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« CBS This Morning: Saturday (HD) News anchors and correspondents report on a blend of news topics, interviews and weather from their Manhattan studio near Central Park.
Lucky Dog Spirit (HD, TV-G, E/I 13-16) Brandon McMillan trains a street-smart stray dog to act as a domestic pet so that it can find a forever home in a rock 'n' roll family.
Dr. Chris Pet Vet Disconnect the Dots (HD, TV-G, E/I 13-16) A Dalmation adopts an orphaned lamb confronted with a life-threatening condition; pet owners turn to Dr. Chris Brown for help when their pet becomes sick.
The Henry Ford's Innovation Nation Drone Racing (HD, TV-G, E/I 13-16) A robotic Tackle Dummy helps prevent football-related injuries; "Drone Racing League"; "Doomsday Seed Vault"; a look at The Flying Schoolgirl.
The Inspectors Casey Gets Pinned (HD, TV-G, E/I 13-16) The postal inspection service investigates when Preston's friend from the university's wrestling team gets involved with illegal steroids.
Chicken Soup for the Soul's Hidden Heroes What's Your Potential? (HD, TV-G, E/I 13-16) A teenager brings happiness to children's lives with packs; a boy has a playdate with another child across the world; a first impression social experiment.

Ocean Mysteries with Jeff Corwin Mysterious Mantas (HD, E/I 13-16) The Georgia Aquarium has developed satellite technology to track the manta's migratory patterns; Jeff races to find and tag mantas in the open water.
Dog Town, USA Bordering Success (TV-G, E/I 13-16) Trainer Ann Allums helps a rambunctious dog act properly at home; Dr. Mike Dix advises that a disabled Border Collie use hydrotherapy to reduce body weight.
Brain Games: Family Edition (TV-G, E/I 13-16)
Recipe Rehab Spaghetti and Meatballs (HD, TV-G, E/I 13-16) Chef Laura and Chef Calvin compete to see which of them can trim the most calories, fat and sodium out of the Lauro family's spaghetti and meatballs recipe.
Hatched JavaMoji (HD, Repeat, TV-G, E/I 13-16) Young American entrepreneurs pitch business ideas and distinct inventions to a panel of successful executives who help them get their ideas off the ground.
Zoo Clues Life on the Reef (TV-G, E/I 13-16) Host Bill Lloyd explores the life that surrounds coral reefs, from the smallest animals to vicious predators.
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