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Wilderness Vet 1 Hoof, 2 Hooves, 3 Hooves, 4 (HD, New, TV-G) A veterinarian visits homes, wildlife preserves and farms in the mountainous Yukon territory in northwest Canada.
Journey with Dylan Dreyer Adrenaline Rush (HD, New, TV-G) Meteorologist Dylan Dryer celebrates nature by featuring a variety of wild animals in their natural habitats in addition to their unique characteristics.
Naturally, Danny Seo Local 360 (HD, New, TV-G) Green living expert Danny Seo provides viewers with healthy, sustainable and eco-friendly practices for improving the mind, body and environment.
Give Give to Broadway and College Bound Kids (HD, New, TV-G) Film, television, sports and music stars with a passion for philanthropy explore the industry by visiting modest charities that are making huge impacts.
English Premier League Soccer West Ham United at Watford from Vicarage Road (HD) Manuel Lanzini scored as West Ham United tied West Bromwich, 2-2; Watford snapped a four-match unbeaten run with a 2-0 loss to Manchester United.

Lassie Lassie's Day (TV-PG) With the Millers and Brockways away from home to attend a wedding, Lassie and Pokey decide to set out on a series of adventures together.
The Lone Ranger The Twisted Track (TV-PG) Two brothers who fought together in the Civil War as Southern renegades continue their feud against a Yankee major who has settled in Miller's Junction.
The Lone Ranger Decision for Chris McKeever (TV-PG) A stagecoach transporting a large shipment of gold is attacked and its passengers are injured during a violent robbery hundreds of miles from town.
Alias Smith and Jones A Fistful of Diamonds (TV-PG) A dishonest banker frames Hayes and Curry for crimes he committed and they seek revenge by salting a diamond mine and playing on his greedy nature.
Little House on the Prairie Enchanted Cottage (TV-PG) Charles travels with Mary to the specialist in the next town when it appears that her eyesight may be coming back while Adam struggles to accept the change.
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