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« CBS This Morning: Saturday News anchors and correspondents report on a blend of news topics, interviews and weather from their Manhattan studio near Central Park.
Lucky Dog Rosie (HD, New, TV-G, E/I 13-16) A cancer survivor who is looking to adopt a ten-month-old mixed poodle named Rosie seeks help in turning her into a therapy dog.
Dr. Chris Pet Vet Walk Ins Welcome (HD, New, TV-G, E/I 13-16) Two girls bring their rabbit in after an injury; a high-strung Coolie suffers from sudden paralysis; Lollipop struts into the office without an appointment.
Innovation Nation (TV-G, E/I 13-16) Celebration of the inventor’s spirit - from historic scientific pioneers throughout past centuries to the forward-looking visionaries of today
Recipe Rehab Chicken Pot Pie (HD, New, TV-G, E/I 13-16) Chefs Richard and Vikki prepare two healthy alternatives for the Spaulding family's Chicken Pot Pie meal by substituting ingredients.
All In with Laila Ali Toughness (HD, New, TV-G, E/I 13-16) A cowboy race that spans across 300 miles through the Rocky Mountains; a nearly-untouched beach; a self-instructed African Dance crew competes.
Dog Whisperer With Cesar Milan (TV-G) Cesar Millan works with dogs and owners to calm aggressiveness and soothe fears while explaining that owners can and must assert themselves as pack leaders.
Calling Dr. Pol Dog in Black (HD, New, TV-G, E/I 13-16) Doctor Pol receives a visit from a dog with a famous name in his clinic.
Calling Dr. Pol Pol's Fair in Love and Boar (HD, New, TV-G, E/I 13-16) Doctor Pol and Charles find themselves competing as they try to beat each other in an auction at the county fair.
The Brady Barr Experience Crocodile Tuxedo (HD, New, TV-G, E/I 13-16) Brady Barr travels to Tanzania to test out a specially designed suit that is supposed to allow him to get close to Nile crocodiles.
The Brady Barr Experience Venomous Australia (HD, New, TV-G, E/I 13-16) Brady Barr travels to Australia, which has the highest density of toxic creatures per square foot in the world, to identify the top seven venomous creatures.
Expedition Wild Yellowstone Scavengers (HD, TV-G, E/I 13-16) In a race of survival against the scavenger wildlife of Yellowstone, Casey and his wife begin trying to live off the land's limited food sources.
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