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The Dr. Oz Show Drink Your Way Thin: Does the New Teatoxing Trend Work for Weight Loss? (HD, TV-PG) Dr. Oz takes a look at "teatoxing," testing out whether it causes weight loss; the show investigates possible toxins in scented candles that cause sickness.
Tapping In: The Happiest People & Places on the Planet (HD) Host Linda Swain travels all across the United States to explore the men and women, cultures and state of mind where the pursuit of happiness is priority.
News 3 at Five (HD)
CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley (HD) Anchor Scott Pelley and the CBS News team report on important events and developments from across the nation and around the world.
News 3 at Six

Judge Faith The Big Payback; Pay Me With Interest (TV-PG) An employer accuses her employee of damaging a work van and missing work; an investor is seeking the money he loaned out for a barbershop, plus interest.
Judge Faith Handyman Sham; Broken Promise Pistol Whips and Rent Slips; Wedding Ringer (TV-PG) A woman believes a family friend did nothing to fix her leak and made the issue worse; a man insists that he made a legal turn while driving.
Crime Watch Daily (New, TV-PG) A nurse's brutal murder in her home, results in multiple suspects; a con man preys on women in order to support his bachelor lifestyle.
Law & Order: Criminal Intent Passion (TV-14) After being told that his publication has lost funding, a self-centered poet asks his assistant to use her sexuality to get it back, but she winds up dead.
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