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Jerry Springer Girlfriend Grudge Match (New, TV-14) A woman confesses to her co-worker that she slept with her man; a woman wants her baby's dad to stop cheating, but he says he can sleep with anyone he wants.
The Steve Wilkos Show I'm With A Younger Man, Is He Cheating? (New, TV-14) A man says he believes his wife is cheating on him because when she sent him risqué videos, he swears he heard another man in the background.
Maury Pregnant at 15... How Could You Deny My Baby! (New, TV-14) A woman wants her son's fiancee to take a paternity test, due to her suspicions that she has been cheating, leaving him stuck in the middle.
Bachelor Father Dear Bentley (TV-G) After Kelly gets a job writing for a school's teenage advice column, Bentley thinks she has too many things to deal with.
Bachelor Father Bentley and the Woodpecker (TV-G) Bentley may have to take matters into his own hands after he is kept awake during the night by a noisy woodpecker.
Father Knows Best Jim, the Tyrant (TV-G) After having a stressful day while at work, Jim decides to take it out on the family, declaring himself a tyrant, who will rule with an iron fist.
Father Knows Best Betty's Brother (TV-G) While Betty and Kathy's relationship has always been easy because of their age difference, Betty and Bud's bond becomes a much different story.
Dennis the Menace The Stock Certificate (TV-G) Mr. Wilson is pleasantly surprised to discover that his stock certificate is worth several hundred dollars, and he attempts to keep it hidden from Dennis.
Dennis the Menace Man of the House (TV-G) Alice becomes bed-ridden from a random illness, and Dennis is the only one that is present to take care of her when his father has to leave town on business.
Bonanza The Clarion (TV-G) Ben comes to the aid of his old friend Ruth Manning when it looks like she may lose the ownership of her newspaper to a corrupt judge who wants it silenced.
The Rifleman The Mind Reader (TV-G) After a wealthy rancher is found murdered, Mark suggests that they go to a mind reader for assistance in finding and apprehending the killer.
The Rifleman The Patsy (TV-G) A group of outlaws are not happy with the order Lucas brings to North Fork, so they come up with a plan to get rid of him and take over the town.
Adam-12 Log 131-- Reed, the Dicks Have Their Job and We Have Ours (TV-PG) Malloy and Reed try to stop a disturbed man from harming a young woman's baby; the officers help a woman who is being harassed by her jealous neighbor.
Adam-12 Log 91 -- You're Not the First Guy's Had the Problem (TV-PG) Police officer Reed he is forced to confront a dangerous drunk driver right after hearing on his radio that an officer had been taken down.
What a Kid Wants A wade array of items tailored toward children is presented in a special sale intended to cater to the wants of kids while still appeasing parents on a budget.
Holiday Gift Preview Ninja (TV-G) With three months until Christmas Day, the hosts introduce at-home shoppers to the Ninja Cooking System, which makes home-cooked meal preparation easier.
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