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Good Morning America (HD, TV-G) Actress Brooke Shields from "Mr. Pickles"; actor Oscar Isaac from "Annihilation."
Live Kelly & Ryan

The Beverly Hillbillies Marry Me, Shorty (TV-G) Drysdale plans a bachelor party for Shorty, and Shorty hopes it will help delay his marriage to Elverna Bradshaw when he starts thinking about Gloria.
My Three Sons You're Driving Me Crazy (TV-G) Chip and Katie decide to work on their driving test together, but when the family car turns up scratched, neither of them will claim responsibility.
Leave It to Beaver Wally's Glamour Girl (TV-G) Wally meets his female pen pal, but he's worried about the things he's told her.
Leave It to Beaver Chuckie's New Shoes (TV-G) Wally is asked to take a young neighbor to buy shoes, but he passes the responsibility to Beaver and the boy ends up lost somewhere in town.
Perry Mason The Case of the Telltale Tap (TV-PG) Mason must figure out a complicated case of embezzlement mingled with murder as he juggles private investigation and legal responsibilities.

Wanted: Dead or Alive Die by the Gun (TV-G) After veteran-turned bounty hunter Josh Randall captures a fugitive wanted for robbery, they are suddenly ambushed by relentless killers during transit.
Wanted: Dead or Alive Rawhide Breed (TV-G) Bounty hunter Josh Randall and his newly captured prisoner are caught off guard when their stage is suddenly attacked, forcing them to fight for their lives.
Have Gun, Will Travel Sweet Lady of the Moon (TV-G) A man was convicted of murder but escaped execution because he was deemed legally insane, and Paladin must escort him home after he is released.
Have Gun, Will Travel The Savages (TV-G) Three years after escorting a reclusive sculptor into the wilder, Paladin is hired to bring a French art collector and his daughter to the artist's hideaway.
Rawhide Incident on the Road Back (TV-G) A plot has Favor's responsibilities taken away from him, after a group follows through on their plan to have him accused of stealing one of the horses.
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