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News 4 New York at 4 (New) The news team presents a comprehensive look at the news events of the day and updates on local weather conditions and rush-hour traffic.
News 4 New York at 4:30 (New)
News 4 New York at 5 (HD, New) The Channel 4 News Team presents the latest information on the events of the day and timely updates on local sports, weather conditions and traffic issues.
News 4 New York at 5:30 (HD, New) The day's major news events and late breaking stories are presented by the news team, along with the latest weather, sports coverage and local events.
News 4 New York at 6 (HD, New) Details affecting local, regional, and national news events of the day are provided by the Channel 4 News Team as well as updates on weather.
NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt (HD, New) Crucial events and developments from the United States and around the world are covered by the anchors and correspondents of the NBC News team.

Murder, She Wrote The Last Flight of the Dixie Damsel (TV-PG) Jessica's late husband becomes a suspect in a murder when his plane from the Korean War is found with a body aboard and she has to clear his name.
Little House on the Prairie Ebenezer Sprague (TV-G) A heartless banker who is new in town turns Charles down for an important loan as he becomes a girl's fishing buddy without knowing she is Charles' daughter.
The Munsters Cyrano de Munster (TV-G) Herman starts writing poems as a favor to a colleague so that his friend could impress a girl he met on a bus after Hermans poems get published in a magazine.
The Munsters The Musician (TV-G) Eddie takes up playing the trumpet and Grandpa creates a potion for Eddie so that he would become a talented musician, but it changes his behavior.
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