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Entertainment Tonight (TV-PG) Musician Janet Jackson; behind-the-scenes access of musician Gwen Stafani's Christmas special is presented; the "Entertainment Tonight" team travels to Japan.
The Middle The Christmas Miracle (HD, TV-PG) Axl tells Frankie and Sue that he is not going to church; the Glossner kids continue to ruin Mike's snowman; Brick tries to wrap his first Christmas present.
Fresh Off the Boat Do You Hear What I Hear (TV-PG) Jessica threatens to stop the neighborhood caroling when she becomes head of the HOA Christmas committee; Marvin has suspicions about Honey.
black-ish Sugar Daddy (HD, TV-PG) Dre learns that he has Type II diabetes; things reach a crisis at the Stevens & Lido holiday party; Jack is certain that baby Devante doesn't like him.
The Mayor Grey Christmas (HD) Courtney pledges to provide a good Christmas for families that are in need, but he finds out that he doesn't have the money to fulfill his promise.
Kevin (Probably) Saves the World (Winter Finale) Probably (HD) Kevin sets out to Laos with Tyler to search for the first righteous soul; in Texas, Amy decorates for Christmas and decides on if she is ready to date again.

M*A*S*H Too Many Cooks (TV-PG) A wounded soldier recuperating at the 4077 delights everyone with his gourmet cooking except Col. Potter, who is experiencing a crisis in his marriage.
The Andy Griffith Show Barney's Physical (TV-G) Andy unfortunately learns that Barney's job is in jeopardy when the state passes new height and weight requirements, so Barney gets angry and quits.
The Andy Griffith Show Family Visit (TV-G) Andy loses his temper after Aunt Bee invites her sister Nora and brother-in-law Ollie to visit and Ollie takes Andy's squad car to go fishing.
Mama's Family (TV-PG) The life and times of a sharp-tongued widow who shares her home with her less-bright relatives including her journalist sister and her children.
ALF Someone To Watch over Me, Part 2 (TV-PG) When Alf tries to investigate a possible robbery at the Ochmonek's house, he becomes trapped inside when police arrive on the scene.
Hogan's Heroes The Late Inspector General (TV-G) The camp gets a visit from Inspector General, and Hogans men try to prevent Colonel Klink from being transferred to the Russian Front.

« Xena: Warrior Princess Crusader (TV-PG) Xena finds herself competing for the heart of Gabrielle in the leader of a fundamental religion who seduces the blonde bard with her teachings.
Star Trek: Original Journey to Babel (TV-G) When the Enterprise escorts a group of ambassadors to a conference, mystery arises, and Spock must be reconciled with his father.
Star Trek: The Next Generation Remember Me (TV-PG) Dr. Crusher questions her sanity when Enterprise crew members begin disappearing without anyone remembering that they ever existed.
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Homefront (TV-PG) Starfleet recruits Sisko and Odo's help on Earth after a Dominion bombing during a peace conference raises the need for increased security measures.
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