes to blows with Marshall's boss.
Everybody Loves Raymond The Nice Talk (HD, TV-PG) While attempting to complete a puzzle, Ray and Pat, Amy's mother, have a long discussion and become friends, when everyone else finds out, they become jealous.
Everybody Loves Raymond Blabbermouths (HD, TV-PG) When Robert learns some dirty secrets about Ray via Amy and Debra, Ray decides to even the score by sharing some dirty secrets of his own.
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Three's Company Jack Looks for a Job (TV-PG) Jack takes on an assortment of odd jobs while in search of some work that will fit around his school schedule; Jack gets a job as a male model.
Three's Company Snow Job (TV-PG) Chrissy gets a new job selling cosmetics door-to-door, and her roommates attempt to convince her that she has natural sales ability.
The Nanny Pilot (TV-PG) After being dumped by her fianc├ę and subsequently fired from his bridal shop, a downtrodden woman becomes a nanny for a wealthy family.
The Nanny Close Shave (TV-PG) Fran agrees to cover for Maggie as a candy striper at the hospital, but she is mistaken for a nurse and is ordered to shave Maxwell before his appendectomy.
Too Close for Comfort Just Another Pretty Face (TV-PG) A conservative cartoonist living in San Francisco shares his two family home with his wife, a former band singer, and his two grown daughters.
Too Close for Comfort The Graduates (TV-PG) A conservative cartoonist living in San Francisco shares his two family home with his wife, a former band singer, and his two grown daughters.
« Perry Mason The Case of the Jaded Joker (TV-PG) A two-faced agent sabotages his comedian's long awaited TV comeback, which causes the comedian to consider suicide; but the agent is the one who ends up dead.
Adam-12 Log 174 -- Loan Sharks (TV-PG) Malloy and Reed investigate the beatings of multiple victims in a factory parking lot which then reveals an underground swindling operation.
Adam-12 Log 35 -- Easy Bare Rider (TV-PG) Malloy and Reed pull over a man for drunk driving who turns out to be completely nude; the partners investigate a mysterious boy with big spending habits.
Night Gallery The Doll of Death (TV-PG) A spurned plantation owner uses the power of voodoo to avenge himself against a romantic rival.
Ironside A Bullet for Mark (TV-PG) Mark is shot by an unknown assassin whom the team believes was out to kill Chief Ironside but missed the mark, but the truth soon comes to light.
Quacker Factory by Jeanne Bice All Special Offers Fans of Jeanne Bice's collection of fun and whimsical collection have the opportunity to take advantage of special prices on ladies' apparel.
Rose of Tralee® Celebration All things are Irish all day long with new items every hour and a special selection of returning favorites.
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